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TV Review:Shadowhunters: Moo Shu to Go(1.05)

                                    Shadowhunters: Moo Shu to Go(1.05)Review
  • I liked that Clary went to tell Jace about how she saw Valentine with her mother through her necklace because it shows that she knows that she needs to get advice from someone who knows more about how this world than she does.
  • I liked that it was explained that the necklace is a portal shard and that's why Clary can see certain people at certain times and I like that Alec points out that it is a door of sorts and that it could be dangerous for Clary to have it while Valentine knows that he can get to her through it.
  • I can't blame Clary for not paying attention to any detail but the fact that Valentine has her mother because that's something that must be terrifying to have confirmed but at the same time I can't blame Alec for trying to get information from her about Valentine's location because that is what is going to help them find Valentine and stop him.
  • I liked that when Alec was telling Clary that emotions were nothing but a distraction that she asked him how well ignoring all his emotions been working out for him because I agree with Clary's way of thinking that emotions are an important part of being a person and ignoring them always turns out badly in the long run.
  • I'm glad that Alec took the portal shard because he's right in thinking that Valentine would probably use the connection to try to manipulate Clary to come to him and then she would ended up captured herself so it's probably for the best that Clary and Jace don't try to out manipulate Valentine because they would probably fail.
  • I liked that Alec pointed out to Clary that going up against Valentine is a lot different than going up against the vampires and their going to need a lot more shadowhunters than four if they want to win against him and his followers.
  • I liked that Izzy went to comfort Clary after she heard about what happened with the portal shard and I liked that even though she was being there for Clary she also told Clary that Alec was right to take it away because it is something that can be very dangerous for her to use. I also liked that when Clary said that she was willing to go off on her own and use it that Izzy pointed out that she's not on her own anymore.
  • I liked how Clary told Izzy about her mom and how close they were and I liked that Clary describes her mom as a friend as well and the person that she loves most in the world.
  • I felt bad for Izzy  when her mom returned and one of the first things she said to her was her looking down on her for how she was dressed and the rest of what she was saying was all business.
  • I like that Clary can't believe that Izzy's mom would be so cold to her and I felt so bad for Izzy when her mom hugged Jace when she didn't hug Izzy.
  • I hate how Maryse so clearly prefers Jace over Izzy and Alec just because he's one the best fighters.
  • I liked that both Izzy and Jace asked where Max was because it shows how much they care about their younger brother.
  • I felt for Izzy when Maryse both looked down on Izzy for having seelie friends and then tried to blame her for the entire seelie population refusing to talk to the Clave anymore, I did like that Jace did point out how unfair Maryse was being to Izzy.
  • I hated how Maryse acted like Alec requesting to go with Izzy when she met with Melrion rather than look after Clary was something extremely selfish of him to ask and how she acted like he was a spoiled child when he's so clearly has already given up so much to please her and the Clave.
  • I liked that Clary did point out to Maryse that the reason that she has caused so many problems is because she's literally just found out that she was a shadowhunter a few days ago so she has no idea what is and isn't okay in there eyes.
  • I feel bad for Alec that all those unapproved missions that Jace, Izzy and Clary pretty much forced him into going on are something that he will end up being punished for despite the fact that he told them not to go on those missions and they just went on them anyways.
  • I found it interesting that the demonic murders are of mundanes with the sight but I'm disappointed because I'm pretty sure that this plot didn't really go anywhere.
  • I was honestly so surprised when I learned that Alec is actually the acting head of the institute because that means that he is the authority that everyone in the institute answers and Jace and Izzy just kept breaking laws in front of him and trying to convince him to break it too, that's crazy that's like asking your cop friend to be your get away drive when you rob a bank.
  • I liked that when Alec tried to aploguise for what happened with the demon that Jace told him that everything is okay between them and that he loves Alec to although he makes it clear that he loves Alec as a brother, I do like that Jace makes sure that Alec knows he's not mad at him and that he loves him.
  • I'm glad that Raphael found Simon outside of the vampire's hotel and that he made Simon leave before Simon could get hurt again.
  • I liked that Clary tells Alec that she thinks his mom was too hard on him although Alec disagrees because he's used to being treated that way by his mother.
  • I liked that Alec does his best to train Clary even though he doesn't like her much he does still try to make sure that she learns how to be a shadowhunter and I like that he kept giving her advice about how to improve her fighting skills.
  • I think that it's a bit sad how Alec thinks that every time that he screws up he should be punished or if someone under him screws up because he believes that being a leader means to accept punishment on the behalf of others.
  • I liked that when Clary told Alec about the box that her mother has that could lead them to finding something that could help them find Valentine that Alec seems somewhat interested in finding it but he doesn't want to go look for it without the Clave's approval.
  • I liked that Magnus called and asked Alec out on a date and I liked that Alec accepted right away despite not wanting anyone to know about his sexuality.
  • I get why Clary left while Alec was distracted but I don't think she understands that this will only cause more problems for Alec later on since he was suppose to keep her inside the institute.
  • I like that when Alec finds Clary while her phone is ringing he asks her what the point of an invisibility rune is when she doesn't silence her phone.
  • I like that Simon finds it alarming when Clary tells him that she killed a demon since they've last seen each other.
  • I liked that when Clary tells Simon that she's going back to her old apartment that Simon tells her that it's too dangerous to go back there and I liked that when it became clear to him that Clary was going to go no matter what he said that he insisted that he goes with her.
  • I liked that Clary confronted Alec about being in love with Jace and I like that she tried to convince Alec to admit it because she honestly believes that he would feel better if he did but Alec of course doesn't.
  • I liked that when Clary and Simon first meet up that they hug each other right away because they're so relieved to see that the other is okay.
  • I find it a bit odd that Clary and Alec both noticed that things are abnormal with Simon with him being able to jump over walls, see runes and being able to break down a door and yet neither of them mention or seriously think about what this could mean for Simon.
  • I like that Clary and Simon are all happily nostalgic about climbing the fire escape and I like that Alec just can't understand why this would bring them excitement.
  • I find it cute that Clary and Simon were engaged when they were eight years old those two are just the cutest childhood best friends.
  • I felt bad for Clary when she saw her old home burned down and realized that she could never go back to it.
  • I like that Alec points out that the reason why there's no trace of Clary in her old home is because her mother was trying to protect her and that since she's still alive it seems that it worked.
  • I like that Simon was able to find the box that Clary's mother kept secret from her but sadly the objects in the box are something that doesn't look all that helpful.
  • I liked that when it was clear that a threat was outside that Alec told both Clary and Simon to wait inside for him while he went outside to take care of it so that they would be safe from the threat although sadly that noise form outside was a distraction for when the werewolves could take Clary and Simon.
  • I like that the reason that seelies aren't talking to the clave is because their scouts were killed by Valentine after they were sent on a mission by the clave and now they don't think that clave has their best interest at heart so they want nothing to do with it.
  • I dislike that Jace blames Alec for Clary sneaking out of the institute and I like that Izzy points out that it makes no sense to blame Alec for something that Clary did.
  • I dislike how Jace tells Alec that maybe his mom was right that his best isn't good enough but I liked that Izzy was so furious with him when he said that and tried to get him to stop right away.
  • I really dislike how angry Jace is at Alec for loosing Clary when it isn't his fault that she was taken but I like that Alec points out that he didn't do anything that Jace hasn't done before because it's true yet Jace still refuses to see reason.
  • I liked that when Simon said that he couldn't believe that he was kidnapped again that Clary told him that she doesn't want to be self centered but she thinks that they are after her.
  • I hate how the werewolves are threatening to kill Simon if Clary doesn't tell them were the cup is when she doesn't know where the cup is, honestly this whole cup situation is so frustrating.
  • I liked that Simon was able to find a phone and call Jace and he was able to tell them were he was and I liked that while looking at the menu that Simon mentions that the restaurant has very inexpensive cocktails.
  • I liked that when Jace told Simon to light a fire that Simon told him that never works and asks if he's ever seen an action movie although Simon does end up starting a fire.
  • I found it a bit funny that when Clary tried to use an unlock rune that she accidently started a fire instead.
  • I liked that when Clary tried to threaten Luke with her stele that he asks her if she knows that she can't do spells with that and then picks her up while telling her that she still needs more training and that he's trying to protect her.
  • I liked that Izzy rescues Sijmon and tells him that she's getting sick of rescuing him while having a smile on her face and Simon also with a smile on his face tells her isn't.
  • I like that after Luke saves Clary from the alpha of the pack that she now knows that she can trust him and I like that since Luke is the new alpha that means that the werewolves are no longer a threat to them.
  • I liked that when Luke started to pass out because of his wounds that both Clary and Simon were at his side trying to help him up.
  • I like that Clary tells Luke that she never should have doubted him and I liked that Luke then tells her that they never should have lied to her.
  • I find it sad that when Izzy asks Alec if things are okay with him and Jace that he has tell her that he doesn't know.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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