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TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Sword and the Spirit(5.14)

                                  Teen Wolf: The Sword and the Spirit(5.14)Review
  • I liked the description Gerard gave of the beast as a shadow pretending to be solid because that really does fit with how the beast looks.
  • I was surprised and a bit concerned that Gerard knew the dread doctors frequency, I was concerned only because I don't trust Gerard at all.
  • I found it frightening that when Chris found a pile of dead bodies underneath the sewers the dread doctors were staying because there was quite a big pile there already and the beast had only just began to start killing.
  • I liked that when Parrish was horrified by seeing that there were 23 people killed that his dream about everyone being dead was coming true that the Sheriff grounded him in reality for a bit by telling him to do his job as a cop.
  • I'm glad to see that Scott, Stiles and Kira told the Sheriff what they knew about the beast which wasn't a whole lot other than it's terrifying but I'm glad that everyone is in the loop. I also liked hearing the theory that maybe the dread doctors are protecting the beast by covering up for it.
  • I like how Meredith was telling Lydia that the way that she needs to learn control her voice involves using her hands as a way to guide her voice and I like that Meredith refuses to tell Lydia how she learned because she knows Lydia has to learn in her own way.
  • I liked that when Lydia was doubting how useful any of the training Meredith was giving her was that she locked Lydia behind bullet proof glass so that she would be forced to learn how to control her voice.
  • I liked that when Theo was planning to drug Malia with wolfs bane  so that he could take her to the dread doctors place without her knowing where it is that she initially refused because she doesn't trust him and I was glad that Theo admitted that she shouldn't but I disliked that he emotionally manipulated her into doing it by telling her that it will be her fault if Deaton dies because she couldn't find the desert wolf in time.
  • Seeing all the deputies at the high school really shows how much more dangerous the beast is in terms of how many people it kills compared to past villains because of how serious the Sheriff and the rest of the town are taking things.
  • I liked that when Stiles and Scott were trying to figure out what the deputy thinks is really going on the deputy asked them if they believe in the supernatural.
  • I liked that Kira's dad destroy her sword because it's a gateway for the fox and right now the fox is too powerful for her to control so it's best to destroy the gateway. I like that Kira seems to be just as concern with helping her friends fight as she is with conquering the spirit of the fox. I also liked how Kira's dad reminded her that her spirit not the fox's is her most powerful weapon even if some of his advice was pretty cheesy I still think it was pretty good advice.
  • I really hated seeing Malia at Theo's mercy when she was restrain so she wouldn't hurt even herself or him even though he didn't do anything I still didn't like her being in that position.
  • I felt really bad for Malia when she had to use the dread doctor torture device to find out where her mother is but I'm glad that it worked and she figured out where her mother is keeping Deaton.
  • I liked that Malia went into the boys locker room to give Liam a message for Scott and that she did not care at all that there was a bunch of guys that were half dressed walking around.
  • I liked that Malia thought to have Liam tell Scott that he was right about the tunnels and the dread doctors working out of there.
  • I liked that Braeden doesn't trust Theo at all and doesn't want him coming with her and Malia on mission to rescue Deaton and kill the desert wolf. I liked that Braeden said that she should kill Theo since he killed Scott.
  • I liked that Braeden told Malia that Scott wouldn't blame Malia for Deaton getting capture by the desert wolf and I have mixed feelings about Malia not wanting Scott there because he would stop her from killing the desert wolf.
  • I liked that Scott followed Liam to the tunnel and that the two of them looked for the entrance to the dread doctors place together.
  • I liked that Malia wanted to go into the place she knew the desert wolf was because she doesn't walk away from things like this even if her odds aren't good and that Braeden didn't want to go in without knowing more because she knows how dangerous and smart the desert wolf is, I really liked this because it shows a lot about how different their personalities are.
  • I liked that we got a bit of Meredith's backstory when she told Lydia about the first time she used her powers and I liked how she compares her scream to a bomb and she points out how important it is that Lydia's scream in a bullet and not a bomb.
  • I liked that Stiles visited Lydia in Eichen House and talked to her first about just school and then telling her how much they need her and that she needs to wake up, I just thought that it was sweet that he came to visit her and even sweeter that he held her hand while he talked to her.
  • I liked that Stiles noticed that a part of Lydia's head had been shaven in order for them to drill a hole in it and I liked how he was so concerned for her well being and that he put together that something was wrong so quickly although pretty much anyone that spent any time at Eichen House would assume that pretty much everything that goes on there is not good so it wasn't as impressive as other times when he figured things out.
  • I liked that Stiles stole a keycard off of a guard from Eichen House as he was leaving because he knows he'll need it later on.
  • I liked that when Liam told Scott that he wanted to do something right that Scott tells him that he does a lot of things right I like that even though the relationship isn't the best right now that Scott still doesn't want Liam to think badly of himself.
  • I liked that Liam tells Scott that he doesn't think that he can just tell Scott that he's sorry because he feels like it doesn't mean anything unless some action backs it up like saving Scott's life and I like how Scott tells him he'll probably have a chance to do that someday.
  • I like that Scott was upset that Chris cured Gerard and that he's having them help him because he doesn't trust Gerard at all and for good reason.
  • I liked that Chris and Gerard showed Scott and Liam the mural of what is to come where it involves the hellhound and the beast.
  • I hated that Theo of course betrayed Malia and Braeden and I hated that he shot Malia and that he did all this to get some blue claws from the desert wolf.
  • I liked that Chris and Gerard made Parrish remember that he's a hellhound.
  • I liked that Lydia gained control of her powers just in time to use them to save Malia from getting killed by the desert wolf.
  • I dislike the desert wolf well in general but I especially hate how she wants to kill Malia because she lost some of power after giving birth to her and know she wants to kill her to get it back.
  • I like that Malia was mad at the desert wolf because she caused her to kill her real family and I like that it's clear that Malia doesn't consider the desert wolf to be her family just because she's her blood.
  • I liked that when Malia had to choose between killing the desert wolf or saving Deaton that she chose to save Deaton.
  • I dislike that Deucalion wants Theo to cut out Scott's eyeballs and give them to him because his bitter about the cure for his blindness not lasting which isn't Scott's fault at all so I think it's really unfair of him to be mad at him for that.
  • I like that the pack is now mainly back together an dare now focused on getting Lydia out of Eichen House.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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