Friday, July 14, 2017

TV Review: The 100: Thirteen(3.07)

                                               The 100: Thirteen(3.07)Review
  • I like that Murphy tells Titus what he knows about the City of Light key that he got from Jaha that is the same symbol as the Commander uses, I like how Murphy tells him this in the most sarcastic way and that Titus didn't really get any of it.
  • I found it sad to see that ninety-seven years ago the people watch the end of the world from where they were in space completely helpless to stop it from happening.
  • I like that Lexa decided to block the people from ark from leaving their land until they sort out their leadership problems but it seems that rest of her don't like this plan and are unhappy with her decision.
  • I find it sad that it seems like the thirteenth station didn't join with the rest of the ark because the creator didn't want to give up on her programing.
  • I like that Octavia is upset with Clarke after she defends Lexa after she gives a kill order to all ark people who are outside of their lands.
  • I like that Lexa is rejecting the teaching of love is weakness and that being commander means being alone because even though I don't like Clarke and Lexa together I'm always happy to see people learn that emotions don't have to be a weakness.
  • I liked that Murphy tried to kill Titus so that he could escape from where he was being held with his life.
  • I liked that when Murphy was explaining to Titus about what happened with station Thirteen that Titus said that their faiths have nothing to do with each other that Murphy tells him that he has no faith before he gives him a bit of history lesson that Titus mostly ignores.
  • I think it's sad that other people on station thirteen died because she wouldn't give up on her program and that she escape the ship and went down to earth.
  • I like that Octavia tells Clarke that she can't do more for her people here than she could by actually being with her people because it's true Clarke can't truly know what's going on with her people when she's so far away from them.
  • I really don't like or understand why Clarke decided that she wanted to be with Lexa romantically when really not enough time has past for Clarke to be able to move past how Lexa made her commit genocide at Mount Weather and since Clarke is still suffering from guilt over the incident last episode I don't think that she's over it in anyway so a relationship with Lexa makes no sense.
  • I found it a bit funny when Clarke referred to Murphy as her friend when they were never even close to being friends.
  • I honestly found it so random and poorly written that Lexa died because Titus went crazy with a gun and tried to kill Clarke and Lexa happened to walk in the room, I completely understand why people were so upset with this death because it was so poorly done and did nothing to honor her character.
  • I like that Indra decided to join Octavia when it comes to fighting Pike.
  • I dislike that the show is somewhat implying that Lexa giving into love is what got her killed in the end because that's untrue and a terrible lesson to send out to people.
  • I was a bit surprised to learn that a chip with all the past commanders memories is passed down from the lady that invented the program almost a hundred years ago.
  • I like that Clarke and Murphy are both a bit frightened by the AI that came out of Lexa's neck that the grounders call the commanders spirit.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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