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TV Review: Scream: Ghosts(1.08)

                                                    Scream: Ghosts(1.08)Review
  • I felt really bad for Emma when it was shown that she was just completely in shock after witnessing Will's death but I liked that they showed this since there really isn't any other way she should be feeling after seeing something like that.
  • I thought that it was nice of Noah to visit Jake in the hospital even though the two of them aren't even friends although I'm not really sure why he visited him.
  • I liked that Jake seemed really upset after Brooke told him that Will had died.
  • I liked that when Emma told her mom that she was ready to go back to school and have things go back to normal again that her mom was concerned and that she told her that things going back to normal is going to take a long time.
  • I liked that Piper turned in all the evidence she had on the Mayor and I liked that Brooke was the one that convinced her to do so.
  • I liked that both Audrey and Noah were both very surprised and concern to see Emma at school especially since she was trying to act like everything is fine. I also liked that they both told her they understand what she's going through because they do actually since they had both had their girlfriends murdered in the past couple of weeks.
  • I liked that Noah and Audrey are thinking that Mr. Branson is the killer and they're looking into him more closely. I also like that Noah was able to answer Mr.Branson's question when he called the two of them out for not paying attention in class.
  • I was glad to learn that Brooke's mom is still alive but I also liked that this didn't get Brooke to believe that her father was innocent because she's still has seen evidence of him being a killer.
  • I liked that Kieran told Emma that he's there for her and I liked that he did his best not to question her because he understands that's not what she needs right now.
  • I felt really bad for Emma with how she kept hallucinating through out the episode.
  • I liked that Emma told her mom and the Sheriff that she isn't worried about what might happen to her but about what might happen to everyone around her because the killer so far is fixated on making her suffer not killing her.
  • I liked that when Noah wonder why he hadn't thought of a bodysnatching theory yet that Audrey told him it was because he isn't crazy.
  • I like that Audrey and Noah told Emma that her not being okay right now is something that is completely normal and that the two of them are there for her. I also liked that when Noah accidently implied that Emma was crazy that Audrey told him he needs an off switch and he said he knows.
  • I felt bad for Emma when she told Piper that she thinks it might be better if she doesn't survive this but I did like that Piper did her best convince Emma to keep fighting.
  • I felt bad for Emma that she was avoiding sleep long enough that she actually had to stay in hospital because she just wasn't able to make herself sleep at home and still had problems doing so in the hospital.
  • I like that Emma's dad came back to see her and I like that Emma wasn't willing to forgive him for leaving eight years ago and barely acknowledging any of her letters.
  • I liked that when the Mayor told Brooke that the body he was carrying was the body of a junkie friend of her mother that had O.D. in their home that while she believed what her father was saying she still furious with him since he choose his reputation over doing the right thing.
  • I find it interesting that Emma's mom had a child fathered by Brandon James and that the killer is most likely that child. I also like that Emma didn't get made at her mom for keeping this a secret from her.
  • I liked that Noah and Audrey found evidence that made it look like Mr. Branson was the killer and that they brought this evidence to the police so that he could be arrested.
  • I felt scared for Brooke when she was trying to hook up with Mr. Branson because it looked like he was the killer but by the time he was arrested the show had me convinced that he isn't actually the killer since the killer attacked Brooke and Mr. Branson showed up too quickly afterwards for it to be him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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