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TV Review: The 100: Resurrection(2.13)

                                               The 100: Resurrection(2.13)Review
  • I liked that the episode starts off with Clarke seeing how much her decision to let the attack happened has hurt the people she is suppose to be fighting for and I liked the obvious guilt that we can see her feeling.
  • I liked that everyone back at the grounder village were focusing their energy on finding the wounded and saving those that they can save.
  • I thought it was a bit odd that Lexa didn't understand that Clarke wanted to find the spotter in order to kill them but I did like that Lexa told Clarke that killing the spotter wouldn't make her feel any better.
  • I disliked that Indra refused to allow Lincoln to save her life because he was a reaper because she honestly put more people life in danger by refusing to let the only person that was close enough to her to save to help her and so that led to people getting shot when they tried to get to her.
  • I liked that Abby spent a good part of the episode doing her best to save Kane who was trapped under the wreckage of the attack.
  • I liked that Monty, Jasper and the others that are trapped in Mont Weather were preparing themselves for a small scale war against the Mountain Men.
  • I liked seeing how brutally those trapped in Mont Weather were when they were attacking the Mountain Men I liked that they were willing to kill to save their own lives and I liked that their ruthlessness in their attacks was something that surprised the Mountain Men and got them to retreat while the only had taken one of their own.
  • I liked that Bellamy used his undercover position with the help of Maya to save Fox the girl that was taken to be killed by the Mountain Men and I liked that when she saw that Bellamy was the one that saved her she hugged him.
  • I thought it was interesting that Maya's parents were part of a movement in Mont Weather that were against using outsider blood in order to survive and that her mom was so dedicated to the cause that she chose to die rather than take a treatment. I liked that while Maya's dad has strayed from these ways that Maya was able to convince him to help them keep the members of the hundred alive.
  • I liked that Clarke, Lexa and Lincoln all worked together to track down and kill the spotter.
  • I was really worried about Maya when she was sent down to the room where the members of the hundred were with an oxygen suit with a limited amount of air in order to convince them to surrender.
  • I liked that Jasper told Maya that he won't let her die and that Maya told him she won't let him surrender.
  • I liked that Octavia was able to convince the grounders to work with her when it came to saving their people from the wreckage.
  • I liked that Abby told Kane about how Clarke knew about the attack before it happened and how she could have prevented it and I liked that Kane pointed out that Clarke learned that kind of ruthlessness from living on the Ark where they had killed people for small offenses such as stealing.
  • I liked that the member of the hundred worked out a plan for them to get Maya off the level in order for her to survive and without them having to surrender.
  • I liked that after they had rescued Maya, Jasper hugged Bellamy and that Bellamy told him about the grounder army that was coming to help them. I felt a bit sad when Jasper mentioned Finn because he doesn't know that Finn died a while ago.
  • I liked that Clarke called Lincoln her people before she shot him through the shoulder in order to shot the spotter through the heart and I liked how Lincoln was impressed by the shot she made. I also liked that Clarke admitted that killing the spotter didn't make her feel any better.
  • I liked that the members of the hundred escaped from the room their were being held in and that they now have split up and are staying with members of the fraction in Mont Weather that are against using outsider blood to survive.
  • I liked that when Lexa was getting the crowd ready to go to war that Abby pointed out that many of the wounded still needed help.
  • I liked that Indra got over whatever problem she had with Lincoln but I didn't really understand what changed for her since they didn't really spend much time together this episode.
  • I liked that Octavia and Clarke told each other they were glad that they were alive.
  • I liked that Abby seems to have a bit more understanding about why Clarke did what she did but that she is still worrying about Clarke crossing the lines so she tells Clarke to remember that they're suppose to be the good guys.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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