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TV Review: Revenge: Ambush(4.07)

                                                   Revenge: Ambush(4.07)Review
  • I liked how Emily decided to sneak into the beach house in order to find out if her father was hiding anything under the floorboards and she ended up finding the knife he used to kill Conrad and a key to a safety deposit box.
  • I liked that Emily called Nolan in order to help her figure out what he's hiding and I liked that Nolan was completely willing to come over to Emily's in the middle of the night.
  • I liked that Jack told Emily about the double infinity sign he found in that dead cop's garage and I liked that Emily hung up as soon as Jack's partner took the phone from him.
  • I liked that Jack was mad at David for humiliating Nolan on live TV and I liked that Jack without really telling him the truth told him that Nolan was there for his daughter, I just really loved how Jack defended Nolan.
  • I liked how Daniel went to Victoria and confronted her about how he just found out that Emily is really Amanda Clarke and I liked that he told her that one he's upset that no felt the need to inform him of this and that whatever plan she has going on with David is not going to end in anything but David hating her because even he knows that she was part of the framing of David Clarke.
  • I felt so much for Emily when David came over and introduced himself to her like he was stranger which hurt her terribly and I liked how she him that she never gave up on him by telling him about Amanda and how they were best friends. I also liked that Emily used the fact that Amanda nearly died at her baby shower as a way to make David question Victoria.
  • I liked that Emily broke down a little bit after David left and then told Nolan how close she was too revealing herself right then to him but then he lied about where he was again and she realized how she doesn't even know him anymore. I also like that she was upset he couldn't recognize her because while it's logical that he wouldn't it makes sense on an emotional level for Emily to be upset by this.
  • I felt a bit bad for Louise when she hallucinated her mother insulting her and I really think that she needs a lot of serious help but I also dislike that she almost killed Margaux.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Emily had sold a bunch of Victoria's things.
  • I felt bad for Nolan with how he has to hide out from the media because of what David said especially since it's clear that he's hurting pretty badly from David's lack of faith him in general so the public humiliation aspect just makes everything worse for him.
  • I liked how Daniel confronted Emily about her secret and I liked how her whole attitude was she doesn't have time for any of this.
  • I liked that what Daniel really wanted from Emily was for her to just leave himself and Margaux out of whatever war was going on between herself and Victoria.
  • I'm curious about if Emily framed the guy that Charlotte killed for Conrad's murder.
  • I loved the elevator scene when the power was out between Emily and Daniel those two have such great chemistry which makes me ship them a bit even though I know there never going to go there again and I don't really want them to but they have great chemistry.
  • I liked how Daniel was asking if any of their relationship was ever real and I liked that Emily said that once before Daniel decided to align himself with his father they could have been but now those feelings are long gone. I also loved how Emily used him in order to boost herself up so that she could climb up the elevator shaft and Daniel was just so incredibly impressed by her as he should be.
  • I really hated how Victoria paid off a stripper in order to make herself look like she tried to help Amanda out when she not only never helped Emily out but she actually had Emily locked up by paying Michelle Banks off to make Emily believe that she was crazy for believing in her father.
  • I liked how Emily made it in and out of the secure vault just in time for the power to turn back on.
  • I'm very concerned about how friendly and flirty Louise and Nolan were with each other because she is mentally unstable and Nolan has the absolute worse luck when it comes to romance which means this relationship is entirely possible and can only end in disaster. Impending doom aside their scene was pretty cute.
  • The scene were Emily looks at the pictures of Amanda that her father took made me sad.
  • I thought it was strange that Nolan just decided to randomly buy the club since he had a nice day there.
  • I liked that Margaux figured out that Louise slept with Daniel and then she dumped him and throw a drink in his face.
  • I liked how Emily came into the beach house to confront David and I liked how angrily she told Victoria to get out. I liked how Emily called David out for never coming for her when he had the chance to so years and I liked that David figured out that Emily is Amanda.
  • I'm angry that Victoria had to get electrocuted right when Emily and David's reunion was taking place because of how it made the scene about Victoria again when it shouldn't be about her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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