Monday, May 2, 2016

TV Review: Revenge: Clarity(4.18)

                                                     Revenge: Clarity(4.18)Review
  • I was glad that Margaux admitted to Victoria that it was her own fault that her she lost her baby was because she refused to give up on her revenge weeks.
  • I liked that David had been checking up on Emily for the past few days and I like that his top concern was her well being.
  • I thought that Louise saying that she wanted to have a baby right after talking about how much being home with her family upset kind of shows how she's not actually ready to raise a kid.
  • While I don't like that Victoria is once again trying to destroy Emily, I am glad that she didn't start to go towards that until after the board denied her the hospital wing being named after Daniel.
  • I liked that when Jack picked up on the fact that Nolan hadn't told Louise about him spending time with Tony that he had to talk to her about it.
  • I like that Emily wants to do the right thing by Margaux by telling the truth about Daniel's death but I also understand why the people in her life don't think it's a good idea because take back that kind of statement isn't a good idea.
  • While I liked that Stevie wants to protect Jack, I didn't think that her going on the attack against Emily all of sudden made much sense given that she didn't have a problem with her last episode.
  • I disliked how Victoria tried to use Louise's brother's death to get Louise to turn against Nolan and I'm glad that Louise didn't fall for Victoria's lies.
  • I liked that Jack defended Emily to his mom but I can't help but think that she's right to worry about Jack when it comes to Emily since she came into his life it has became a lot more complicated.
  • I liked that Tony also told Nolan that he should just tell Louise the truth and that he won't have any sort of relationship with him until her talks with her.
  • I like that Jack decided not to go back on his story to the police and when Emily told him that she has gotten away with worse than this that he told her that no one knows that better than him.
  • I liked that Margaux decided to call off the assassin that she was planning to send after Emily but I disliked that she planned to send one after Emily in the first place.
  • I liked that when Emily told Nolan about her idea to take back her statement and clear Daniel's name that he told her that it wasn't a good idea and that he understands that she feels bad about what happened to Margaux but even he can't change what people already know but I liked that Emily thought that maybe he could.
  • I liked that when Emily told Nolan that she wanted to do something good that Nolan told her that Emily Thorne wasn't built to do good but to clear her father's name which she has done brilliantly and that she deserves to enjoy her life now.
  • I liked that Jack told Nolan that he almost went along with Emily's plan and I liked that Nolan completely understood why he would want to do that. I also liked that Jack told Nolan that he wasn't quite sure of what the right thing to do is in this situation and I liked that Nolan was there to calm him down.
  • I liked that Nolan told Jack about how Louise's brother died and how she let it happened in order to protect him and while Nolan said that it was pity making him stay with Louise I don't think that's entirely true because he does genuinely care about her still and during his conversation what he was talking about sounded more like guilt than pity to me, I was also sad that Louise overheard Nolan saying this about her.
  • I liked that Nolan told Louise that he doesn't think that they should stay married and I liked that Nolan told her that he still wants them to be friends and I liked that she agrees to that but I was a bit sad for both of them when she thanked him for always being honest with her which they both know isn't true.
  • I liked that Emily did tell the a version that was closer to the truth about Daniel's death but I'm not really sure if Emily telling the world that she's actually Amanda Clarke is a good thing but it does make things interesting.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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