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TV Review: Shadowhunters: Dead Man's Party(1.03)

                                Shadowhunters: Dead Man's Party(1.03)Review
  • I like that Clary actually asked why everyone assumes that she has the cup when it's pretty obvious that she had no clue that she even was a shadowhunter until like a day ago.
  • I felt bad for Clary when she realized that since both Valentine and the vampires want the cup and they both have someone she loves that even if she had the cup to trade she wouldn't be able to save both her mom and Simon.
  • I like how Alec pointed out that they had to inform the Clave about what they learned about Clary and that they had to get the Clave's permission in order to go after Simon because it shows that there are rules to this world even if Clary wants to ignore them for completely understandable reasons.
  • I find it a bit funny how Clary asked Jace, Izzy and Alec to put their trust in her because she put it in them after they saved her life when she doesn't even have a plan as to how to save Simon yet which isn't inspiring a lot of confidence in them when it comes to following her lead.
  • I liked that Simon was trying to convince the vampires to let him go by telling them that he was useless to them and that he couldn't identify them because even though he knows that they're vampires and don't care about the police it's hard for him to consider how much his world has changed in the last day.
  • I liked that Clary was upset when she realized that Jace, Izzy and Alec all actually already knew where the vampires have taken Simon yet they still went back to the institute because from her point of view it really does seem like they don't care what happens to Simon.
  • I liked that after Alec said that downworlders are slaves to their impulses that Izzy tells him not to jump on all downworlders and then Alec and Jace tease Izzy about her thing with a seelie and then Izzy slyly teases Alec about his sexuality and he does his best to ignore it.
  • I like that when Clary was going to go off to save Simon without a plan that Jace first pointed out that she could get herself killed and when that still didn't get her to stop he told her it could get Simon killed too which did make her stop.
  • I liked that Simon was really nervous and fidgeting when Raphael took him upstairs and that he kept looking for an escape which Raphael found annoying since there is none.
  • I liked that Raphael was more annoyed that Simon wrecked his jacket than the fact that Simon through a knife a him.
  • I think that Camille really doesn't understand why taking someone hostage is valuable since she doesn't think that she needs to keep Simon alive.
  • I honestly don't understand why Jace, Clary, Izzy and Alec had to go and look for weapons in a graveyard when Alec is acting head of the institute why would he have to tell anyone what they were planning on using the weapons for.
  • I liked that when Clary was telling Jace how she use to wonder where her dad was buried and how she use to wish he was alive and now she regrets that considering who her dad is that Jace tells her that none of what is happening here is her fault.
  • I liked that Izzy told Clary that she wouldn't miss go with them to take on the vampires for the world but that she needs to go and get information on how to get into the vampires hotel.
  • I agree with Alec that it is a problem that Jace is ignoring everything that Alec is telling him about Clary and that him just trusting Clary blindly is something that could be dangerous because he really doesn't know anything about her and it's completely reasonable for Alec to be concerned about her considering who her father is.
  • I like that Alec points out that Clary actually know how to use seraph blade because she doesn't and I find it funny that Clary acts like she does know how to use one because she accidently killed a demon with one when it landed on a blade she was holding in the first episode.
  • I liked how Jace taught Clary how to use the seraph blade and I liked that the scene was filled with sexual tension between the two of them and that the whole scene was oddly romantic.
  • I liked that Jace promises Clary that he will be with her every step of the way and that he tries to make it sound less romantic by saying that meant we will be with you not I will be with you.
  • I liked that when Clary questioned why Jace was so sure that Alec and Izzy will help them that Jace tells her that they're practically his brother and sister so he knows he can count on them.
  • I liked that when Clary points out that Alec doesn't like her that Jace tells her that Alec doesn't like anyone so she shouldn't worry about that.
  • I liked that Jace explained to Clary that him and Alec are parabatai which means that they share a soul with each other and that they would die for each other and a part of the other would die if the other ever did which really goes to show how much Jace does care for Alec even if he doesn't do the best job at showing it this season.
  • I liked that Simon was freaking out about the fact that he threw a knife at Raphael and I liked that he started freaking out when he said God because he thought vampires couldn't say that but then Raphael says God just clear that part up for Simon.
  • I like that Raphael tells Camille that he thinks that kidnapping Simon and breaking the accords was a bad idea and that ruining their relationship with the clave when Valentine might be a threat is also a bad idea because they'll need all the help they can get if they want their people to survive Valentine again although Camille doesn't seem to care much about her people.
  • I find it creepy how Camille keeps comparing Simon to chocolate since it's clear that she doesn't think of him as a real person.
  • I like how Izzy and Meliorn both are trying to get information from each other while also getting it on with each other it makes for an interesting relationship.
  • I like that it's established right away that seelies can't lie but that they are very good at evading questions.
  • I liked that Jace taught Clary how she can see through glamours when he took her to the vampire bar.
  • I dislike how Jace had Clary go to the vampire and he let the vampire encanto her but I do like that he kept an eye on her to make sure that things didn't go to far.
  • I find Camille using encanto on Simon to find information about the mortal cup as well giving Simon her blood and drinking his blood to be very creepy and I worried a lot about Simon when he was with Camille.
  • I liked how when Camille heard that a spell took Clary's memories that she knew right away that Magnus was the one behind it.
  • I liked that Izzy used the fact that she knew Meliron also has a thing with Camille in order to figure out how they can sneak in to attack the vampires.
  • I liked that when Alec was caught by Hodge that he started to stutter when he tried to come up with a lie but luckily Hodge didn't want to know what he was up to so he was saved from trying to lie.
  • I liked that Hodge basically told Alec not to be too much of a follower but I don't think that Alec could ever really end up like Hodge because Alec respects the law too much to ever be part of an uprising against.
  • I liked that Clary was a little bit mad that Jace used her to distract a vampire so that he could still the vampire motorcycle that can fly.
  • I liked that when the motorcycle was flying that Clary and Jace were really happy and laughing with each other I just like that they were enjoying the moment.
  • I liked that Izzy wanted Alec to tell her good job after she found out how to get into the vampire's hotel and that he did after she hinted at it.
  • I liked how Izzy kept trying to talk Alec into being will to start some type of relationship with someone and how she thinks that he would be happier if he let himself be honest about who he really is while they're going after the vampires.
  • I liked that Jace put a rune on Clary so that the vampires wouldn't be able to use their encanto on her again.
  • I like how Jace pretty much randomly mentions how mundanes are very into the whole vampire romance which begs the question has he read vampire romance books before.
  • I don't know why Clary finds it so surprising that Jace hasn't been in love before considering that their both still pretty young so it's really not that odd that he hasn't fallen in love yet.
  • I like that Clary and Jace are sneaking into the hotel from the roof and that their plan is to find Simon and get him out while Alec and Izzy provide a distraction for the vampires.
  • I liked that Alec tried to use the rune to lock the door and that Izzy instead used a blade to cut a pipe and used that to keep the door closed.
  • I liked how Alec used his bow and Arrows and Izzy used her whip and seraph blade to kill the vampires as they entered the room and I think that Alec and Izzy were enjoying killing vampires a little too much.
  • I liked that when Clary killed the vampire on her own that Jace and Izzy told her how proud o her they were.
  • I liked that when Raphael told Clary that they had wanted her and not Simon that she had to be held back by Jace so that she wouldn't go and attack Raphael.
  • I liked that Raphael got Camille to leave so that he could let Simon go and therefore resolve any possible conflict that Camille's plan may cause with the shadowhunters.
  • I liked that Simon thanked Raphael for letting him go as soon as he did so and that Raphael just wanted him to go and made it clear that he did it for pragmatic  reasons.
  • I liked how when Simon told Clary that he would do anything for her that she told him that he didn't have to die for her and that he told her that he'd rather not do that.
  • I like how Clary told Simon that she couldn't live without him about how he's her best friend and with how her entire world has just turned upside down she now needs him more than ever.
  • I don't get why Jace got so mad at Alec when all Alec was doing was voicing his completely reasonable concerns about Clary.
  • Jace is so oblivious it's clear to just about everyone that Alec helped out Clary because Jace wanted him to and he loves Jace so of course he's going to help when Jace asks him to.
  • It was worrying that Simon was looking at Clary's throat and clearly thinking about the blood flowing through her veins.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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