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TV Review: Agents of Shield: A Fractured House(2.06)

                                  Agents of Shield: A Fractured House(2.06)Review
  • I thought it was nice of Talbot to give Shield the benefit of the doubt when Hydra people dressed as Shield people attacked the UN although I don't think Shield earned that since they've been acting like villains all season.
  • Just so you know I will be calling Christian Ward Christian and Grant Ward, Ward because I've been calling him that since the Pilot and I feel no need to change that now but I don't want anyone to be confused about who I'm talking about.
  • I'm a bit confused about how Christian even knows that Ward is still alive since Ward has had no contact with his family in fifteen years and the first five of those years he lived completely off the grid in the woods so wouldn't it make sense for Ward's family to believe he died after he escaped juvy not started working for a secret government agency that the general public as only known existed for a few years now if that, anyways I find it suspicious that Christian knows that Ward was involved in Shield at all and I think he wants Ward dead to keep him quiet about something he knows about him.
  • I liked that they showed a scar on Ward's wrist because I thought they were doing good continuity with the scar from his suicide attempt but looking at it closer it seems to be a different scar which annoys me a bit.
  • I think that Ward has a very impressive internal clock that he's able to wake up every morning at 5:30 am despite being locked in a cell for months that has no sunlight or clocks but I think that comes from living in the woods for five years.
  • I liked that Skye told Simmons that she was glad that she got back from Hydra safely.
  • I think it says a lot about current Shield that a bunch of people had to ask Coulson if they were behind the UN attack, I think it says that no one really knows anything that's going on and that they're acting so much like their enemies that they can't tell the difference between themselves and Hydra's actions since neither of them are acting like good guys.
  • I liked how Bobbi and Lance had to go on a mission together in this episode it was the most enjoyable part of the episode by far.
  • I really don't understand why Coulson and Skye thought that Ward would know the kind of places his brother hangs out now a days considering they both know that Ward hates him and it's pretty clear that he hadn't spoken to his family in years. I guess this is just another thing on the long list of things that the team doesn't understand about Ward even though it's freaking obvious.
  • I liked the awkwardness of the scene with Bobbi and Lance were they try to be civil with each other but they just can't seem to go for very long without offending each other somehow.
  • I liked that Simmons did her best to treat Fitz like she did before but I think it was unfair of Fitz to assume that Simmons left him because he was different especially since he never really gave her the chance to explain herself although I do like that Fitz doesn't acknowledge that he's different now.
  • I felt so sad for Ward when he became terrified by the mere mention of his brother's name and I liked how his first concern was that Skye could be in danger from Christian and she needs to stay away from him I just like that Ward still tries to protect even though he's not in the position to help anymore.
  • I really disliked how quickly Coulson put the wall between Skye and Ward when they started discussing her father and I think this shows how threaten Coulson is by Skye not doing exactly what he says. I think that Coulson was both threatened by Skye finding out more about her father and threaten by Skye possibly starting to think of Ward as a human being again because both these things could make Skye question his actions which is something that Coulson certainly doesn't want anyone doing.
  • I think that Coulson is a disgusting for coming up with the idea to knowingly sell Ward an abuse victim back to his abuser Christian in order to save his own skin. I would also like to point out that it was Ward's fear of Christian that caused Coulson to approach Christian and tell him that he's keeping Ward prisoner in his basement and is willing to make a trade and this was all before Christian lied and gave Coulson a reason to doubt Ward's word about the abuse.
  • I liked how when Lance was trying to compliment Bobbi's undercover skills that it came out as an insult even though he didn't mean it as one.
  • I liked that when Lance thought that Bobbi was in danger that he went off to rescue her right away and then she got mad at him for interfering because she had things under control.
  • I felt really bad for Ward because I knew that Coulson and Shield would believe Christian's lies because they just love finding new excuses to hate Ward even though Ward flat out told them what kind of person Christian is and the games he plays no one believes me and this makes me so angry and sad because this is the reason that Ward never told anyone about his parents, Christian or Garrett because everyone always believes the abusers over the victim and this is true in real life as well and I hated watching this this episode honestly made me want to puke in regards to this situation.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Ward can understand why Skye's father would kill an entire village after loosing her and her mother because it does show that her father loved her.
  • I was kind of glad that Ward didn't know how to find Skye's father other than through Raina because it wouldn't have made any sense but I do think that he could probably track him down with his skill set if he was let out of jail.
  • While I thought it wasn't really nice that Skye told Ward that he was getting out but by that she means Shield is selling him to his brother, I did like that she didn't gloat about it and didn't seem happy about it like she would in the way she would've been in 2.01 if it happened then so slight improvement but not much.
  • I felt bad for Simmons when she saw that in a way that Mack had replaced her in Fitz's life but I liked that she was glad that Fitz had a friend that was there for him when she couldn't be.
  • I'm really curious when the three weeks Coulson tried to get Ward to talk were because I feel like that's a pretty important detail of why Ward wasn't ready to talk, was it right after Ward was captured and had a fractured larynx and was physically unable to speak, was it right before Ward's three suicide attempts was it Coulson's words that finally pushed Ward to his breaking point or was it right after his three suicide attempts that Coulson has flat out said that he doesn't care about why they happened because I can think of a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with being difficult as to why Ward wouldn't be willing to talk to Coulson and to be completely honest I don't think Ward talk to Coulson because he didn't feel like he could trust him and Ward couldn't trust Coulson this episode more than proves that.
  • I liked that Ward's goal was to help the team out and eventually rejoin the team someday because I liked that Ward hasn't completely given up on himself. I also don't find it strange that he thought Coulson was offering him a second chance because through out all of season one Coulson gave out second chances and told Ward that everyone deserves one apparently what Coulson meant is everyone he likes deserves a second chance and Coulson was never too fond of Ward and he likes being petty and vengeful too much to be fair or decent to Ward.
  • I thought it was unfair of Mack to say that Simmons bailed on Fitz when he doesn't know why she left and I find it sad that Simmons being around Fitz actually makes him worse and that's why she left him.
  • I liked how Bobbi told Lance that she's okay with him staying if he wants to stay after he tries to leave after saying that Shield has always been her thing.
  • I dislike how Simmons threatened to kill Ward especially since she's the only person on the team who has yet to kill someone so it's sad to see her willing to sink so low in order to be vengeful. I also have a feeling that the next time she sees him he'll be saving her life, don't know why I have that feeling but I think it has a good chance of happening.
  • I liked that Ward still plans to keep his promise to Skye about helping her find her father because it proves that despite her betraying him that he doesn't hold this against her in anyway, it's nice to see at least one character on this show being capable of forgiveness.
  • I am so glad that Ward escaped because he didn't deserve what was happening to him in this episode and what was going to happen to him was that his brother would get to hurt him again and then murder him and that's no justice and I don't think any character has deserved a second chance like Grant Ward does so I'm glad that he's taking things into his own hands.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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