Friday, November 11, 2016

Book Review: Also Known As

                                                       Also Known As Review
Also Known As is about Maggie Silver a teenager who as worked alongside her parents cracking safes for a spy organization since she was a little girl but hasn't had her own mission yet. Maggie gets her own mission when she is assigned to get close to Jesse Oliver a son of a journalist who is working on an article that would expose her, her parents and the entire organization that they work for. At first Maggie thinks of this mission just as a chance to prove herself to both her parents and the rest of the organization but as time goes on and she starts to build a life around her cover that involves her behaving like a normal teenager, making a friend and being able to go on her first date things become more complicated for her.

Maggie of course ends up falling for Jesse who is not the type of guy she expected him to be she expected someone who was spoiled and a jerk but in reality Jesse is nice, rather down to earth and a bit lonely, this leads Maggie to developing feelings for him which complicates her mission and really her whole life. As time goes on Maggie figures out that things aren't as straight forward as they seem when they come to the mission but not just when they involve Maggie's personal feelings but also concerning the facts of the mission. As the story goes on there turns out to be a few twists to this story that Maggie didn't see coming.

Overall I thought that this book was very fun and I really enjoyed the characters and the relationships in this book. I really enjoyed the writing style in this book is was quick and fun which made the book fun to read. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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