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TV Review: Timeless: Atomic City(1.03)

                                                 Timeless: Atomic City(1.03)Review
  • The scene with Lucy pretending to know the man she's engaged to and their history was very awkward since he feels like he knows her very well while he's just a stranger to her although I'm glad that he seems to be a pretty nice guy even though the situation is still pretty uncomfortable for Lucy.
  • I liked that in this episode that Flynn went back to a date that nothing really important happened in history but rather one where he could make something happen in.
  • I liked that when Rufus's boss suggested that Anthony the man that Flynn kidnapped during episode one could have been working with Flynn that Rufus defend Anthony and said that they should be trying to save him not questioning his loyalty.
  • I liked that when Wyatt noticed Lucy's engagement ring that she told him and Rufus about how she's engaged to this guy Noah who she knows nothing about but there are plenty of pictures of the two of them together. I like that Rufus gave her a confused congratulations and Wyatt decided to tease her asking her if she'll take his last name which she admits she doesn't even know.
  • I liked that both Lucy and Wyatt knew that the government tested Nuclear bombs about 60 miles outside of Vegas in the 1950s and 60s and I liked that Lucy was surprised that Wyatt knew about this.
  • I liked that Rufus joked about betting on baseball games when they walked into the casino.
  • I liked that Rufus snuck waiter uniforms for them to wear so that they can sneak into the party where both Flynn and John F. Kennedy would be at, and that he said that in 1962 he's pretty much invisible which is why it's easy for him to sneak around without anyone noticing him.
  • I like that the lady that Kennedy was spending time with defended Lucy and tipped her very well after a man sexually harassed her.
  • I felt bad for Rufus when he realized that Anthony wasn't Flynn's prisoner but that he was helping me for some reason that at this point is still unclear although he does at least seem to dislike that Flynn is killing people.
  • I like that Flynn turned out to be after Judith Campbell who is the mistress of both Kennedy and a mob boss who passed messages from those two men to each other. I liked what we saw of Judith because she seems to a women who is both strong and smart.
  • I liked that when Judith asked who Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus were that Rufus said that they were undercover cops and when they couldn't prove that Lucy told her that they weren't undercover cops while Rufus kept trying to sell her on that idea which wasn't working at all.
  • I liked that Judith tried to escape out the bathroom window because she really doesn't have any reason to trust Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus even though they are trying to save her life I get why she doesn't see it that way especially with Wyatt who threatened to tie her up which Lucy didn't allow him to go through with.
  • I liked that Anthony told Flynn that he wasn't to kill Rufus because he was an innocent in all of this and someone who Anthony considers a friend. I also liked that it was made clear that Flynn is trying to erase Written House from history.
  • I liked that Judith asked Lucy if she and Wyatt were sleeping together and then goes onto say that they should since Wyatt is wound so tight he clearly needs it.
  • I liked that Lucy told Judith that she finds her fascinating and I liked that the two of them connected when Judith told her that one day she woke up to find that her life had changed a lot seemingly over night which Lucy can of course relate to and I liked that Judith tells Lucy that she likes not knowing what is going to happen next and that she wouldn't want to go back to her old life if given the choice because she feels that she would've always been wondering if she missed out on something better.
  • I like that Rufus told Wyatt about what he learned about Flynn from Anthony and I like that Rufus starts questioning if something bigger is going on since he knows Anthony is a good guy that lives for his wife and kids and not the type to hurt anyone so him being in league with Flynn doesn't make any sense.
  • I like that Wyatt wants to try and get ahead of Flynn but I don't really like that he's willing to use Judith as bait and Lucy doesn't like either. I do like that Judith is willing to go along with the plan as long as it keeps Flynn's pictures of her and Kennedy from the press.
  • I liked that Judith knew that Wyatt was lying her but I didn't like that she knocked Wyatt out when his back was to her. I understand why she used the chance she had to escape and I liked that when she ran started into Flynn that she was able to make a deal with him to get her pictures back.
  • I liked that after Judith did whatever Flynn wanted her to do and asked for the keys that she demanded that he give her back the pictures and negatives back I like that she's handling things smartly for if she was dealing with a blackmailer but I'm worried that Flynn might be a little above the type of guy she knows how to handle.
  • I liked that Wyatt sent a telegraph to his wife in 2012 in order to try and prevent her death and I liked that when Lucy sees him doing this that she doesn't get mad at him for trying to change history somehow but instead tells him she understands because she would do anything to get her sister back and I like that Wyatt tells her that he doesn't believe in things like fate so that's one of the reasons why he can't help but want to improve things in the past.
  • The fact that Flynn was after the core of a nuclear bomb is something that is very frightening. The idea of what could happen if a nuclear bomb exploded during a time jump is also very frightening.
  • I liked that Rufus stole a car for them by pretending to valet so that they could go after Flynn before he stole the core of the bomb.
  • I liked how Wyatt drove straight at Flynn to the last second beating that Flynn wouldn't let them crash into each other because then they would all explode.
  • I liked that when Wyatt told Lucy and Rufus to stay in the car and let him handle Flynn that they wouldn't let him handle everything by himself and that Rufus said he'd get the bomb and Lucy said she'd make sure Judith was safe.
  • I liked that Rufus convinced Anthony to hand over the bomb by telling him that nothing could justify this kind of destruction and I was sad when it turned out that Anthony had tricked Rufus.
  • I liked that Judith told Lucy that she wouldn't have helped Flynn if she knew about the bomb.
  • I liked that when Wyatt tried to take out Anthony that Rufus blocked Wyatt shot and I like that Rufus keeps telling everyone that the situation must be more complicated than it appears and that Anthony still needs their help.
  • I liked that when the Homeland Security lady found out Anthony was working with Flynn and changed the order to rescue him to take him out that Wyatt doesn't mention that Rufus blocked Wyatt's shot of Anthony.
  • I was sad for Wyatt when he figured out that his message to his wife he sent in the past didn't prevent her from dying.
  • I liked that Lucy moved out from the place she was sharing with the guy she's engaged to because that was a very uncomfortable situation for her to deal with.
  • I liked that Rufus keeps wondering about the why behind everything and that when Wyatt said that he isn't train to ask why that Rufus asked how they can know they are on the right side of things if they don't ask why they're doing what their doing.
  • I thought it was smart of Flynn and Anthony to bury the core of the nuclear bomb rather than take it with them in the time machine, still scary that Flynn has a nuclear bomb.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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