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TV Review: The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt1(2.15)

                                   The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt1(2.15)Review
  • I liked that Bellamy went back to the grounders in the cages and released them and told the one girl that he promised to come back for the plan that their people had come up with and what she would have to do in order for the plan to succeed, I like that she thanked Bellamy and he told her to thank him when their all safe outside.
  • I disliked that Cage went public with the fact that the bone marrow treatment of the 44 allows them to survive on the grounder and what that they had to kill some of Mount Weather's people in order to survive. I just didn't like that Cage was turning everyone against the 44 and killing anyone who didn't sell them out.
  • I liked that Jasper and Maya turned themselves over to the guards in order to protect the people that were protecting them but sadly the guards killed the couple anyways.
  • I liked that when Clarke was explaining the plan she emphasis that the mission is a rescue mission more than anything else and that she made it clear that there were innocent people including children inside the mountain and they absolutely do not want to kill them.
  • I liked that it was explained what everyone's role was in order to get into the mountain and what they will have to do once they get in their was.
  • I liked that when Maya's dad wasn't going to allow a guard to pass him because he wanted to protect Maya that she begged him not to try protect her because she knows the guards are killing anyone that tries to help her and the 44. I was glad that Maya's dad was already working with Bellamy and that the guard died instead of either of them.
  • I liked that Jasper insisted on going with Bellamy because he needed to make sure himself that Monty was okay and I liked that Maya stuck with him and Bellamy as well. I liked that Maya's dad told her that her mom would be proud of her before the went their separate ways.
  • I liked that Lincoln calmed down Miller's dad when his hand was shaking before he put the bomb through the door of the mountain.
  • I didn't like the awkward tension in Raven's and Wick's interaction with each other because of how they wanted different things from each other after they slept together.
  • I liked that when Cage went to his dad for help that his dad tells him how badly he screwed up and how his actions have pretty much led to the demise of all of there people in just a week of Cage being in power, while I didn't like that his dad ended up helping Cage out in the end I understand why he did because he does want all his people to be alive especially his son even though he doesn't agree with the way that Cage went about it.
  • I liked that Raven figured out a way to take out the power with only four bombs when they originally thought that they needed five.
  • I liked that when Clarke was worrying about how long Raven was taking to take out the power that Lexa told her it takes as long as it takes and then started talking to Clarke about what she wanted to do after they saved their people in order to distract her from her worries. I like that Clarke can't think of anything but what they have to do today and that she has no real plans but to get her people back.
  • I liked that Miller's dad risked his life in order to get the door open and save his son.
  • I'm really worried about Maya because she can't survive outside and she knows that Cage won't let her live in Mount Weather anymore.
  • I liked that Monty stayed hidden in order to protect himself because he knows that Mount Weather's people know about their plan with the grounders in the cages.
  • I hated that Lexa made a deal with Mount Weather to save her people and her people only although I have to admit that I understand why she did what she did save her people since their the ones that she actually cares about but I don't understand why anyone would ship her with Clarke after this point because she is forcing Clarke into a position where it seems that her only choice is to let her people die while Lexa's get to live and I don't understand why Clarke would ever forgive her for this.
  • I liked that Lincoln begged to be able to stay behind and help Clarke rescue her people because he knows that her people will be slaughtered if they do nothing and I hated that he was physically beaten for wanting to help their allies of two minutes ago.
  • I liked that when Indra told Octavia that their commander is telling them to retreat that Octavia pointed out that she didn't trust the commander and that she doesn't think Indra should either.
  • I'm glad that Octavia refuses to leave without Bellamy back safely with them but I'm a bit sad that she lost her place as Indra's second.
  • I was sad that Maya's dad died and felt really bad for her when she saw his body.
  • I felt bad for Bellamy and the others when they discovered that their allies left them for dead and that they don't know where the rest of their people are.
  • I'm worried about Raven and Wick since they seem to have been captured by Mount Weather's people.
  • I like that Clarke refuses to believe that she has gotten as close as this to just walk away and not be able to save her people.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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