Monday, May 2, 2016

Movie Review: The Last Five Years

                                                      The Last Five Years Review
The Last Five Years is a musical about the relationship between a struggling actress Cathy(Anna Kendrick) and a not so struggling writer Jamie(Jeremy Jordan), the story of this musical is how they fell in love with each other and how their relationship failed in the long run. Through song Cathy tells us about their relationship from end to begin while Jamie tells us about their relationship from beginning to end. This film is almost entirely songs with pretty much no transition but a brief pause and change of scenery to tell you that the story is in a different time and place, it can be a bit jarring when the film starts off but as time goes on you get use to it and feels more natural.

I thought that both Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick did a great job in this movie both singing and acting and I thought that the two of them had great chemistry together which is something that I think was needed for a movie like this. I found that I enjoyed the scenes where Cathy and Jamie were happy with each other more than the ones where they were fighting but I think that was largely because I did like both characters so seeing them suffer wasn't exactly fun for me.For me I thought that the film did a good job at conveying that both Cathy and Jamie contributed things to their marriage ending like it did although I did think that movie had a bit of a Cathy basis since in "If I Didn't Believe in You" the camera stayed focus on Cathy rather than Jamie even though it was Jamie's song and that kind of bothered me especially since Jeremy Jordan was giving such great performance and I think that when you listen to the soundtrack that is the song that is the most emotionally charged.

Overall I really enjoyed the film I thought the directing, writing and performances were all good and I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. Please tell me your thoughts on this film.

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