Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Movie Review: Vampire Academy

                                                         Vampire Academy Review
Vampire Academy is based off a book series which I haven't read and it's about girl named Rose Hathaway(Zoey Deutch) who is a guardian in training who is tasked with the job of protecting her best friend Princess Lissa Dragomir(Lucy Fry) who is a Moroi which is a good vampire. The two girls have left their school that is for their types of people a year earlier because they believed that Lissa was in danger from someone at the school who might want to use her for her powers which are very strong but since she hasn't chosen a type of magic to focus on there are still a bit out of control. Rose and Lissa are brought back to school a year after they ran away and it appears that there is still a threat to Lissa's life as well as a lot cruel pranks being played on her by her fellow classmates. The film spends time dealing both the high school problems and the more dangerous supernatural threats that the girls face.

In subplots both Rose and Lissa are also given romantic interest who they develop bonds with throughout the although in different ways due to their differing personalities. Rose develops a crush on the head guardian  Dimitri Belikvo(Danila Kozlovsky) who is quite a bit older than her and is her trainer in fighting. Lissa ends developing feelings for Christian Ozera(Dominic Shorwood) who is an outcast at the school because his parents choose to become Strigoi(bad vampires) and the two of them end up developing a mutual flirtation after they bond over loosing their families shortly after meeting.

Overall I really loved this movie I thought that it was a lot of fun. I really liked the characters, the mythology of the world and the relationships that the characters had especially the bond that Rose and Lissa shared with each other. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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