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TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Last Chimera(5.11)

                                      Teen Wolf: The Last Chimera(5.11)Review
  • I find it interesting that Theo let his sister die because he wanted her heart so that the dread doctors could make him a chimera and I still think that Theo is a terrible person and oddly enough it seems that guy drilled hole into Lydia's head agrees with me.
  • I was a bit surprised to find out that Lydia being in Eichen house scenes are still in the future but I did think that the guy talking raised some important points about the dread doctors and Theo but I still don't like him since he drilled hole into Lydia's head.
  • I felt really bad for Stiles when he was worrying about his dad dying and I found it especially sad when he said that he is the only next of kin his dad has because it really drives home the point that there all each other really has.
  • I felt really bad for Scott when he was trying to force himself to heal faster and it just wasn't working. I felt even more bad for Scott when he tried to go out and find a way to help others and then he passed out, I really think that Scott puts too much pressure on himself and I think that he really should've just rest and let himself heal before he tried to help anyone else.
  • I really hate the way that Parrish keeps hallucinating about Lydia because there always so sexual and creepy that being said I was happy that this hallucination helped him to find Lydia and realize that she was in trouble and needed help.
  • I liked that when Liam wanted to tell Hayden's sister that she was dead that Mason stopped him because it wouldn't have made things any easier on anyone and in fact it may have even made things worse for Liam.
  • I liked that Liam caught Hayden's scent and then set out to figure out a way to find out if she was alive or not.
  • While I can understand Stiles anger and even more so understand the sadness behind that anger I dislike that he took it out on Scott by pushing him, hitting him and blaming him for what happened to his dad. Scott didn't have any part in what happened to Stiles' dad and I think it's unfair how sometimes Stiles expect Scott to be able to prevent every bad thing that happens because even though Scott is an alpha werewolf that doesn't mean that he isn't still just a teenager and that's something that Stiles forgets when his dad's life is in danger and that's on him not Scott.
  • I think that Scott is a bit too kind to Stiles after he attacked him because Scott literally did nothing wrong and Scott just forgives him without Stiles even being willing to apologize.
  • I really dislike that Natalie's unwillingness to believe in the supernatural is putting Lydia in danger since she's sending Lydia to Eichen house in order to keep the supernatural from her which won't work obviously. I also found it ironic that Natalie promised Lydia that she'll get the best doctors to help her and then sends her to the worst doctors around.
  • I liked that when Stiles confronted Theo that he still called Scott his best friend because I still feel like that is true despite the way he's behaving this episode I still believe that Stiles loves Scott he's just really angry right now and he's doing a terrible job handling his feelings.
  • I continue to really hate Theo with how he seems to care about absolutely no ones life and I'm glad that it seems like Stiles agrees with me on that front.
  • I liked how when Stiles was knocked out that Scott was super concerned for him and his well being but I dislike how Stiles pushed him a way.
  • I liked how when Liam was asking about dead bodies that his step-dad told him to go home and when he wouldn't he asked Mason to take him home. I also I just liked that his step-dad appeared again since he hasn't in awhile.
  • I liked that when Stiles wanted to look for the chimera that Theo sent after his dad alone that Scott refused to let him go off alone and even stood in front of the care until Stiles agreed that the two of them work better together.
  • I also agree with Scott when he said that they all trusted Theo because even though Stiles distrusted him for most of the first part of a season there came a time when Stiles trusted that Theo wouldn't tell Scott about Donovan without warning, Stiles trusted that he had Theo figured out at least a little bit and he trusted that Theo was blackmailing him with Donovan and he trusted that he had some control over the situation when he really didn't. While the form of trust Stiles put in Theo was a lot different than the form Scott put in him it was still a version of trust that ended up screwing him over in the end.
  • I liked that when Liam walked back into the library it was clearly shown that felt guilty about almost killing Scott the night before.
  • I liked that Mason was so shocked by the fact that Liam ripped the map right out of the book because it's a pretty minor thing to be shocked about in the grand scheme of things.
  • I liked that Scott called Malia to help them and I liked that although things were awkward between them that Stiles didn't demand that Malia left or anything like that.
  • I'm upset that Stiles and Malia apparently broke up and that we really didn't get to see it because that scene they had in the finale really didn't feel like a break up at all. Although I did like how Scott said that he Stiles also kind of broke up because their scene in the rainy did feel like a very angsty rain break up, honestly sometimes I feel like Scott and Stiles are meant to end up together.
  • I liked that when Liam was feeling guilty about what he did to Scott that Mason comforted him by telling him that there were a lot of things that factored into the way that Liam was acting and that he shouldn't be so hard on himself.
  • I liked how Mason told Liam to look for the nemton with his werewolf eyes instead of his human eyes and that this did help them find the nemton.
  • I liked that Scott offered to be there for Malia if she needed someone to talk to about anything that is going on with her.
  • I liked how Liam's step-dad knows that Melissa knows more than she's saying and how he wanted her to tell him what she knows if she thinks it could save the Sheriff's life sadly nothing she knows would be helpful here.
  • I'm glad that Liam knows that Hayden is alive now but I'm worried about Hayden since she is being led around by Theo since she still thinks he's a good guy.
  • I liked the flashback Stiles had of him and his dad at his mom's funeral with his dad reassuring him that he still has him and I liked that his dad told him this again at the end of the episode as well.
  • I liked that when Scott helped Stiles up this time that Stiles didn't push him away like he did earlier in the episode.
  • I liked that Scott called Chris Argent and that he was there to hold the dread doctors off so that the others could escape.
  • I like that Stiles figured out that it was bone marrow that was poisoning his dad and that his dad was able to be saved in the end.
  • I really didn't like that Theo and his pack broke into Eichen House in order to get close to Lydia because Theo wants a hellhound for some reason and I can't imagine that Theo's reason for wanting one is anywhere near good. Although I did like that Theo said that he can't believe that Eichen house is a medical establishment because that's something I've been thinking for years now.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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