Saturday, April 23, 2016

TV Review: Revenge:Loss(4.17)

                                                     Revenge: Loss(4.17)Review
  • I liked how the episode started off with Emily dreaming both of Jack being taken off to jail and taken away from Carl and memories of when her father was arrested and taken away from her as a little girl, I really liked that the show made this comparison.
  • I liked how when Emily told her father both that Jack was being framed and that she was going to make someone pay for this that he told her that isn't the way that you should be dealing with things but I also liked how she said she was done watching terrible things happen to her friends.
  • I liked that Stevie came into town to help Jack win his court case and I liked that she kept reassuring him that everything was going to be fine every time he started worrying about how things were going.
  • I liked that Emily called Margaux out for dragging Jack into their feud and I hated how Margaux put all of this Emily because this her doing not Emily's.
  • Even I know that Louise did accidently kill her brother I still felt so bad for her when she was crying about his death because she was so truly upset by it and I liked that when Ben implied that Louise could have been involved in his death that Nolan stepped in and defended her and then comforted her.
  • I liked that when Emily and Nolan were so offend that Ben would say that Jack was hostile and resisted arrested in his eyewitness report that Jack pointed out that it was the truth and therefore there's no reason to be upset with him for it.
  • I think that it was really low of Margaux to hire a guy to spike Jack's drink and get him arrested just because of her issues with Emily.
  • I liked that when Emily found Margaux's guy she fought him and got the upper hand and that the only reason why he escape was because Emily choose getting the blood sample that would clear Jack's name over him.
  • I like that Emily convinced Ben to find away to sneak the sample back into the lab and that although he was reluctant to do so he did do it in the end.
  • I liked that Victoria broke into Emily's house to have a chat with her and I like that Emily was completely annoyed by her and told her to get Margaux to stop going after Jack before kicking her out of her house.
  • I liked that when Tony implied that Jack wasn't a good parent that Nolan did his best to defend Jack's parenting, I just always love seeing how much Nolan loves his friends.
  • I liked how once they found out the judge was the one that was in Margaux's pocket that they took her down by threatening to reveal her under table dealings.
  • I liked that Louise told Nolan what really happen that night with her brother and I liked that when Louise told him that she worried that he'd hate her that he told her that he could never hate her and I liked that he told her that telling the police the truth wouldn't do any good.
  • I liked how Tony came back to talk to Nolan and that he told him that he was touched by how he defended his friend. I find these two pretty cute together but because of the strangeness of Nolan and Louise's relationship which I also enjoy I'm not really sure how to feel about the whole thing.
  • I liked that Emily went to Margaux and tried to put a stop to the end of the cycle of revenge by telling her to give up.
  • I disliked that when Margaux loss her baby because her unwillingness to give up revenge and that she blamed her baby's death on Emily and got Victoria back on the revenge train again.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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