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TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: It's Time to Move On(2.01)

                   How To Get Away With Murder: It's Time to Move On(2.01)Review
  • I felt really bad for Rebecca when they showed that she was begging for her life right before she was killed.
  • I liked that in the scene with Annalise teaching it was clear that everyone was still very distracted by the events that ended the season and I liked that all of them other then Wes were trying to work through it.
  • I liked that Wes sort of challenged Annalise by refusing to answer her question in class.
  • I  liked that when Frank was trying to pin Rebecca's murder on Wes that Annalise kept defending him because she just didn't believe that killing Rebecca is something that he would do.
  • I liked that Michaela was mad at Laurel for keeping her engagement ring from her for weeks after Sam's murder.
  • I like the character Eve the lawyer who Annalise wants to represent Nate and that she has a complicated past relationship that includes romance. I really liked that Eve was upset that Annalise was avoided her for years and then the next time they cross paths it's Annalise asking for a favor through someone else. I like that Eve is suspicious of Annalise's motives from the start and isn't sure that taking the case is a good idea.
  • I liked that Annalise came up with the idea to get a high profile case by forcing their defense attorney to screw up so that they would hire her after they do.
  • I liked that Connor made it clear to Oliver that he wanted to stay with him even though he's sick and I like that Oliver is also concerned about Connor possibly getting infected.
  • I liked that Laurel came up with the idea to slightly doctor video footage and give it to the defense knowing that the defense is so desperate for something that clears their clients that they wouldn't bother to check it before they presented it to the court.
  • I liked that Eve refused to take Nate's case after she figured out that Annalise actually framed him.
  • I'm worried that Michaela responding to the eggs 911 text that Rebecca sent from her phone will get her in trouble later on.
  • I'm glad that the reason that Wes didn't take the bait and looked for Rebecca is because he was trying to respect what he thought was Rebecca's choice to run away rather than trust him after everything that they went through and I felt bad for Wes that he believes that Rebecca didn't trust him when they isn't true at all but I think it's better that he thinks that then know that she was murdered.
  • I liked Laurel figured out that Rebecca must be dead because if Rebecca actually ran away she would have told the police what they did to her.
  • I liked how Frank believing Laurel may have killed Rebecca led to Annalise figuring out that Bonnie was actually the one that killed her.
  • I felt so bad for Rebecca in the flashback of when Bonnie killed her. I completely believe Rebecca when she said that she isn't actually planning on telling anyone anything if they let her go and that she just got scared.
  • I found it kind of creepy when Bonnie was telling Rebecca how she tells herself that she's a good person and deserves a normal life, there was just something about the speech that made me questioned her sanity and considering the next thing she does is kill Rebecca I think I was right to.
  • I liked that even when Bonnie told Annalise that she killed Rebecca to protect her that Annalise didn't let that line of thought justify her actions and I liked that she made it pretty clear that Bonnie crossed a line although I did feel that she was a bit harsh in that scene I can't really blame her for the way she's acting.
  • I liked that when Annalise came to Eve crying that Eve let her in even though when they stopped talking the last time Eve said she wanted nothing to do with Annalise. I liked the way Eve and Annalise talked about their past relationship but I'm not so sure of how good of an idea it is for them to start it up again right now.
  • I liked that Annalise got the high profile case that she gunning for by the end of the episode and I liked that she made it clear to her new clients that she doesn't care whether or not their guilty and only said that clients that say their innocent have any easier time convincing the jury that it's true.
  • I liked that Eve agreed to take Nate's case and I like how confident Eve was about the fact that she could win this case.
  • I don't like that the lawyer trying to convict Nate of Sam's murder seems to be blackmailing Asher into telling her stuff about Annalise.
  • I like that Connor decided to move in with Oliver and I liked that Oliver was happy about it even though he was surprised.
  • I like that Annalise wanted to make sure that Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor were all able to let go and move on with their lives but I thought that they way she went about it was a bit odd.
  • I liked that it seems like Laurel and Michaela have made up by the end of the episode.
  • I wonder if one of the siblings  that are Annalise's new clients killed their aunt that saw them fleeing from their parents murder to cover their tracks.
  • I'm very curious about how Annalise is going to end up shot 2 months from now.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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