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TV Review: Timeless: The Red Scare(1.16)

                                               Timeless: The Red Scare(1.16)Review
  • I found the flashback of Flynn with his wife and daughter to be bittersweet since it was such a sweet scene but their both dead.
  • I liked that Lucy called Noah the guy she's engaged to in order to patch Rufus up and I'm glad that Rufus is going to be okay.
  • I completely understand why Noah is mad at Lucy for not explaining anything about what is going on to him and just in general being a totally different person than the one she fell in love with.
  • I like that Lucy finally ended thing with Noah by telling him that she'll never be the person that he fell in love with and that he deserves to be happy but she's not the person that can make him happy.
  • I like that Agent Christopher got Jiya out of Mason's company and that she is safe from Ritten House.
  • I like that since Rufus isn't at his best that Wyatt suggested that Jiya be a co-pilot for him and I liked that when Rufus mentions that ship is only meant to take three people and he really doesn't want to risk taking four but since Ritten house showed up where they were they really didn't have a choice but to take that risk.
  • I liked that Agent Christopher offered to stay behind on deal with Ritten house on her own.
  • I hated how smug Mason was when Agent Christopher was arrested because he disliked that she didn't let him do as he pleased earlier in the season.
  • I like that the Ritten house meeting is taking place at the same time as the McCarthy trials are going on.
  • I liked how after McCarthy told Flynn that he is patriot that Flynn tells him that everyone thinks their the hero of their own story and that he asks if Flynn's the same and that he doesn't answer.
  • I dislike that Flynn accused Lucy and Wyatt of being Russian spies and because of the time period they're in of course that's enough to get them taken in.
  • I kind of liked that when they were taken in that Wyatt tells them he literally saw them plant the gun on him five seconds before they accuse him of being a communist.
  • I'm worried about Jiya since her eye was all red and I hope the side effects of having a fourth person on the ship aren't too bad for her or any of the others.
  • I liked that when Flynn came to talk to Lucy that she told him she no longer thinks of him as a monster but as a sad lonely broken man who misses the family he lost just like her and Wyatt do. I also like that she tells Flynn that she would help him take down Ritten house if his method didn't include killing innocent people.
  • I like that Wyatt pointed out how absurd it was that Flynn a man with an eastern European accent accused Wyatt of being a communist McCarthy believed him.
  • I liked that Wyatt told McCarthy that he won't put Wyatt on trial because he's too afraid that he'll be found out to be a fraud.
  • I liked that Wyatt was able to escape from where he was being held and that he then went to get Lucy and get out of there.
  • I like that Mason was actually playing the long game and that he help Agent Christopher escape and gave her the evidence she needed to talk down Lucy's father and the main Ritten house problem that they are currently dealing with.
  • I liked that Mason admitted that he deserves whatever he gets but Rufus deserves better and that he hopes with Agent Christopher's help he can protect him.
  • I liked that Lucy and Wyatt end up deciding to follow Lucy grandfather to find out where the Ritten house meeting is and they end up following him to a gay bar which isn't where the meeting is being held.
  • I'm really worried about Jiya now that she has passed out and I hope that she'll end up being okay.
  • I liked that Rufus talked to Jiya about how much he cares about her and how if she holds on that he'll stop holding back but sadly this does nothing to improve her condition.
  • I found it sad how terrified Lucy's grandfather is about anyone finding out that he's gay and I like that both Lucy and Wyatt tell him that there's nothing wrong with him. I also like that her grandfather would like if Ritten house was destroyed.
  • I kind of liked that Lucy didn't allow Wyatt to kill Flynn when he had the chance to do so although I'm not sure it's a good idea.
  • I liked that Flynn admitted he didn't want to kill all those Ritten House people but he feels like he needs to and I like that Lucy tells him that she now knows how to take down Ritten house and it's by focusing on the present instead of the past.
  • I like that both Flynn and Wyatt decide to put their trust in Lucy and I'm glad that their working with Flynn now because having four people in the time ship again doesn't seem to be a good idea.
  • I liked that when Lucy told them that she would go back with Flynn that Wyatt and Rufus were both worried about her safety.
  • I liked Lucy tells her grandfather the truth about time travel and that she's his granddaughter and that she convinced him to be a spy for her so that they could take Ritten house down in the future.
  • I liked that Lucy and Wyatt visited Lucy's grandfather after they got back and that he gave them the address to the place where he had all the information that he gathered on Ritten house.
  • I like that Wyatt questioned Mason being on their side and I like that Agent Christopher tells them she didn't trust him at first either but she found out that underneath all his smarm he actually does have a heart.
  • I was so very happy to see Agent Christopher taking things over once more and having the Ritten house guys arrested.
  • I'm glad that Jiya seems to be mostly okay but it seems like she might have developed some kind of powers or something and I'm really curious to find out what's going on with her.
  • I like that Lucy gave Flynn information about who killed his family so that he could do one more trip in order to bring back his family.
  • I was frustrated when Agent Christopher followed Lucy and had Flynn arrested because even though Flynn did a lot of terrible things I still wanted him to get his family back and I don't like that he thinks Lucy betrayed him when she didn't.
  • I like that Agent Christopher made sure that Lucy kept her deal to get her sister back.
  • I liked that when Lucy and Wyatt where saying their goodbyes that Wyatt said he'd call her if he ever needed a bossy know it all and she said that she'll text if she ever needs a reckless hothead, then they both laugh.
  • I like that Wyatt told Lucy that he would go on one last trip to get her sister back with her.
  • I liked that Wyatt told Lucy that maybe she's right about not leaving in the past and being open to possibilities and I liked that they looked like they were about to kiss before they were interrupted.
  • I was shocked when Lucy's mother mentioned Ritten house and that it turned out that she's part of Ritten house as well and that it was revealed that someone from Ritten house now as the ship Flynn was using which is very bad.
  • I'm really happy that she show got uncancelled because it would be a crime to end the show on that kind of cliffhanger although I'm sad I won't get to see a new season until next summer but I'd rather wait a year for new episodes then never see any new episodes.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode and season as a whole.

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