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TV Review: The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt 2(2.16)

                                    The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt 2(2.16)Review
  • I liked that Murphy was actually mad at Jaha for sacrificing Craig so that the two of them could survive.
  • I liked that Octavia was mad at Clarke for trusting Lexa in the first place when it seems like all she ever did was put their people in danger. I did feel bad for Clarke when Octavia told her that her best wasn't good enough.
  • I liked that when Bellamy opened the door that Octavia ran to him and hugged him.
  • I liked seeing Octavia and Clarke reunite with Jasper and Monty and liked that everyone took a moment to just be glad that the others were alive before they went back to focusing on how to keep all of their people alive.
  • I liked that Bellamy asked Clarke where her army was and that she answered gone like yours.
  • I liked that Jasper and Octavia were working together on a way to keep Maya safe and bringing her to level five so that she could breath while Clarke, Bellamy and Monty were focusing on how to save the rest of their people.
  • I liked that Indra allowed Lincoln of the choice to escape and what he would plan to do with his freedom. I also liked that Lincoln thinks that Lexa is dishonorable for abandoning their allies when they need them the most.
  • I found watching Mount Weather's people drill into the Ark's people to horrifying to watch especially seeing how much the ark's people struggled and screamed as their bone marrow was being taken.
  • I liked that Abby, Kane, Miller's dad and a few others also came to try to fight off Mount Weather somehow after the grounders retreated but I was sad they were captured by Mount Weather. I liked that Miller and his father tried to reach each other when they saw one another.
  • I hated that Raven was picked to have her bone marrow taken but I liked that she fought like hell against Mount Weather's people.
  • I liked that Clarke, Bellamy and Monty asked President Wallace for his help again and I like that Bellamy seemed to have more belief that he was a decent person at heart than Clarke did.
  • I liked that Bellamy realized that Wallace was the one that had the idea to give back the grounders prisoners and not Cage. I like that they decided to take Wallace with them to help them whether he wanted to or not.
  • I liked how Wallace said that he bears his sins so that his people won't have to and that Clarke seems to take his words to heart.
  • I like that Jasper plans to kill Cage so that Maya can live safely in Mount Weather.
  • I like that Clarke, Bellamy and Monty are horrified when they see the drilling in progress and I like that they try to order Wallace to make them stop but I dislike that he refuses to give the order.
  • I like that Clarke come up with the idea to tell Cage that she will kill his father if he doesn't let her people go but at first he clearly thinks it's a bluff which is what it started as.
  • I liked that Clarke made it clear that she would be willing to kill Wallace if Cage doesn't do what she says and I liked that Bellamy and Monty questioned whether or not she really wanted to do this and it's clear she doesn't want to but knows she doesn't really have a choice. I was sad that Clarke had to kill Wallace since he and Cage believed that the drilling would save their people.
  • I liked that after Clarke killed his father she told Cage that if he doesn't let her people go now she will radiate level five and he takes this threat a bit more seriously.
  • I disliked that Cage puts Abby on the drilling table next in order to get revenge on Clarke for killing his father but I did like that this at least stopped Raven from being drilled into until she died.
  • I liked that seeing Abby being drilled got Clarke to seriously considering radiating level five and order Monty into figuring out how to do this.
  • I liked that when Abby was being taken to the drilling table that Kane tried to make a deal with Mount Weather were they donate bone marrow and started talking about how none of their people had to die for the other to survive if they could just come up with some sort of deal.
  • I liked that Murphy found a place in the form of an underground bunker that seemed like it could be a type of promise land.
  • I liked that Maya and Octavia related to one another with both of them having lived all(or most)of their lives without being able to see the sky.
  • I liked that Octavia remembered the air loft they made earlier in the season and mentioned that if Maya could get their she could live and I liked that when Maya said in cage that Octavia pointed out that at least she'd be alive.
  • I liked that right before Monty finished figuring out how to radiate level five that the people that Clarke, Bellamy and Monty cared about the most were in danger of dying in those moments which really just upped the stakes on a personally level for all three of them and made everything feel even more urgent.
  • I liked the weight that the decision to radiate level five or not held when Monty told Clarke that all it would take to do so is to pull the lever and I liked that Bellamy made it clear once more before they came to the decision to pull the lever that the people that helped them and children will die if they pull the lever but since they have no other choice anymore they decide to pull the lever.
  • I loved that Bellamy wouldn't let Clarke pull the lever by herself and that they too of them made that decision together and agreed in that moment to carry that burden together.
  • I'm glad that both the audience and Clarke, Bellamy and Monty saw the cost of what they did so that their people could survive and I'm glad that this is something that is going to clearly weigh on their conscience for a long time.
  • I was so sad when Maya died both for her because she was a good person who didn't deserve to die at all and for Jasper who cared deeply for her and was doing everything that he could to save her but in the end he couldn't.
  • I liked that for Jasper, Monty's sorry clearly wasn't enough but honestly there isn't anything that will ever be enough to make up for they just did so there really isn't anything better for Monty to say other than sorry.
  • I liked that when Clarke told her mom that she tried to be the good guy that her mom told her that maybe there aren't any good guys after all.
  • I liked that Kane told Bellamy that he did good when it came to saving their people.
  • I liked that Lincoln was the one to kill Cage because it allowed him a type of revenge against Cage for the wrongs that he had committed against him.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Clarke that if she needed someone to forgive her that he will and I liked that this echoed the scene in season one where she did the same for him when he couldn't forgive himself but she could forgive him.
  • I liked that Bellamy made it clear to Clarke that he wants to help her carry the burden that they already both share and I like that Bellamy seems to be the only one that Clarke is telling why she's leaving or even that she's leaving.  I liked that Clarke kissed Bellamy on the cheek and hugged him goodbye.
  • I can understand why Clarke doesn't feel like she can stay because her people remind her of what she did to save them but I don't think that leaving is going to help her forget what she did.
  • I wonder what the guy in the video that Murphy found is talking about when he says he blames himself for letting her get the launch codes.
  • I'm wondering what the lady ALIE, a hologram in the city of light plans are for Jaha because they don't seem good since it seems like she's grateful she found what looks like a nuke.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode or season as a whole.

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