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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Codominance(5.13)

                                           Teen Wolf: Codominance(5.13)Review
  • I was frightened for Kira when she was battling the skinwalkers but I liked that when the fighting stopped that it was clear that the skinwalkers wanted to help Kira rather than kill her although I think that them jumping to the conclusion that if she fails a test she'll have to become one of them is harsh and seems like a dramatic leap of what needs to happen.
  • I liked that Liam came to Scott and told him everything that he knew about Theo and his pack of Chimeras.
  • I liked that even though Scott wasn't ready to let Liam them again that he admitted to Stiles that he will eventually and I liked that Stiles thought it was important that Scott makes things right with Liam.
  • I like that Scott and Stiles friendship seems to be repaired and I like that their going on a road trip to find and bring Kira back home.
  • I like that Theo is trying to find the beast and seems to see it as a threat but I'm sure that whatever it is he intends to do when he finds it is bad so I'm glad that he didn't get anytime alone with it although the dread doctors plans for the beast are clearly no better and probably even worse than Theo's so that's not a good thing.
  • I like that Kira is shown to be scared by both her fox spirit and what will happen if she can't past the skinwalker's test. I like that Noshiko tells Kira that she fears that if Kira can't control her fox spirit it will consume her and she won't be alive anymore which is the only reason that Noshiko would be willing to leave Kira with the skinwalkers because they could keep her alive.
  • I also liked how Noshiko brought up the fact that since Kira is a kitsune she'll have hundreds of years to live so her having to stay with the skinwalkers for years to find control of her fox spirit is better deal than her being consumed by it. I also liked that Kira's main worry is about being able to see Scott and her friends again because she does already have a life with people who don't have centuries to live unlike her.
  • I liked how this episode explained that damnatio memoriae is a process when someone is erased completely from history often do to how horrible their deeds were and I liked that Scott and Stiles figured out that this is what must have happened to the thing the doctors brought back.
  • I liked that Mason reminded Liam that it would be a bad idea to get involved when he saw the way that Liam was looking at Hayden and Theo.
  • I liked that Scott asked Stiles if he was talking to Malia and I liked that Stiles told him that now Malia isn't talking to him because that implies that Stiles has tried to talk to Malia at some point which makes me happy.
  • I liked that when Scott told Stiles that he thinks that Malia has found her mom that Stiles told him that he knew that she didn't stop looking even though she told him she did, I just like despite the fact that Stiles and Malia were distant from each other for most of this season that the still clearly know and understand the way the other works. I also liked that Scott has guessed that Malia is planning on killing her mom.
  • I liked that during science class Liam and Hayden and Mason and Cory were paired up together.
  • I liked that Liam told Hayden why he didn't trust Theo and thought that Hayden working with him was a bad idea and Hayden told him why she did trust Theo.
  • I liked that when a teacher saw that both Scott and Stiles were missing from class that she just knew they were ditching and not both sick. I also liked that the teacher was creeped out by Theo when he said that Lydia would be out for a while.
  • I like that Meredith is still helping Lydia learn how to control her powers, how to concentrate them so that it can be used as a weapon.
  • I liked that Cory told Mason that there aren't really any good guys and bad guys anymore just alive or dead because when things are matter of survival what is moral right is rarely someone's biggest concern and I can't blame him for being more concerned about being alive than being good.
  • I liked that Cory told Mason that he wanted to stay alive with Mason and I liked that even though Mason doesn't quite agree with Cory's idea of no good guys or bad guys he still very much wants to be with Cory. I also just think those two are really cute.
  • I liked that when Scott and Stiles were stealing gas that they left money for the gas that they took since they only stole it because the gas station was closed.
  • I liked that Stiles finally told Scott what really happened that night with Donovan and I liked that Scott asked why he didn't just tell him that in the first place. I liked that Stiles told Scott that he didn't tell him the truth because he feared he crossed a line that he couldn't uncross and I liked that Scott told him he knows the difference between self defense and murder.
  • The scene with Kira fighting the spirit was one that made me frightened by her but I was also a bit confused since every time she cut the spirit with her sword she would also be hurt by it so in the end she had to work with her fox spirit to defeat it which I originally thought was the point but since the skinwalkers were upset with her after she past the test apparently it wasn't so I kind of think that this test was one that was design to trap her.
  • I liked how Scott told Stiles that he was feeling guilty about not just staying and talking to Stiles for a few more minutes about what happened with Donovan and I liked that Stiles told him it was Theo's doing and not Scott's. I also liked how Scott told Stiles that he feels guilty for putting the pack in situations where they have to use violence to defend themselves and how he's been worrying for awhile that someone in the pack would kill someone and Scott feels like he should've been the one that bared that burden not Stiles or anyone else. I liked that Stiles put his hand on Scott's shoulder in way that said it's okay to Scott and for him not to feel guilty about these things.
  • I liked that Malia beat the crap out of Theo because he's awful and deserves it. I also like that the main reason she stopped was because he offered to help her find the desert wolf.
  • I liked that when the skinwalkers demand that Kira stay with them despite the fact that she past their test that Noshiko told them that they would have to fight their way through her before she let them get to Kira.
  • I liked that Scott and Stiles showed up just in time to offer an escape for Kira and Noshiko from the skinwalkers. I liked that Scott and Kira kissed a whole bunch after being reunited with each other.
  • I liked that Mason told Scott that he learned that Theo is looking for Deucalion for help.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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