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TV Review: Scream: Jeepers Creepers(2.06)

                                             Scream: Jeepers Creepers(2.06)Review
  • I liked how during Noah's podcast when he was talking about how people cope with loss that Brooke was shown almost cutting her hair but then instead stabbing her pillows because of the rage she's filling mixed in with her sadness.
  • I liked that Noah brought up in his podcast that when everyone's a suspect that means you can't trust anyone while looking at Audrey's phone and seeing the evidence that she's involved in the murders.
  • I like that the killer is pointing out that even Emma is doubting herself and I like that Emma is doing her best to put on a strong front and convince herself that she's not crazy while a lot of people are trying to convince her that she is.
  • I'm glad that Kieran told Emma that he was sorry about the thing with Jake's phone and that he told her why he gave her up.
  • I liked that when Emma saw that Noah had Audrey as the prime suspect for the accomplice on his broad that she told him that it wasn't Audrey and that she said that the killer is just trying to get in their heads so that they can't trust anyone.
  • I liked that Noah only told Emma the suspiciousness that he had about Audrey before he took her phone because even though he's believing that Audrey's the accomplice right now he really doesn't want it to be true even though he as real evidence that says it is.
  • I liked that Emma told Brooke not to blame herself since she's so sure that Branson killed Jake because of her and I liked that when Emma told Brooke that Branson being the killer doesn't seem to make sense that Brooke pointed out that nothing about the murders last made much sense but they still happen.
  • I hope that the reason that the Sheriff is lying to Brooke's dad about Jake's phone is because he's opening an investigation on him.
  • I liked that when Audrey figured out that Noah was following her and he acted very strange while pretending nothing was wrong that she found his behavior very strange and she might be a bit suspicious of him now although he did manage to put her phone back in her bag without her noticing.
  • I liked that Noah came up with the idea of asking Eddie if he's seen Audrey before so he could clear her of being Piper's accomplice but I'm worried about him since Eddie is dead and the killer has his phone and is luring Noah somewhere with the promise of an answer to his question.
  • I like that Brooke enlisted Gustavo's help in looking into anything suspicious about Branson and I liked that when he asked her to do something for him that Brooke assumed was not get involved that he said screw that and instead kick ass as needed and take no prisoners. I liked that because it's impossible to not get involved at this point since she already clearly is and that is not something would be helpful for her to hear right now.
  • I'm worried that since Emma's mom won't let her go out at night that Noah will be going to where the killer wants him to alone.
  • I liked that Gustavo showed Audrey that his artwork is part of a comic he's creating and I liked that Audrey changed her approach of trying to figure him out since her last method hasn't been working out well for her so far.
  • I like that Brooke is manipulating both Ms. Lang who alibied Branson on the night of the murder and Branson who she thinks is Jake's killer in order to get the answers she needs.
  • I liked that after Noah went to look for Eddie in the abandon fairgrounds but wouldn't go too far into the ride that he called himself a moron for going as far as he did because he knows this is the type of thing that gets you killed in the movies. The fact that he went as far as he did shows how much he wants to find something that proves Audrey's innocence because it goes against all of his better instincts to do something like this.
  • I'm worried about Noah since the killer ended up chloroforming him in his car.
  • I liked that Brooke seduce Branson and tied him up than threatened to torture him in order to find out where he really was on the night Jake died and I have to say that she was pretty scary when she was threatening him but I was glad she didn't really do anything to him in the end because Branson isn't worth going to jail over.
  • I liked that even though Emma promises Kieran that she won't go to the fairgrounds that she does anyway.
  • I felt bad for Brooke when she admitted that even after confronting Branson she doesn't feel any better about loosing Jake.
  • I was very worried when I saw that both Noah and Audrey were tied to rides in the abandon fairgrounds.
  • I like that Noah pointed out that their scenario was like that of the torture genre of horror and that he  became more freaked out by their situation when he said that in that genre a lot of times no one survives.
  • I liked that Noah pointed out that both horror movie logic and real world logic says they're going to die and that leads Noah to tell Audrey the truth about how he stole her phone and saw the text and the gif of her with Jake's body.
  • I liked how when Audrey told Noah about how the killer had her after he made the gif and how she couldn't tell anyone the truth that Noah stills tells her that she cloud have told him, I like that because it implies that he would have believed whatever she told him even only she didn't keep things from him.
  • I liked how when Noah started making confessions to Audrey because he thinks they're both going to die he starts off with I don't like my cat, I wished I learned to play an instrument and that he lied when he told Riley his favorite movie was Terminator when it's really Psycho.
  • I liked that when Noah moved unto to confessing that he liked kissing Audrey that she tried to stop that conversation but when he said that he feels stupid for like it that she told him that he's not stupid and that she does love him just as a friend and nothing more.
  • I liked that when Noah started saying that them dying is his fault that Audrey told him it wasn't and that when he vowed to that if they survived that he would takedown his murder board and stop his podcast that Audrey told him he shouldn't because it's part of who he is.
  • I liked that it turned out that Audrey actually followed Noah and faked kidnapped him because she knew he suspect her and wanted to convince him of her innocence by making him think that they both been kidnapped. I liked that despite this making her seem suspicious that Noah just totally trust that she'll explain everything to her later.
  • I liked that Audrey told Noah that Eddie has been dead so it must have been the killer that lure him and Emma here tonight.
  • I'm glad that Audrey told Noah the truth about how she brought Piper to Lakewood by writing her letters about how she wanted to make a Brandon James documentary because she related to him and how she asked Piper if she was behind the killings and she said no she believed her and now Audrey blames herself for what happened and I liked that Noah tells her that what happened wasn't her fault and that she's a victim like the rest of them.
  • I think it's a bit odd that the killer cut off Branson's hand but then ironed the wound shut which would make it so he won't die which isn't the killer's style.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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