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TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: He deserved to Die(1.07)

                        How to Get Away with Murder: He deserved to Die(1.07)Review
  • I thought that it was pretty awful that the press was able to just publish a rumor that Rebecca and Griffin had sex with each other and I'm glad that Keating was able to get a gag order on things because she's right that this report hurt Rebecca a lot more than Griffin.
  • While I get why Keating wouldn't want the body to be brought back since she has no idea if Rebecca was actually the one that killed Lila or not and she doesn't want any evidence to possibly led back to her since I truly believe that Rebecca didn't do it I actually wanted it to be brought back because new evidence could only help her case.
  • I liked that this episode mentioned and showed that Connor was still hung up on Oliver but I don't see how have sex with a bunch of random guys was going to help him at all but that may be the point.
  • I liked that when Griffin was accusing of Rebecca of planting the phone that Rebecca told him that she was laughing at him because that isn't something she would know how to do. I'm also glad that before Rebecca could attack him that Wes came between them because that would only make Rebecca look bad even if Griffin was the one to start things with her.
  • I liked how Michaela was so proud of herself and bragging about how she got an interview at a big name law firm and that Connor was jealous about it.
  • I liked how the prosecution's lawyer came to Keating and gave her away to discredit Griffin's lawyer's medical examiner's findings on Lila's body.
  • I was surprised to learn that it's apparently legal to pay expert witnesses to say just about anything you want them to say.
  • I really like Laurel's boyfriend Khan he seems like a nice guy who really cares about both Laurel and his clients, also I kind of thought that Laurel would prefer working with him at legal aid because that place seems to be more about helping people than Keating seems to be which I think would suit Laurel better.
  • I liked how Wes mentioned that he went to a community college and then night school before landing at Middleton law school which seems to be a very different background from everyone else.
  • I like that Wes just wants to help Rebecca out and find away to help her find a better life and I like that even though it sometimes seems to annoy her that she doesn't want him to stop trying.
  • I liked that on the night of the murder that Rebecca wanted to just confess to the murder since there was already a chance that she was going to jail and she didn't want Wes to have to go to jail.
  • I felt bad for Michaela when instead of being in an interview she was being given a prenub.
  • I liked that Rebecca called Sam Mr.Darcy to show she still doesn't trust him and I like that Wes than glared at Sam right afterwards.
  • I felt bad for Rebecca when Lila's mother was on the stand and basically said that she killed Lila and that made her almost cry and how she said she doesn't care what anyone says Lila was her friend.
  • I liked that when the boys were sent out to flirt information out of the prosecution's assistant that Rebecca wanted to go too because she's good at flirting with girls.
  • I liked that Rebecca was able to figure out that Laurel is thinking about leaving to go work with her boyfriend and Michaela was given a prenub and that she used this information to get the two of them to stop talking about her and Wes.
  • I liked how when Connor was suppose to be getting information he asked for advice on how to win Oliver back and Asher went to try and get laid and Wes was the only one that actually worked to get the information.
  • I liked how after they discovered the plea deal that Griffin was offered and Keating laid out the only way they can stop it  that Rebecca offered to got to the press and pretend she doesn't know what a gag order is.
  • I liked that Keating told the prosecution's lawyer that she would beat her in the court room.
  • I liked how when Wes was ignoring her that Rebecca followed him and kept pestering him until she got him to open up.
  • I kind of now like the idea of Wes and Rebecca so I'm good with the two of them hooking up.
  • I liked how Wes gave a list information about himself and how most of what he said were things you wouldn't expect about him, I found it sad that his mother committed suicide when he was twelve and for some reason it made me even sadder that he tried to just bury in a list of other facts about himself.
  • I like that Connor did try to go win Oliver back and I liked that when it was clear that Oliver had a new boyfriend that he didn't want to ruin things for them but I was sad for him even though he probably deserved this that the new boyfriend told him if he cared about Oliver he should stay away.
  • I really don't like the whole relationship between Laurel and Frank but I accepted that it's a thing.
  • I liked how Nate told Rebecca that he knows that she didn't kill Lila and that they both know who did and he wants her help in proving it.
  • Lila being pregnant and the marks on the neck being bug bites are things that are working in Rebecca's favor that she isn't the killer but that first one is making me suspect Sam even more.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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