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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Damnatio Memoriae(5.12)

                                        Teen Wolf: Damnatio Memoriae(5.12)Review
  • I like that Hayden's sister is doing her best to keep an eye on Hayden after she disappeared for three days and I liked the irony of her saying she was  worrying that Hayden was dead when she actually had been.
  • The chimera that is called the beast at the end of the episode is something I'm finding pretty terrifying since it's so big and seemingly impossible to fight.
  • I like that Liam went to look for Hayden and I like that when they were running from the beast they did their best to look out for each other. I felt bad for Liam when Hayden left him to look for her sister but I understand why she felt that looking out for her sister's safety was more important at that moment.
  • I was a bit disturbed that Tracy was so willing to kill her own dad because in the first half of the season she seemed to be a lot kinder than that although I did like that Theo told her that she didn't have to be the one that killed him.
  • I liked that Parrish showed Scott the footage of the beast but sadly Scott wasn't really able to figure out much other than the fact that the beast is a chimera.
  • I liked that Scott made an investigation board of what he knows about the chimeras and I like that it wasn't really working out for him because this is something that's really more Stiles department I just like how this shows that Scott and Stiles skill sets compliment each other and that's part of what makes them need one another.
  • I liked that when Stiles woke up by his dad's hospital bed and saw that he was missing that he knew right away that he went down to the morgue, I just like that he just knew this is where he would have gone.
  • I liked that the Sheriff figured out that Stiles was the one that killed Donovan in self defense and I like that the Sheriff told Stiles that he would have believed anything Stiles would have told him and that he would have protected him. I also liked that when Stiles told him that he had wanted Donovan dead that the Sheriff pointed out that wanting someone dead and murdering them are two very different things.
  • I liked how the Sheriff told Stiles that his really problem is that he is unable to forgive himself even though he knows that he did what he did to save his own life he still feels guilty for killing someone. I liked how the Sheriff told Stiles that when you kill someone you do loose a part yourself that you won't ever get back but things like forgiving yourself and saving someone else's life can help to make things better.
  • I felt sad for both Scott and Malia when she was telling him that she couldn't help him because she's planning to do something that she knows he won't approve of. I felt bad for Scott because he really doesn't have anyone right now and he really does need the help and I felt bad for Malia because she believes that she'll loose Scott and the rest of the pack if she kills her mother in order to protect herself and anyone else her mom plans to kill.
  • I liked that Braeden and Malia were torturing a guy for information about her mom but when it became clear that torture wouldn't make him talk Braeden bribed him instead and that made him tell them everything he knows, I just like that the two of them are willing to change tactics. I'm also worried about Deaton since the Desert Wolf is keeping him as a hostage.
  • I like that Liam and Mason figured out that Theo is bring chimeras back from the dead and I like that the two of them are trying their best to figure out what Theo is up to.
  • I liked that when Mason was trying to figuring out information about what Theo is up to he instead got a date with Cory for Saturday night.
  • I like that Stiles just admits to his dad that he knows all his passwords and I like that the Sheriff was trying to keep the fact that another body was found from Stiles but he had no such luck and Stiles went right into investigator mode despite his dad's protests.
  • I found the fact that Lydia was walking around outside of her bodying to be bit worrying but I did like that she found Meredith and that she was willing to help teach her to use her voice as a weapon.
  • I like that Hayden doesn't fully trust Theo but I disliked how this got Theo to threaten Hayden by telling her that she couldn't keep anything from him.
  • I'm still really worried about Scott's wound that isn't healing and I hope that he has at least used stitches on it by now.
  • I liked that Stiles went to Scott for help with figuring out how the beast got in the power plant and I liked that Scott was completely willing to help.
  • I liked that Cory told Theo that reason why he went to help out with cleaning the school library up is because he wanted to do something nice although Theo says it was to feel normal but I personally think it's both things. I didn't like how Theo is using Cory's fear of dying in order to get him to do whatever he says.
  • I really liked seeing Scott and Stiles working together again even if there wasn't anything very big happening it still felt like a lot of progress was being made with just small gestures such as them working together to lift the storage container or Stiles holding the black light while Scott tried to take a picture.
  • I liked that Liam is hesitant to call Scott because he feels too ashamed of what he has done to speak to him and I liked that Mason told him that as long as he tells Scott he's sorry he's sure that whatever else he says won't really matter.
  • I'm kind of amazed by Theo's complete lack of shame he literally murdered Scott a few days ago and just sent his pack to attack him and then he's talking about how their on the same side and need to work together which just sounds absurd after everything Theo has done.
  • I felt bad for Hayden when she told Liam that everything feels wrong now that she's came back from the dead but I found it sweet that she said everything but him felt wrong now.
  • I liked that Stiles and Scott figured out the new chimera is actually something old rather then something new.
  • I really disliked that Chris healed Gerard but I do like that it was implied he could have done so a lot earlier and that he's only doing it to get Gerard to help Scott out because Gerard knows what the beast is because of their family history.
  • I liked that Scott was optimistic about getting the pack back together while Stiles was cynical but still willing to help out because that's just the way that things should be, I'm just so glad that these two are getting back to being best friends.
  • I find it interesting that Kira is going to be battling skinwalkers in order gain control of her fox spirit.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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