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TV Review: The 100: Terms and Conditions(3.08)

                                   The 100: Terms and Conditions(3.08)Review
  • I liked that when the grounders established their blockade and then pretty much demanded that they give up Pike so that blood can have blood that Bellamy mentions that he seen this before referring to what happened with Finn last season.
  • I can't blame Bellamy for choosing to protect Pike who is someone who cares about the well being of the ark's people who are Bellamy's people over giving the grounders what they want so that they can a short lived peace because honestly the grounders have been killing the ark's people since they got to earth so he has no reason to believe they will ever stop.
  • I liked that Pike knows that they can't take on the grounders until they sort out the problems they have with their own people although I don't think that Pike is doing the right things for his people I like that he at least knows they have to be on the same side.
  • I like that Monty finds the idea of spying on their own people to be something that he doesn't want to do.
  • I like that Kane refuses to just attack Pike and give him over to the grounders because that would be considered murder and treason and I like that Miller asks if maybe they need to do those things in order to save their people.
  • I dislike that Jaha has the idea to use Jasper's desperation to find a way to escape his pain in order to get him access to more chips that are the key to the city of light.
  • I liked that Kane urges Pike to choose the peaceful option rather than to start a war that he knows they can't win but I also like that Pike brings up that they sacrificed Finn in order to appease the grounders before and that still didn't prevent them from turning on them later on.
  • I liked that Jasper told Raven that he thinks the plan to break into Pike's office for the chips is a bad one but that he still wants to be in on it.
  • I liked that when Pike admitted that they didn't have the fire power to take on the grounders and then started talking about using landmines that Bellamy seems to be unsure of the plan because in the long term it sounds like they can't win the war against the grounders so should they even be attacking them in the first place.
  • While I do think that Kane was doing the right thing by trying to prevent the landmines from being planted by using Sinclair but I don't think Bellamy is wrong for arresting Sinclair since it is treason to interfere with Pike's order since he's chancellor.
  • I liked that Bellamy was frightened for a moment that Pike would kill Sinclair for being a traitor like they would have if they were on the ark.
  • I like that Jasper finds it odd that Raven keeps talking to herself when she talks to ALI.
  • I liked how Jasper told Raven about how he and Monty would spend their time looking out the window on the ark and playing a planet would you rather game, I just liked hearing about how their life was like while they lived on the ark.
  • I like that Monty is questioning what makes something right and I find it worrying that his mom believes because of Pike that anything that keeps you alive is the right thing to do because that isn't really true because sometimes especially on this show you have to do something truly awful to survive but that doesn't make it right.
  • I liked that it turned out that the real mission that Kane had for Sinclair was that he get arrested so that he could give a message to Lincoln from Kane.
  • I can see why both Bellamy and Kane choose the sides they do with Bellamy I understand why he sees the grounders as threats because they have always have been in the past and him wanting to just follow the led of Pike who is the chancellor is something that makes sense since Bellamy has become very unsure of what the right thing to do was after the grounders destroyed mount weather. Kane is of course right about Pike being a threat to their people because he wants to lead their people into a war in which they can't win because he can't see grounders as anything but an enemy.
  • I like that both Bellamy and Kane try to convince the other to join their side because they believe that their side is the right one and they believe that each other is a good person who should be fighting on their side.
  • I like that Bryan has noticed that Miller isn't around as much and that he is keeping some kind of secrets from him. I like that that Bryan knows that Miller has problems with the way Pike runs things.
  • I liked that Bryan questioned whether it was right to spy on someone they love and I liked that Bellamy said it was as long as it was to protect them because this is something that we saw that Bellamy did at the beginning of the series so seeing that he's using the same justification now makes a lot of sense.
  • I like that Jasper starts to notice that Raven doesn't remember Finn dying and I like that he asks if in the city of light that means you only remember the good things about the one that you lost and I like that this got Raven to realize that she doesn't remember anything about Finn at all and I liked that this made her realize that helping ALI is the wrong thing to do.
  • I like that that when Lincoln attacked Sinclair as part of their plan that Bellamy sounded shocked when he shouted Lincoln's name because that action is very out of character for Lincoln.
  • I kind of liked that Kane did what he was determined not to do by kidnapping Pike so that he could hand him over to the grounders and had a riot start as a distraction so that he could get away with it, I like that he did what he said he didn't want to do with committing treason and starting a fight within their own ranks which makes it look like Kane has lost his way in the eyes of someone like Bellamy.
  • I'm a bit  disappointed that Monty was able to alert Bellamy of Kane's plan before he was able to hand Pike over but I understand that they were both doing their jobs and what they thought was best for their people.
  • I find it a bit scary that ALI is upset that she was able to completely control Raven but I find it even scarier that Jaha is trying to find a way to make it so ALI doesn't need a person's consent to get them to do what she wants them to.
  • I liked that Kane gave a speech about how the law has to change to fit the future and how things aren't the same as they were in the past as a final way to get through to Bellamy that what Pike is doing isn't the best thing for their people.
  • I was sad that Kane was sentenced to death but I can't really blame Pike for giving that order after what Kane did.
  • I like that Bellamy is visibly upset when Kane is sentenced to die and I like that he questions Pike about how they are now killing their own people.
  • I like that after Bellamy told Monty about what happened to Kane that he asked about what will happen with Miller and Harper.
  • I like that when Monty's mom tells them that they did the right thing today that both Monty and Bellamy didn't look like they agreed with her.
  • I like that when Monty's mom asked if they could identify who was working with Kane that Bellamy answered no right away showing that he isn't truly on Pike's side anymore.
  • I liked that when Monty asks if choosing what's best for your people isn't very hard that Bellamy tells her that he does that everyday.
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