Friday, November 11, 2016

TV Review: Playful Kiss

                                                                Playful Kiss Review
Playful Kiss is a story about girl named Oh Ha-ni who has a crush on the smartest most popular boy in school, Baek Seung-jo. One day Ha-ni gives Seung-jo a letter in which she confesses her feelings for him and he gives her back the letter after grading it for grammatical errors giving her a grade of D- and somehow the whole school finds about his cruel rejection of her which leaves Ha-ni feeling completely humiliated. Ha-ni tries to get over Seung-jo after he rejects her but the two end up living together soon after when Ha-ni and her father have stay with Seung-jo and his family after their home is destroyed. Ha-ni finds herself unable to move on from Seung-jo once he starts to show a hint of interest in her but it is still a very frustrating and painful affair Ha-ni since after each hint of affection Seung-jo shows to Ha-ni he goes back to treating her coldly.

The things that I liked about this drama was the character of Ha-ni who was sweet, determined and hardworking she was someone who I found easy to root for and I found her to be really lovable, I also loved the relationship that Ha-ni had with her two best friend it was a fun relationship to watch and I really believed that the three of them have been friends for years. Another thing I enjoyed was the relationship between Ha-ni and Seung-jo's mom honestly the main reason I even rooted for the main couple was because I loved the mother-daughter relationship these two had with how one lacked a mom while the other lacked a daughter and they found what they were missing in each other. The thing I didn't like about this drama was Seung-jo and the way that he treated Ha-ni he is just so necessarily cruel to Ha-ni for reasons I've never understood and I really wished that Ha-ni would have ended up with someone who would have treated her better because I loved her character and I wanted the best for her and I'm not convinced that Seung-jo is what's best for her.

Overall while there were things that I enjoyed about this series there were more things I disliked and out of all the dramas I've watched so far this is by far the worst one in my eyes and the one that took me the longest to finish watching. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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