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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus(5.10)

                                         Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus(5.10)Review
  • I liked that the reason that Scott refused to give Hayden the bite is because he believed that give it to her in her already weakened state would kill her and that she would have a better chance at survival if they spent their time looking for another solution. I also just really wish that Liam could understand that the bite isn't something that's guaranteed to make her better.
  • I was sad that halfway through Scott telling Liam why he couldn't give Hayden the bite that he needed his inhaler because that just took away from his point as far as Liam would be concerned because it made him look weak when he needed to look strong.
  • I'm curious about what kind of chimera is the one that running around time and destroying the school and other things since it seems a lot more dangerous than the others and the dread doctors call it a success and that seems like it would be a bad thing.
  • I like that Scott called in his mom to help with Hayden but I dislike how clearly aggressive Liam is because of the super moon because that's just making it easier for Theo to manipulate him into doing his bidding.
  • I was sad when after Theo mentioned that Liam would need help because his first love was in there dying and then he asks Scott if he remembers first love and Scott says he does clearly thinking about Allison. I was also sad for Scott when he told Theo that he didn't believe that he had a pack anymore.
  • I liked that Parrish told Lydia that she should go home because she really should but I also liked that Lydia mentioned that they are both harbingers of death.
  • I liked that after Stiles car broke down Malia picked him up and I liked that Malia asked him why he let things get so bad and that when he mentions that there has been a lot of distractions that she tells him she notices more than he thinks she does.
  • I liked that when Hayden realized that she was probably going to die that she wanted her sister to be by her side and I liked that Scott wanted to go find her for Hayden.
  • I liked that Malia told Stiles that she figured out what happened with Donovan and that she didn't bring it up to him because it didn't change the way that she thought or felt about him but it's clear that the real problem regarding Donovan's death is that Stiles can't forgive or justify it to himself so he can't accept the idea that Malia still accepts him.
  • I liked that Lydia figured out that Parrish is a hellhound.
  • I hate how Theo figured out that Lydia foresaw the death that he was planning to happen so he knocked her out and kidnapped her in order to prevent her from telling anyone about it.
  • I liked that Malia still clearly dislikes and feels uncomfortable around Theo even when he's offering to help her with her plan to kill her mother and sending her off to find two other chimeras that need to be stopped.
  • I'm glad that Scott finally figured out that Theo was bad and that it was revealed that Theo is a chimera but I hated that Theo trapped Scott in the library so that he won't be able to truly help anyone and so that Liam would come to kill Scott later and Scott will have no way to escape.
  • I liked that Mason was helping Melissa to try and save Hayden.
  • I liked that Braeden showed up and helped Malia defeat a chimera and I liked that she warned Malia that her mother knows that she is alive and is planning on killing her.
  • I liked that all through out the fight with Liam that Scott kept trying to reason with him and that he only really did defensive moves because no matter what Liam did to him Scott didn't want to hurt him.
  • I liked that when Theo revealed to Stiles that he came for the pack just not one that had Scott in it that Stiles realized that Theo meant that he was planning some way to get rid of Scott and Stiles even though him and Scott are odds right now was still completely willing to kill Theo if it would protect Scott even he still dealing with a great deal of guilt over Donovan he's more than willing to put some more blood on his hands in order to keep Scott safe.
  • I liked that when Theo told Stiles that he would have to choose between his dad or Scott that Stiles first response is to punch Theo because he doesn't want to choose between the two people he loves most and I liked that when Theo told Stiles that he never needed Scott that Stiles punched him again even more aggressively because that implies to me that Stiles doesn't agree with this statement.
  • I understand why Stiles chose his dad because I think most anyone would in his situation but I also don't think this means that Stiles doesn't love Scott because he does.
  • I was sad when Hayden died and I was especially sad that neither her sister or Liam were with her when she died.
  • I liked that Mason was horrified when he saw what Liam was doing to Scott and I liked that once Liam heard that Hayden had died that realized how wrong what he was doing to Scott was.
  • I liked that Mason was there trying to help Scott and I hated that Theo showed up and killed Scott but I did like that Scott told Theo that the others won't follow him because that's true and that is barely even human which is also true.
  • I'm so glad that Melissa was able to bring Scott back from the dead even though it defied all logic because I love Scott.
  • Another thing I hated that Theo did is that he made Lydia become catatonic when he stole memories of the nemton from her and while I'm glad that the chimeras especially Hayden are able to have a second chance at life I'm sad that Theo is their leader because Theo is the worst and they deserve better than him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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