Friday, July 14, 2017

TV Review: Witch's Romance

                                                       Witch's Romance Review
Witch's Romance is about Ban Ji-yeon a 39 year old investigative reporter who has been dedicated to her job above all else since her ex left her at the alter six years ago which has made her become cold, bitter and driven which as led to her co-workers calling her a witch behind her back. By chance Ji-yeon ends up crossing paths with Yoon Dong-ha a 25 year old who works as a part timer doing basically any job someone needs done, he is kindhearted, earnest and hardworking the two clash right away but they end up running into each other again and again. Eventually Dong-ha is hired to work as Ji-yeon's assistant whether she wants him to or not and this of course leads to the two working day and night together which leads to them bonding with each other and learning that they make a pretty good team.

After getting to know each other and becoming what one could considering friends it becomes clear that Ji-yeon and Dong-ha feels something more than friendship for each other but with them both still recovering from the end of their last relationships both of them hesitate to act on their feelings for each other. Dong-ha does end up gaining the courage to confess his feelings for Ji-yeon right before her ex shows up out of the blue after six years of not contacting her acting as if they're still in a relationship and offering no explanation as to why he left and never contacted her. Ji-yeon's ex showing up throws her for a loop which makes her briefly take a step forward rather than backwards in her life but in the end everything works out in the way that it should.

Overall this drama is really good, I found the dynamic between our leads to be just so sweet and moving and I just loved that they both had strong personalities that played off of each other so well and I loved that they felt like they could just be themselves around each other and that they made each other so completely happy. Another thing I really liked about this drama was that it was populated with side characters that had their own little side plots which you cared about but they never over took the main storyline. The one thing I didn't like this drama was the ex coming back and how long it took to get rid of him considering how unlikable he was from beginning to end but other than this was a great drama. Please tell me your thoughts about this drama in the comment section below.

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