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TV Review: Scream: Revelations(1.10)

                                                    Scream: Revelations(1.10)Review
  • I liked that at the start of the episode Piper tells Emma not to trust anyone since it turns out that Piper is the one that she shouldn't trust.
  • I liked that the police could tell right away that the scene of Branson's escape looked staged because I like it when people are actually pretty smart about these type of things when it's their job to know this stuff.
  • I liked that Noah went to work right away to trace the signal for where the video of the Sheriff being tied up was coming from and I liked that Emma went to him to ask him what he knows and tell him what she knows, I just like seeing how they work together.
  • I kind of liked how the killer made it clear that tonight is the final showdown because it ups the stakes of this episode.
  • I liked that Emma went to the police station to tell her mom how the killer called her and how she remembered that sometimes the killer leaves clues on the victims and that her mom trust her and that those two working together were able to figure where the Sheriff was.
  • I really liked Brooke and Audrey bonding about how nothing in their lives is going well at the moment, I really like the sudden friendship that's developing between these two.
  • I was both sad and surprised when it turned out that the ropes that were tying the Sheriff to the tree were the only thing keep his guts inside him, I really didn't think he was going die. I felt really bad for Emma's mom because this was just like the Will's death that when the girls were trying to save them they accidently killed that instead.
  • I liked that when Emma's mom was blaming herself that Emma told her that it wasn't her fault and that they were going to stop this guy and I liked that her mom agreed. I also liked that Emma's mom told Emma that she should tell Kieran about his dad because this isn't the kind of thing that he should learn from the news.
  • I kind of liked Brooke and Jake using other people to make each other jealous and I liked that they almost made up early on but then Jake screwed that up by being himself.
  • I liked that Noah figured out that the malware was being used to block everyone's cell signal and that he tracked were the signal was coming from.
  • I liked that when Emma and Noah were driving out to Brooke's house to confront the killer that Noah kept bringing up how it was a bad idea to not call the cops and I liked how used horror movie logic to determine what is going to happen and what roles they played and I liked that he pointed out that his character type usually ends dead.
  • I kind of liked that one the killer confronted Audrey she asked why they didn't just kill her, I liked that she seemed to be challenging her which I think she was based off what we find out at the end of the episode.
  • I liked that when Branson asked Brooke to let her in that she refused because while we know he isn't really the killer Brooke doesn't so I'm glad that she decided to play things safe and not let him in.
  • I was really scared for Brooke when the killer locked her in the freeze that she hid in then tried to stab her and then plugged in the freeze all of those things are awful and terrifying in my book and I was scared that Brooke wasn't going to make it.
  • I felt bad for Kieran when he found out that his dad died and I'm wondering where he's going to live now that his last parent died.
  • I liked that when Noah had to split up from Emma and Kieran that he told them that he wouldn't be right back because he knows people die in movies right after they saw that.
  • I'm really glad that they found Brooke before she died.
  • I liked that when Noah and Audrey ran into each other that Noah screamed a lot because she snuck up on him.
  • I liked that when Kieran gave Noah the gun that Audrey took it from him because she actually knows how to handle one.
  • I liked that when Emma had the final showdown with the killer who turned out to be Piper that Emma and her mom both did their best to protect each other and that they both physically attacked Piper.
  • I liked that Audrey shot Piper right before she was going to kill Emma and I'm really glad that both Emma and her mom survived.
  • I liked that Noah did the last episode of Piper's podcast and talked about how she was the killer and how things aren't completely adding up.
  • I'm surprised that Audrey was working with Piper and I'm curious about how much she actually did because I'm pretty sure that Audrey doesn't care about hurting Emma's mom and doubt that by even halfway through the season that actually enjoyed hurting Emma, I also don't think she would have killed either Rachel or Riley.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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