Saturday, December 17, 2016

TV Review: Revenge: Aftermath(4.21)

                                                  Revenge: Aftermath(4.21)Review
  • I liked that David ran over to the house to see if Emily was okay when he got home saw the mansion was on fire.
  • I liked that Louise was worried that Victoria might have burnt down Grayson Manor just to spite Emily.
  • I liked that Nolan was relieved that Emily wasn't home when the manor and that he tells that house burning down is a sign that she should move on from everything. I also liked that Emily told Nolan about Mason return.
  • I liked that Margaux at least told the police about the suicide note she found from Victoria on her desk.
  • I liked that Emily told Nolan that Victoria is really dead and I liked that he asked Emily what a world without Victoria means to her and that when she said that it was free of revenge which made them both happy.
  • I liked that Emily encourage Nolan to happy in his relationship with Tony and I liked that Nolan offered Emily his private jet to go and see Jack and confess her feelings for him.
  • I liked that when Emily told Mason that she had other things to deal with he sly mentioned that she once burned down his house so he thinks it's a bit of karma that she had to deal with the same thing.
  • I liked that Jack called Nolan to ask if Emily was the one that lit her house on fire and I liked that Nolan told him that Emily would never kill anyone, I like that Jack doesn't have any idea about what Emily's limits are while Nolan knows exactly what they are.
  • I find it interesting how Stevie keeps asking Jack to put Emily completely behind him and that she worries about hold Emily has on him and honestly the amount of time characters mention the hold Emily has on Jack and how Emily has ruined Jack's life it seems like it would have made a lot more narrative sense for him to die at the end of the series rather than live.
  • I liked that Louise didn't believe that Victoria killed herself because she knows the signs of someone who is planning on killing themselves.
  • I disliked how Louise publically accused Emily of murdering Victoria while I understand that Louise doesn't have all information she needs to fully understand the situation.
  • I was worried about what Mason was up to as soon as Emily tried to call him and his phone was disconnected.
  • I was sad that Nolan's relationship with Tony pretty much as soon as it really started and that it was something that wasn't either of their faults.
  • I felt bad for Emily that she had to find out that her dad has cancer from the police checking on his alibi for the night of Victoria's death.
  • I hated that Mason betrayed Emily but I could understand why he would do it because Emily did screw him over pretty well.
  • I hated that Victoria sent Emily a video that proves that she would frame Emily for her murder and that she gets arrested for it and is unable to use the video she just got from Victoria to prove her innocence.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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