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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Lie Ability(5.16)

                                               Teen Wolf: Lie Ability(5.16)Review
  • I find it interesting that Tracy's, Josh's and Cory's abilities don't work against Parrish when he's the Hellhound.
  • I liked that when the door separate Stiles from chasing after Lydia that he banged on the door and yelled her named in desperation.
  • I thought the flashback sex scene of Liam and Hayden felt really out of place but I liked that Liam told Hayden that Theo isn't going to be able to stop the beast and is instead is going to get himself killed but he believes that Scott can stop the beast.
  • I liked how Deucalion picked up on Hayden questioning her loyalty and was completely supportive of her betraying Theo, I also like that Deucalion confirmed that he's not on Theo's side or really anyone else's.
  • I liked that Scott tried to use the walkies to figure out what was going on where Lydia's room is even though that didn't end up working out for him. I did like that Scott was determine to find a way past the mountain ash.
  • I liked that whenever Theo suggested that him and Stiles worked together in order to find Lydia that Stiles just told him that he doesn't trust him and wants to know what his angle is.
  • I liked that when Kira's powers were going out of control and how she realized that the only way she knows to stop them is leave Eichen House which they can't do since their in lockdown, I liked that Malia kept telling Kira that she can control her powers since she just did so earlier when she caused the brown out.
  • I liked that Scott went to Meredith for help of how to save Lydia and I liked how calm and comforting he was when talking to her even though the situation was urgent. I liked that even though Meredith couldn't talk she found a way to let Scott know that he has to stick his claws into her neck in order for her tell him what she knows and I like that Scott asked it she was sure and she indicated that she was before he place is claws in her neck.
  • I liked that when Josh offered to help Kira that Malia asked why she should trust him and I like that his answer was that he needed her to help him save Cory.
  • I liked that when Liam saw that orderlies where come to the area that he was in with Scott and Meredith that he fought them off outside the room without Scott's help because he knew that he couldn't interrupt what Scott was doing with Meredith.
  • I liked that Meredith told Scott that in order to get to Lydia that they need to find the Hellhound because the Hellhound and the banshee are connected.
  • I found it absurd that Theo compared being willing to kill his sister when he was nine because the dread doctors asked him to believing in Santa Claus because one of those things are something you do because you're innocent and naïve and the other is murder which even nine year olds know is wrong.
  • I like that Stiles knows that Theo killed his sister and believes that Theo enjoyed it and that's one of the many reasons why Stiles doesn't trust him and never will.
  • I liked that Lydia was willing to risk her life by trying on the mask because it could help her figure out who the beast is and that could save their lives.
  • I liked that it was clear that both Malia and Josh didn't trust each other but the saved the other's friend because they cared too much about Kira and Cory to risk anything happening to them.
  • I liked that Stiles pretty much Theo that he figured out Theo's whole plan to take the beast's power and I liked that Theo admitted that maybe he isn't the good guy but he might be the one that ends up saving anyone by killing the beast and I liked that this is what finally made Stiles willing to let Theo help him find Lydia. I also liked that Theo needed Stiles help to find a way to get a clear track on where Lydia was.
  • I liked that plan B was Mason shutting off the lockdown from outside and I liked that since things weren't like they thought it would be just like everything else in their plan he had no idea what to do and I liked that Hayden came and together they were still able to shut down the lockdown.
  • I was glad that Lydia's scream killed Valrick before he put the mask on her because that mask could have killed her.
  • I liked that when Stiles found Lydia that she told him to leave again since she was worried he might die and I liked that he told her to shut up and let him save her life and she looked at him so fondly.
  • I liked that Parrish as the Hellhound can burn the mountain ash out of the wall so Scott and Liam were able to follow him to Lydia.
  • I liked that Lydia sounded so surprised when Stiles told him that they had a plan and I liked that Stiles said that it was a good plan on paper, reality not so much.
  • I liked that Parrish as the Hellhound was able to contain Lydia's scream so that no one was killed by it.
  • I liked that when Tracy tried to take Lydia from them that Scott tried to explain to her why that was a really bad idea and I liked that when she didn't listen Natalie tazed Lydia from behind and that she trusted the pack to get Lydia out of there safely.
  • I liked that when Lydia was screaming that even though her scream broke Stiles' jeeps mirrors and made his ear bleed that all Stiles cared about was Lydia's well being and I liked that Lydia was more concerned about Stiles' survival than her own.
  • I liked that Lydia told her mom that they saved her then that Stiles saved her since he was the one that was with her the most and the one that she kept telling to leave her and he never did and I liked the loving look that she gave Stiles.
  • I'm not too bothered by Theo taking Valrick's mask because it's most likely his own life he'll be risking using that and I'm okay with that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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