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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: Mama's Here Now(1.13)

                         How to Get Away With Murder: Mama's Here Now(1.13)Review
  • I liked that Michaela was feeling guilty about Nate going to jail for something that he didn't do.
  • I liked that Conner went over to Oliver's place in order to celebrate even though he couldn't tell Oliver  the truth about what the truth about what they were celebrating.
  • I liked that Laurel figured out that Frank was the one that planted the ring and she thanked him for it.
  • I liked that with Annalise's mother you can tell that she is a strong woman just in a bit of different way from how Annalise is. I liked that it was clear that her mother cared even if it wasn't in a way that Annalise would like.
  • I liked that Bonnie took over the case while Annalise wasn't able to make herself work for once and I liked that despite everyone else being doubtful of her abilities Asher was supportive of her the whole time.
  • I though the case of a female nurse being accused of raping her male patient was interesting because it's not an issue commonly discussed.
  • I felt bad for Bonnie when she screwed up her opening statement with how she said guilty instead of not guilty.
  • I liked how Michaela asked Frank if there was a plan for how to make sure that Nate doesn't go to jail for Sam's murder although I don't think there is actually a plan for that I'm glad that Michaela wants there to be one.
  • I found the strained relationship between Annalise and her mother interesting and I feel like we learned a lot about Annalise from by learning more about where she came from and how much of herself she has changed about herself.
  • I liked how Annalise told Wes that he's the one that knows the best way to handle Rebecca.
  • I liked how Oliver wanted to be introduced to the rest of the group because Conner spends all of his time when they're not together with them and I like that Conner agrees to the request despite telling Oliver that they're not his friends.
  • I liked how Michaela flirted with one of the people working on Nate's case in order to figure out all the evidence that they have on him.
  • I liked that when they found out that Rebecca lied a little in her statement to the police that Conner's just happy that one of her lies worked out in their favor for once and Wes doesn't want to admit that she lied.
  • I felt really bad for Annalise when we learned that she was raped as a child and I understand why she resents her mother so much considering that she knew about and as far as Annalise knows did nothing to stop it.
  • I liked that Bonnie was actually able to win the case after they figured out that the supposed victim boyfriend is one the hospital's lawyer and there's evidence that they were trying to rip off the hospital by accusing the client of rape.
  • I liked that it seems that Bonnie and Asher might have gotten together after she won the case.
  • I liked how Conner had to tell the group that he told Oliver that he has a drug problem in order to not tell him about the murder and I liked how they all acted so enthusiastic when they met him. I also liked that Michaela started Oliver that Conner's a mess pretty much right away and that Conner wanted her to stop.
  • I felt bad for Wes after he admitted to Laurel that Rebecca lied to him and he's starting to doubt his judgment about her and whether or not killing someone was worth protecting her.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Annalise's mother burnt down her house in order to kill the uncle that was molesting Annalise when she was child and I liked how she ended the talk with telling Annalise that if she has done something bad she sure she had her reasons for it and sometimes you just have to do those kind of things.
  • I liked that Oliver told Conner that he wants them to be boyfriends again and I liked that Conner told him that he wants that too.
  • I'm curious about how exactly Annalise is planning to clear Nate's name since she obviously can't defend him herself but she seems to have given him another lawyer's number.
  • Even there seems to be evidence that Rebecca killed Lila now I still don't believe that she's the one that did it but that might just be because I love her and I truly believed that Lila was her friend and she wouldn't hurt her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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