Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Book Review: Dare Me

                                                             Dare Me Review
Dare Me is a book about competitive high school cheerleading and the complicated relationships that teenage girls have with each other. Addy is the second in command to her best friend and cheer captain Beth a girl who is always up to something and enjoys having power over other people. There have been few times during their long friendship where Addy has tested Beth but when a new Coach who isn't much older than the girls on the squad takes over and undermines Beth's power of the squad things began to change both on the squad and in Addy's and Beth's friendship.

The main focus throughout the book is whether Addy should a lining herself with either Beth or Coach and both them are people who I wouldn't deem trustworthy but Addy seems to somewhat worship both of them but in different ways. Coach is someone who it seems like never grown up with how she is so focused on her own wants and needs over everyone else in her life and with how she invites the girls on the squad over to her house to drink and such things despite that being entirely inappropriate. Beth is a girl who is damaged and seems to thrive on chaos but between her and Coach I would say that she cares more about Addy's well being even though she doesn't show this care in a particularly nice way.

Overall I really loved this book I found the story and the characters intriguing. I found that Addy being more of a passive character actually made the story more interesting in a way since she was constantly torn between the wants of two dominant personalities. I thought that the writing was pretty good and I really loved the narrative voice that the book had it just keep me wanting to know more. Please tell me your thoughts about this book.

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