Friday, November 11, 2016

TV Review: Notorious: The Perp Walk(1.02)

                                            Notorious: The Perp Walk(1.02)Review
  • I like that Julia wants to find Sarah's brother in order to get a different point of view on Sarah and Oscar's marriage from her brother because she wants to find something that will set her show apart from all the other news shows.
  • I like that Jake's brother Bradley knows that Jake is a lot more broken up about Sarah dying than he lets on and that he is here for him in anyway that he needs him.
  • I found it interesting that Jake's client that goes on Julia's show and says that her child is missing and her recent ex-boyfriend claims that she never had a child.
  • Based on the way that Oscar is talking about how he found Sarah dead it sounds like he didn't kill her and he sounds very upset by her death.
  • I liked that Julia told Jake both about his client not really having a child at all and more importantly about the pictures that she was sent about Sarah, Oscar and him. While I understand why Jake is upset that Julia kept these photos from him for days I also think it's completely understandable why she waited to show them to him.
  • I find it kind of scary that whoever sent Julia the photo of Sarah's body last episode works on Julia's show.
  • I liked that Julia tries her best to get Sarah's brother on the show by telling him that she can get the whole country care about her.
  • I like that Julia after finding out that Jake's client does have a kid that her ex didn't know about that she may have killed her child and made up the kidnapping in order to cover that up. I like that a part of Jake agrees with her but he isn't willing to admit that she could be right.
  • I'm a little relieved that Ryan was the one that sent the photo of Sarah's body and that he was just trying to get a story.
  • I like that Jake told Julia that he was sorry that he was taking things out on her because he was upset about Sarah's death and that he told her everything about what happened between him and Sarah. I also liked that he was willing to listen to her about his current client's case.
  • I liked that Ryan told Julia that since she stood up to his dad at a family dinner years ago that he has looked up to her ever since and wants to be more like her.
  • I liked that after Oscar had been behaving recklessly all episode that Jake tells the cops that Oscar actually arrived at the house before him rather than arriving together which ended up getting him arrested by the end of the episode.
  • I liked that it turned out that Jake's client hid her son in order to protect him from his father who was abusive and is up for parole soon and I liked that Jake was able to prevent him from getting parole and allow her to get her son back.
  • I liked that Jake got Oscar arrested at Sarah's funeral and gave him a sound bite to say that would make him look sympathetic and that he got him sent to jail so that he could sober up. I liked that Julia figured out that all this was Jake's doing as well.
  • I'm curious about what Sarah's brother's opinion is on Oscar and his marriage with Sarah, I'm guessing that it's not a favorable one.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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