Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TV Review: Healer

                                                                Healer Review
Healer is about Seo Jung-hoo who works as a night courier who doesn't care much about who the job is for or why it's being done and overall doesn't interact with people unless he has to. This changes after he got a job to track down this girl Cha Young-shin a reporter at a tabloid like news site, by Kim Moon-ho a famous reporter who was practically family Young-shin before she was separated from her birth parents. Jung-ho decides to closer to Young-shin after he suspects that Moon-ho is the one that is trying to frame him for murder(although it turns out that Moon-ho's brother is the one that is framing him). As Jung-ho starts to spend time with Young-shin while pretending to be a timid and socially awkward assistant to Young-shin while at work he gets to know her and starts to fall for her while at the same time protecting her are as Healer which leads to her falling for his healer persona.

Throughout the series we figure out how Jung-ho, Young-shin and Moon-ho's past interconnects with each other and we get to see the characters learn more about each other and their own past by working together to takedown a corrupt group of individuals which have been causing trouble for our main characters and their family since twenty years ago without Jung-ho and Young-shin even knowing about who they are. The relationships in this series are very well done and I found myself invested in pretty all of them whether the relationship was romantic or platonic. The relationship between Jung-ho and Young-shin was especially sweet and it just got better the more they learned about each other, I also liked that there was quite a bit of cuddling in the relationship as well because I just find that really sweet.

The main characters were all great and I rooted for all of them and I was worried about them when they were in danger which is a good thing since it shows me how invested in the characters I was. I liked how Jung-hoo despite being a badass when he's being Healer is also someone who is pretty socially awkward since he doesn't have a lot of experience with people and I like that he proved himself to be a very sweet boyfriend. I like that Young-shin is a cheerful, determined and ambitious young reporter who has been through some hard times but doesn't let that define her. I like that Moon-ho is someone who very much wants to expose corruption but isn't always sure that he can do what needs to be done to expose it and I like that he has a desire to protect and look after Young-shin and Jung-ho despite only re-meeting them recently.

Overall I really loved this series it had a great story, great characters, great relationships and great fight scenes as well. This series is one that I think most people will enjoy because there are just many things to enjoy about this series. Please tell me your thoughts about this series in the comment section below.

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