Tuesday, November 29, 2016

TV Review: Notorious: Tell Me a Secret(1.04)

                                          Notorious: Tell Me a Secret(1.04)Review
  • I liked that Jake coached Oscar on the interview before he gave it and I liked that Oscar did a good job on giving his interview, I also feel bad for him considering how much he obviously trusted Levi when it's clear that Levi didn't deserve that trust.
  • I find it interesting and a bit creepy that as soon as Louise gave the report that a missing football player as been found dead that a social media app accused a friend of the football player named Dax of his murder based on no evidence other than he looks creepy.
  • I liked that Dax friend and sister went to Jake to hire him as lawyer after Dax is arrested for murder.
  • I feel pretty bad for Dax because pretty much everyone is calling him a low life creep who didn't even deserve to know someone like the football player without anyone even trying to get his side of the story.
  • I like that Jake calls Julia and asks her to put Dax's sister on her show so that he can make his client appear sympathetic.
  • I'm worried about what Levi is planning to do now that he has bought a gun and has already shown to have angry issues.
  • I liked that Ryan came to Ella's work and asked her to go out on a date and I liked that she agreed but I'm curious about why she doesn't want him to pick her up at her place.
  • I liked that Jake was mad at Julia when she blindside him and his client's sister on her show because it really didn't work out in his or his client's favor.
  • I liked that instead of going out to dinner for their date that Ella invites Ryan to help her use the tell me a secret app in order to find out who actually killed the football player and that it actually worked.
  • I liked that it turned out that the football player was hazed by two players on the team and that their coach pressured them to do it.
  • I liked that Louise had Julia burn all the things that had to do with ex so that she could get over him.
  • I found it interesting that it was actually a friend of Dax who killed the football player and than accused him of murder.
  • I was surprised to learn that Ella lives out of hotel because her and her mom moved around so much while growing up and only living in a hotel felt like home and I like that she told Ryan all this because she trusts him.
  • I was surprised to learn that Levi is actually in love with Oscar and that he was trying to protect by spying on him and other people in his life and I was surprised when he killed himself in front of Julia.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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