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TV Review: The 100: Rubicon(2.12)

                                                    The 100: Rubicon(2.12)Review
  • Cage having the ability to survive on the ground is something that somewhat scares me especially because this means that their going to keep using the people trapped in mount weather for their bone marrow.
  • I liked that Clarke was worried when Bellamy was late to check in but I dislike how she was expecting Raven to do things that she didn't have enough information or parts to do although I do understand why she wanted them done I just didn't like how she got mad at Raven for things that aren't her fault.
  • I like that after Bellamy told them that their people were in immediate danger that the plan changed to one of how to keep them alive rather than preparing for war and I like the Clarke wanted to stay after hearing this news rather than go to the war council meeting.
  • I like that Clarke trusts Kane to go in her place to the ground war council meeting. I also like that Abby is still worried about Clarke carrying the responsibilities of a leader and that Kane is encouraging her.
  • I like how Murphy is taking the journey to the city of light a lot better than most of the people on that journey. I like that when a guy touched him Murphy threatened to end him than said in a non-criminal way because of the way that everyone was looking at him.
  • I liked that Murphy and Emori a girl the met on their way to the city of light connected a bit with them both not feeling welcome among their people and I liked that they both clearly have a lot rough edges but seem a bit softer when talking to each other.
  • I liked that when Clarke hears that mount weather is planning on bomb the war council meeting she decides to go their to warn everyone about it before it can happen. I understand why Clarke lied to Bellamy about Octavia not being their but I'm not sure that it was the right move to make and it's clear that Raven isn't sure either.
  • I like that Octavia is worried about Lincoln but I dislike how Indra is trying to make her believe that she's wrong to worry.
  • I like that the kids in mount weather do their best to fight back when one of their own is taken to have their bone marrow harvested and I liked that during one of these times Bellamy slipped Jasper a gun.
  • I like that Bellamy convinced President Wallace to help them find a way to stall for time before they can figure out of the mountain.
  • I dislike how Lexa convinced Clarke to abandoned all the others at the war council meeting but I did like that Clarke was clearly conflicted about doing this.
  • I liked that even when Emori ended up turning on the group she still ended up giving Murphy directions on how to get to the city of light even though she did rob them and knocked him out, I liked that he still decided to trust her word.
  • I liked that Raven let it slip that Octavia was still at the place of the war Council meeting to Bellamy and I like that he was still able to do what he set out to do even though he was worried about his sister.
  • I disliked how when Lincoln didn't do what Octavia wanted him to do right a way that she hit him that just feels a bit abusive to me so I didn't like that part.
  • I liked how when Abby figured out that Clarke knew about the bombing before it happened that she told Clarke that what she did was wrong because she let so many people who are on their side die when she easily could have prevented it, I liked that Abby pointed out that Clarke crossed a line because no matter how the war turns out that change that their are some lines you shouldn't cross and if you do cross them you should be aware of that.
  • I like that Bellamy was able to prevent Jasper from being taken to have his bone marrow harvest by causing a containment breach and I like that this also gave the group a chance to steal weapons off the dead guards.
  • I like that President Wallace continues to tell his son Cage that what he is doing is wrong and I dislike how this continues to go over Cage's head and that he forced his father to use the bone marrow even though he knows his dad is against the whole process.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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