Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book review: Triangles

                                                              Triangles Review      
Triangles is about three women who all of their own struggles whose stories are loosely contacted to each other. Holly is a woman who has what seems like the perfect life with a kind and loving husband and three kids but she seems unable to be content with what she has because she has become bored with her stable life. Holly begins with fantasizing about sex with men other then her husband and then moves onto having sex with other men. Andrea is a single mother with a teenage daughter that is envious of the stable happy marriage that her best friend Holly has while she is just starting to consider getting back into the dating scene. Marissa is a woman who has allowed taking care of her terminally ill daughter take over her entire life and now that she's starting to take a look at the rest of the life she's realizing that there isn't much of anything that doesn't revolve around Shelly her daughter who won't be around much longer.

This book is one where I found that I actually did enjoy all three characters which surprised me a bit because Holly seemed like a character that I would just dislike because it feels like she's just throwing her life away for a cheap thrill but somehow I was able to understand her and therefore I did sympathies with her to some extend. Marissa is probably the character that I liked the most and I think that's because she is just very kind and in a really terrible situation and through out the whole novel I just wanted her to find away to live again for herself and be able to be truly happy. Andrea is a character that I liked but for some reason I don't remember as much of her story as the other two.

Overall I found the writing of this book to be very good and since it's written by Ellen Hopkins that's no surprise to me. I thought that reading this book was an interesting perspective shift for me since I read Tilt before this which is a companion novel to this book. Overall I really like this book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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