Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: We're Not Friends(1.05)

                         How to Get Away with Murder: We're Not Friends(1.05)Review
  • While I didn't like that it was confirmed that Laurel had slept with Frank sometime before the murder I did enjoy everyone's shocked expression when she told them that she has.
  • I liked how Laurel answered Keating's question and that when she was called a show off that Laurel pointed out that she was just answering the question like she was suppose to not showing off.
  • I liked how Wes kept asking Keating about using the phone as evidence because he knows that it would help Rebecca but I dislike that Keating is unwilling to use the evidence because it incriminates Sam who she still has reason to suspect of being the killer.
  • I felt really bad for the client who is a young boy who killed his abusive cop father in order to stop him from further hurting his mother. I also liked how Laurel pointed out that they finally have a client that she likes.
  • I liked the scene where Rebecca came over to Wes's apartment and stole a few slices a pizza from him this scene was a nice glimpse of her character who we haven't been able to see much of before this point.
  • I liked that Nate finally told Keating that Sam's alibi for the night of the murder doesn't check out and I liked that he also was the one that led her to finding out about what Bonnie did in order to get Rebecca recorded confession.
  • I liked how Laurel answered Frank's call on the night of the murder in order to strengthen their alibi.
  • I liked that Laurel was passionate enough about helping their client that she was willing to risk telling the jury about jury nullification which is something that can get lawyers disbarred.
  • I liked how on the night of the murder when Michaela was freaking out a lot and it was said that she had to return the trophy to Asher that Laurel said that she would take care of the trophy instead.
  • I liked how the case in this week's episode was more about emotion when it came to the defense than whether or not the client actually broke the law.
  • I liked that when Sam evaluated Rebecca that she was able to tell that something was up with him and that she figured out that he was the guy from Lila's phone.
  • I liked how on the night of the murder that Laurel went to Frank in order to make sure that he handled the trophy, I liked this because this sets him up as someone who the crime could later be possibly pinned on.
  • I liked that Laurel was proud about how she made sure that their client didn't go to jail even if she had to break the rules to do that and I liked that when Frank kissed her she stopped it fairly quickly and then went and had sex with her boyfriend.
  • I liked how when Wes called Rebecca after he saw that she had left that when she asked him if he knew at first he thought that she meant if he knew she left, I found his confusion adorable.
  • I liked that Rebecca told Wes that she didn't think that they could trust Keating because her husband is the guy from Lila's phone.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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