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TV Review: Scream: Dawn of the Dead(2.05)

                                            Scream: Dawn of the Dead(2.05)Review
  • I liked that the episode began shortly after the last one ended and it showed how the school had became chaotic and I like that the Sheriff put the school into lockdown in order to find out what happened.
  • I like that Emma and Audrey went to Brooke because they knew that she would need a friend to try and help her through things. I was sad that Emma was pulled a way to be questioned by the police but I was glad that Audrey was able to stay with Brooke.
  • I found it sad how Brooke was remembering the last time she was with Jake and how she regretted that she told Jake that they couldn't be seen as a couple in public.
  • I liked that when Noah was being questioned by the Sheriff that he seemed pretty freaked out about what happened and how when he tried to say that these kind of things are kind of normal for them he took it back right away because that's not really true things like Jake being murder and there being another killer on the loose is terrifying even if they went through something similar before. I also liked that Noah told the Sheriff his theory about their being an accomplice to Piper and that they might be the one who are behind these killings.
  • I felt bad for Emma when it was clear that most of the other students were whispering about her behind her back and maybe even blaming her for there being another killer because right now Emma's freaking out enough without having to deal with people talking about her behind her back.
  • I liked that Audrey wished that she would have said something earlier because while she couldn't have done anything about Jake being killed she could have prevented his body from being discovered in a way that is sure to traumatize Brooke.
  • I liked that when Brooke mentioned that she was just texting with Jake last night that Audrey pointed out that maybe she wasn't actually texting with Jake last night but instead his killer.
  • I agree with Brooke that having to put on a cheerleading uniform after what she been through feels like a cruel joke.
  • I liked that when Noah walked into the room that Emma went over to hug him and asked how he was holding up.
  • I liked that Noah, Gustavo, Kieran and Eli figured out the Sheriff is keeping them locked in the school with the possible killer in order to figure out who the killer is.
  • I like that the show is casting a bit of doubt on Emma her find Jake's phone in her backpack and her having no idea how it got there since Emma was been having mental health issues since the last killings it is a possibility(although one I find unlikely)that she could be the new killer.
  • I'm glad that Audrey told Emma not to tell the police that she found Jake's phone in her backpack because I think if she did they would just assume that she was the killer and that would just allow for the real killer to have more time to kill people before the police figure out that Emma is innocent. I'm also liking how the main characters are taking it upon themselves to figure out who the killer is and stop them because they know how the killer plays this kind of game with their lives.
  • I liked that when Brooke's dad came to get her that she ran right up to him, hugged him, let herself cry and be comforted a bit.
  • I like how Zoe told Noah that she wasn't really trying to ignore him but that she was trying to pretend that something horrible didn't just happened and I liked that Noah said that they all had their ways of coping.
  • I liked that Zoe could tell that Noah did need to talk so she told him to go ahead and talk to her and I liked that Noah explained his theory about what just happened and what's going to happen next in horror movie terms and I liked that Zoe sort of accidently pointed out that describing things in horror movie terms and making the murders into mysteries to solve is his way of coping with things.
  • I liked that Zoe told Noah that she listened to his podcast and that she liked the way he was able to make the morbid sound beautiful.
  • I liked that when Kieran said that he had something he'd rather the cops didn't find in his locker that Emma was worried about what that could possibly be and I liked that Noah was curious but still willing to help and I liked that Audrey and Zoe also helped Kieran slip out of the room to get to his locker.
  • I find it very suspicious that Kieran has a gun in his locker because that isn't something that one should ever take to school.
  • I really don't think that then Sheriff wanting an in with Kieran and his group of friends is a bad thing considering that the killer is clearly fixated on Emma and her group of friends which Kieran is part of.
  • I liked that Eli offered to ditch Jake's phone for Emma because he's right that he would do a better job at it than Emma would but it still a bit suspicious that he was willing to take that risk if he isn't the killer.
  • I dislike how Kieran told the Sheriff about Emma having Jake's phone because I don't think he really needed to do that and I like that Eli was offended on Emma's behalf.
  • I like that Noah called Audrey and that they both gave each other updates on what they knew to be going on and I liked that Audrey still seems suspicious of Gustavo who is drawing creepy pictures of a dead Jake which is a pretty suspicious thing to do after finding out classmate has died.
  • I'm glad that the Sheriff believes that Emma is telling the truth but doubts her sanity a bit because of the mental health problems she has been suffering from recently because in all honesty that's the only smart thing to think in this situation with the evidence he has been given, I also like that he let her leave after he questioned her.
  • I really hate that girl Hayley(I think her name is) it seems like she just wants to start something and she seems to like trivializing what Emma and the other went through last year and honestly after calling Emma and the rest of her family crazy she deserved to get hit but I'm worried that this will reflect poorly on Emma.
  • I felt terrible for Brooke when she had to tell the Sheriff about her fight with Jake the last time she saw him but I like that Brooke thinks that Branson is the one behind killing Jake because he is someone who's been harassing her recently and he has a reason to want to kill Jake and make her suffer.
  • I liked that when Emma was worrying that she might be going crazy that the psychology teacher told her that being upset after something terrible happen to friend is normal not crazy.
  • I liked that Audrey told Noah why she thinks Gustavo was the killer while Noah argue that Gustavo was a friend that just like morbid things and I like that Audrey pointed out that if she's wrong about Gustavo she could just tell him sorry later but if Noah was wrong about Gustavo they could end up dead. I also liked that Audrey figured out how to sneak Noah back into the room where all the students are being held.
  • I'm really worried about Emma since got a call from the killer and saw him outside of the room she was in and she broke out that room by smashing the window with a chair and I'm not sure how much of what she saw was really which is making her seem a bit suspicious but it's mostly just making me worried about her well being because either the new killer is playing mind games with her or she is hallucinating neither of those things are good.
  • I don't like that the sheriff took Emma's mom off the case or that he is thinking that Brooke is a suspect.
  • I like that Noah noticed Audrey's slip up when she said she was getting calls recently and I like that Noah is a bit suspicious of Audrey right now but also worried for her.
  • I felt bad for Gustavo when after Audrey revealed all the creepy pictures that he has been drawing that everyone start calling him a sicko and accusing him of being a serial killer and then beating the crap out of him.
  • I liked that Emma didn't tell the Sheriff or the psychology teacher about the seeing the killer because she can't prove what she saw and she doesn't want them to think she's crazy.
  • I liked that Emma was mad at Kieran because he took her choice about what to do about Jake's phone away from her and that she wants him to trust her to make her own choices in the future.
  • I found it heartbreaking but I also thought that it was a good scene when Brooke went into the pool and went underwater and screamed letting out all the pain she's been feeling all episode.
  • I like that Noah took Audrey's phone because he's suspicious of her recent behavior and I'm worried about what's going to happen now that he knows she helped Piper with the murders somewhat last year.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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