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TV Review: Scream: Let the Right One In(2.07)

                                       Scream: Let the Right One In(2.07)Review
  • I like that the Sheriff now thinks that Emma is the killer's target now rather than someone who is a suspect because that is what seems to be really going on.
  • I'm glad that Noah and Audrey are back to being best friends and I liked that Noah tells Audrey that she needs to tell Emma what she told him last night and while I understand why Audrey would believe that Emma wouldn't be as understanding as Noah is, I like that Noah believes that Emma wouldn't blame her if she knew the full truth.
  • I liked that Zoe asked Noah out on a study date and that they agreed that she would pick him up rather than the other way around. I liked that Noah appeared clueless about the study session being a date until Audrey told him it was and I liked that she joked that Noah would forever remain a virgin if he doesn't learn to pick up  on signals.
  • I like that Emma is mad at Kieran for going to the Sheriff behind her back for the second time because that is a pretty big betrayal of trust after everything Emma has been going through she needs to know which people she can and can't trust and Kieran is looking like someone she can't trust even if he does want her safe.
  • I liked that Brooke told Audrey what she did to Branson the night before and I liked that Audrey was quite shocked by Brooke's actions but she didn't judge her and even agreed to help her out.
  • I liked that the Sheriff followed up on the lead about the abandoned farm house and that he actually found someone evidence that proved Emma didn't hallucinate the pictures she saw at the house.
  • I was surprised that Eli actually stuck up for Kieran when he told Emma about how Kieran grew up with a step-father who never let up on him and that his mom and step dad died in a car crash right after Kieran got into a really bad fight with the step dad. I was surprised that Eli took the chance to defend Kieran's betrayal with framing it as him being overprotective because he doesn't want to loose anymore people, especially not Emma.
  • I felt bad for Zoe when she told Noah that sometime last fall she realized that the only thing that she had in her life was school, that she wasn't a part of any group and that left her with a crushing feeling of loneliness that resulted in her doing something that she described as something really stupid and her getting a therapist and missing school for a month. I'm glad that Noah comforted her after she told him this and didn't make her feel like she was a freak or anything.
  • I liked how Zoe admitted that she is good at physics but not at asking a boy out on a date so that's why she sort of misled him about what she was asking him to do and I liked that Noah was happy to be a date with her and didn't answer Audrey's call even after Zoe said that it would be okay to.
  • I liked that Audrey left Noah a messaged that said if anything was to happen to her it had something to do with Branson.
  • I liked that when Brooke thought that Branson was blackmailing her to get her to meet up with him again that Audrey told her that she wouldn't be going to meet him alone and I liked that Audrey pointed out that it was really creepy that he wanted to meet up with her at school when he's a known predator.
  • I liked how Noah was freaking out when he was sitting alone the beach while he waited for Zoe to finish changing, I just find it a bit funny how he freaks out about any situation that turned out badly for anyone in a movie.
  • I'm really loving all the moments between Noah and Zoe they are just so cute and dorky with each other.
  • I like that Eli suggests that what Emma needs is a night of fun because she is feel stressed out and clearly needs to let go of a few things at least for a little while and I like that Eli is the one that is willing to help her with this. I thought that Kieran looked pretty scary when he was looking at Emma and Eli talking to each other while filled with jealous and rage.
  • I like that Audrey says that Noah's date with Zoe must be going well since he isn't answering her calls.
  • I find it pretty creepy that Ms.Lang seems to have recordings of Emma and all of her friends that she clearly wasn't given permission for recording.
  • I like that Audrey is confused about why Brooke would put on lipstick in order to meet Branson even after Brooke insists it's war paint.
  • I liked that when Audrey suggests that Brooke just lie about what she did to Branson that Brooke told her that she knows that lying about something only works for so long before the truth comes out so it's better to stop lying about something sooner rather than later. I liked that Brooke telling her this leads to Audrey wanting to reach out to Emma and tell her the truth about her involvement with Piper.
  • I find it very creepy that the killer knew about Ms.Lang's recordings and that he felt the need to steal those recordings.
  • I was surprised about how Ms.Lang did a decent job of fighting back against the killer when he appeared although in the end it didn't matter much since the killer still finished Branson off and then nearly killed Ms. Lang.
  • I liked that Audrey convinced Brooke to wait outside for a few minutes so that she could feel out what Branson was all about, I just like that Audrey was acting protective of Brooke even if Brooke doesn't really want to be protected.
  • I'm glad that it seems like the killer only wanted Brooke and Audrey to find Ms. Lang rather than do anything to them.
  • I wonder what Zoe's going do with the email of the recording of Audrey's confession about bring Piper to Lakewood.
  • I liked that Zoe was the one that was really taking charge when she and Noah almost had sex and I found things very awkward for everyone involved when Audrey walked in on them before anything could really happen between them.
  • I liked how Noah told Audrey that someone better be dead if she had to rush in there like she did and then he was someone what horrified when he realized that someone might really be dead.
  • I find it a odd that Eli likes to invade other people's homes and pretends that he lives different lives but considering how much he dislikes his own I can understand why he feels the need to do that.
  • I think it was suspicious and creepy that the abandoned house that Eli took Emma to had Eddie and Branson's bodies in the bathtub.
  • I liked that when Audrey told Noah that she went into the school by herself after the killer told her to after threatening her that Noah told her that was a stupid thing to do because they have no idea what the killer was planning on doing to her. I liked that Noah and Audrey figured out that the killer was trying to make her look guilty once more but couldn't because the janitor found Ms. Lang first.
  • I find it very odd that Eli describes Kieran as an entirely different person than he was before he moved to Lakewood, the implication that Kieran could completely change his entire personality is something I find very disturbing.
  • I can understand why Eli might not want to report a house fire if he has a history with the police even if it wasn't his fault because when someone has a record they are far more like to be blamed for a crime even if they're innocent.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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