Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TV Review: Notorious: Friends and Other Strangers(1.03)

                              Notorious: Friends and Other Strangers(1.03)Review
  • I'm not surprised that Sarah's brother said that Oscar was a bad husband but I was a little surprised that he didn't know or even truly suspect that Oscar could be physically abusing her.
  • I like how Jake kept telling Oscar that he can't defend Oscar properly if he keeps things from him and I'm glad that Oscar admitted to having an online affair with a woman.
  • I find it interesting that Julia and her team find evidence that a music star who is known for his charity work who recently fell into a coma that a few nights earlier that he raped a woman in her sleep.
  • I liked that Jake encouraged Sarah's brother to keep talking about finding Sarah's killer but to not focus all that energy on Oscar because there's a chance he's not guilty and if he isn't guilty that means Sarah's killer would go free if he was convicted.
  • I liked that Ryan was able to track down who sent the photos to Julia and I was surprised to see that they came from Oscar's best friend and business partner.
  • I thought it was disgusting that Julia's boss not only made her stop the story about music star being a rapist because he was worried about the company loosing money and the fact that said star might sue them for exposing him. I thought that it was even worse that her boss tried to make her invalidate video in the next show and I'm glad that Julia refused to say she was sorry and invalidate the video.
  • I liked that Julia planned to get the victim to go on the air and give an interview about what happened to her and that she asked Jake to come along with her so that the victim could know that there would be someone to protect her legally from the backlash she was bound to receive by coming forward.
  • I was sad when the victim backed out of going on the show because she was paid off by the music star's people to keep quiet.
  • I was a little surprised that Oscar's online girlfriend is someone who has been cat fishing him for months, this is something that I think will cause problems in the future.
  • I'm glad that Ryan told Ella that Levi was the one that sent in the photos that made Oscar look guilty before she asked Levi for help going through Oscar's computer and help for figuring out who his online girlfriend really is.
  • I liked that Ryan kissed Ella in order to cover up that he was downloading all the information off of Levi's network.
  • I liked that Julia found 12 more victims to come forward about the music star raping them and I liked that in the end Julia was able to convince her boss that making sure that this didn't happen again was more important than how much money their company could loose.
  • I found it sad that Louise lost a man she loved by being beheaded which is why she was so upset when they aired the video of the solider being beheaded.
  • I was surprised that it turned out that the victim from the video tried to kill the music star after she saw what he did to her.
  • I was only a little surprised to find out that Levi was the one that was cat fishing Oscar but I did feel a bit bad for Oscar who clearly trusts and cares for Levi although it seems like that feeling is no longer mutual.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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