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TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: Is Someone Really Dead?(3.06)

                 How to Get Away with Murder: Is Someone Really Dead?(3.06)Review
  • I liked that in the flash forward that Michaela is obviously freaking out about what happened at Annalise's house and I liked that when her mother tries to be of help that Michaela tells her that she can't help and that she's been through much worse. I also find it interesting that Michaela tells her mother not to steal anything.
  • I like that it turns out that Bonnie went to meet with Frank so that she could record him confessing to the crime but I was that Annalise says that they can't use this as evidence.
  • I liked that while Laurel is mad at Annalise for hiring a hit man to go after Frank that Wes doesn't think it's that bad of idea considering her tried to frame him for murder which ended up making Bonnie upset and that led to Annalise telling her not to go after him.
  • I'm worried because the police showed up at Wes's apartment which means that they now consider him a suspect.
  • I felt bad for Maggie when she just found the police waiting outside of Wes's apartment in order to question him about a shooting since she has no idea about any of this.
  • I like that Wes wants to just talk to the police rather than hid out at Annalise's house like she wants him to.
  • I like that Wes called Maggie and told her about how he witnessed shooting so that she wouldn't have to wonder what is going on with the police.
  • I like that there is a lot of rules that comes with Annalise getting her license back because that makes things a bit more difficult for her.
  • I think it's unfair of Bonnie to blame Wes for everything going wrong around Annalise's life since the beginning of the series because there are a lot of people to blame and Wes is hardly the only one that has caused problems.
  • The case of the week deals with an army woman who stabbed a guy in the neck after he was harassing her and her girlfriend. I was surprised when Annalise chose Drake the guy who made the fliers as her first chair although it does make sense because he suggested using PTSD as the defense which makes the most sense in this case.
  • I liked that Connor, Michaela and Asher were informed about Wes witnessing his father being shot after they noticed that Wes was missing from class and the police were looking for him.
  • I liked how Asher told Wes that he was sorry about his dad dying after he found out.
  • I liked how Annalise told everyone not to worry because she has protected them all even when she hated them.
  • I like that Bonnie keeps trying to get Annalise to take out all her angry at her and be done with it so that they could move on from it.
  • I liked that Michaela and Connor told Laurel that she couldn't sit with them because she keeps, keeping secrets from the rest of them.
  • I liked how Annalise decided to take over questioning the victim after the  prosecutor showed up and I liked that Drake was upset with that since he spent so much time prepping for it.
  • I was frustrated that the judge didn't seem to let Annalise ask any questions of the victim because of her recent suspension.
  • I found it interesting that the defendant wasn't traumatized by something that happened to her but rather something that she has read that happened to others in the military.
  • I can't blame Connor for blaming Wes for everything going to Hell in his life because unlike with Annalise he's actually right since Connor was fine before he had to be part of covering up murder and everything that followed was because of that. I know that when Connor says he'll kill Wes if he mentions his name to the police that he's lying because Connor can't handle killing someone.
  • I understand why Connor is upset by Oliver going on dates when he broke up with him because he wanted to be alone but I also understand that Oliver broke up with Connor because he wasn't sure if their relationship was good for them anymore.
  • I liked that Annalise made it seem like she just found out after her client perjured herself that she was lying so that the case would become a mistrial and get a plea deal from the DA.
  • I felt bad for Wes when he broke up with Maggie because he believes that he is too much for her to handle.
  • I was happy for Oliver that his date actually did go well because he deserves to be happy.
  • I understand why Asher is upset that Michaela doesn't consider him her boyfriend but I agree with Michaela that her not thinking of him as her boyfriend is because they never agreed to be in a relationship.
  • I liked that Asher told Michaela that he thinks of her as his family and I like that after Michaela tells him that she never had a family that he tells he wants to be there for her and support her.
  • I liked that Wes destroyed Frank's confession because he believes that Laurel wants him to protected too.
  • I like that Wes and Laurel hooked up with each other because I like their relationship with each other and I was also interested in seeing what it would be like if they add romance to it.
  • I liked that the show made us think that Wes turned himself in but it was actually his biological father's legitimate son that Frank framed that was arrested instead.
  • I find it interesting that in the flash forward that Asher mentions that Annalise had called everyone to come over to her house.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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