Friday, March 4, 2016

TV Review: Scream: In the Trenches(1.07)

                                           Scream: In the Trenches(1.07)Review
  • I was really concerned about Will for the entire episode with him being kidnapped and stabbed.
  • I like that Emma and Kieran aren't freaking out at all about their parents dating although it is a bit odd.
  • I liked that Noah was happy that Audrey was released and I like how he tried to act like everything was normal even though it was clear that seeing the video freaked him out a bit and I liked that Audrey picked up on that and told him it was okay for him to be a little freaked out.
  • I liked that Brooke found out that Jake was part of blackmailing her father and that she called him a dick for doing that.
  • I liked that Piper went and told Emma about what happened the night before with Will although I do think that her doing this made her look a bit suspicious. I also liked that Piper said that she was going to publish the story about Brooke's dad because that's what she does.
  • I liked that Emma went to Noah for help when she was trying to find Will and I liked that before Noah knew that Will was actually in danger he didn't understand why Emma would want to help Will out or why he should. I also liked that when he found that Will was in danger he was willing to help her.
  • I liked that Brooke confronted her dad about the video and where her mom was but I'm sad that she wasn't able to get any real answers from him.
  • I liked that Emma, Noah, Brooke and Jake all set out to find Will after Noah tracked his phone to an abandoned bowling alley and I liked that Noah didn't really want to come with.
  • I liked that Jake Thought that it was a good idea for them to have weapons and that he pulls to knives out of his bag and I like that Noah is freaked out that Jake just had those in his bag.
  • I liked how when Emma and Noah were looking for an entrance that he told her that while he enjoys a good indie horror movie this situation in real life is just terrifying.
  • I liked how when Emma told Noah about how she doesn't understand why the killer is changing the rules of the game that he went on about how the killer wants her to feel like she has some form of control so that she can feel responsible for the deaths if she can't prevent them and that killer is changing the game from checkers to chess.
  • I liked how Jake said he thinks Noah's the killer because he's the one that lead them there and because he's the last person someone would expect to be a killer because that's how things always turn out on Law and Order.
  • I liked that when Jake suggested that they split up that Noah said that no one who does that ever survives a horror movie and then when they do that in groups anyway he mentions that it's dumb.
  • I like that Noah says that he thinks Jake might be the killer because it would make sense for him to want to stop Will from stopping the blackmail scheme, he went off alone with the only people who knew he was involved in the scheme and brought knives with him and that playing the fool is a good cover. I also liked that Noah's explanation about why Jake's the killer made a lot more sense than Jake's explanation about why Noah's the killer.
  • I liked that when Jake tried to use fear of death to get with Brooke that she called him out on it and I liked that she told him if he wants a girl to like him he should drop the frat boy act.
  • I'm glad that they were able to find Will but I was worried about all of them when the killer appeared at about the same time they found him.
  • I liked that Noah was able to tell Audrey enough information so that she could tell Emma's mom and the Sheriff where they were and they could send the cops there in time.
  • I felt bad for Emma when she discovered from a tape that her mom and Brandon James slept together.
  • I like that Brooke was so concerned about Jake after he was stabbed but I still find him to be suspicious just in general.
  • I was glad that everyone was able to leaved the bowling alley alive but I found it suspicious that Kieran just showed up there even though he was never told about what was going on there.
  • I liked Emma and Will's phone conversation when she agreed to come over and watch a movie with him, I just find them really cute together.
  • I liked how Noah told Audrey about his theory that either Will or Jake could have set the whole thing about in order to look better so he isn't crossing them off his suspect list but he also isn't going to tell Emma this because she's been through enough already.
  • I felt horrible for Emma when she realized that the killer took Will again and felt even worse for her when she tripped a wire and that is what got Will killed and spattered with his blood that just must've been really traumatizing.
Please tell me about your thoughts on this episode.

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