Sunday, July 2, 2017

TV Review: Marriage Not Dating

                                                         Marriage Not Dating
Marriage Not Dating is about a woman named Joo Jang-mi who after trying to propose to her boyfriend he tries to dump her by ignoring which she doesn't understand is a break up so she does everything she can to get to seem since she won't believe their relationship is over until he tells her himself and while trying to get him to talk to her she ends making a huge scene and gets charged with stalking. Jang-mi being a scene maker is something that draws her ex's friend Gong Gi-tae to her since he has a mother that is basically blackmailing him into getting married when he has no interest in getting married because he believes that all people are highly manipulative like his mother. Gi-tae ends up helping Jang-mi by testifying on her behalf so that she wouldn't get in too much trouble for the stalking charge because he wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend and make a huge scene at his parents house because it would make his mother disapprove of their relationship and get him out of getting married.

This series primarily deals with Jang-mi and Gi-tae faking a relationship mostly for their families and well the task is one that can be very time consuming and leads to them becoming partners in their deception which leads to some genuine emotionally bonding between the two of them. Through out their fake relationship Jang-mi keeps trying to end things before they go to far while Gi-tae keeps giving her reasons why they can't end their relationship yet which just leads to a whole bunch of complications that can bring both good and bad things into their lives. Of course along the way Gi-tae and Jang-mi develop real feelings for each other but the parents finding out about the fake relationship right before they decide to make their relationship real is something that makes their relationship even more complicated.

Overall I really loved this series it was a ton of fun to watch and it is certainly the funniest K-drama that I have ever watched. I thought that the characters were well written and that they had more depth than one would originally assume which just made me more invested in their story. I really loved this series it was great fun but it also had a ton of heart to it as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

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