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TV Review: Shadowhunters: Raising Hell(1.04)

                                             Shadowhunters: Raising Hell(1.04)Review
  • I like that Clary was remembering a little bit of how her memories were taken through her dreams.
  • I felt a bit bad for Simon when Clary thought he was Jace after she woke up from her dream.
  • I like that Clary tells Simon that she couldn't live with herself if Simon would have died because of this new world that she got Simon involved in.
  • I like that although Simon is grateful that others helped rescue him he still unsure if they should be trusting Jace and the others because they know nothing about them and I like that Clary is sure that they can trust them partially because they know about the shadow world while they don't know much of anything.
  • I like that Simon mentioning that he heard Camille say something about a Magnus Bane after she found out about Clary's memories is the first solid lead Clary gets as to who took her memories.
  • I felt bad for Simon when Clary wanted to tell Jace about the lead that they just found and that she made it very clear that while she can't imagine her life without him she also only sees him as a friend.
  • I was very worried for Simon when he started to hallucinate blood on his face as well as Camille taunting him.
  • I liked that when Jace was acting like Simon might not be a reliable source of information that Clary stood up for him and made it very clear that she does trust him.
  • I like that Clary tells Jace that she doubts her memories are worth all the trouble that they are going through to find them because she obviously has no idea weather or not her missing memories of the location of the cup in them.
  • I liked that when Izzy told them that Simon was leaving and this upset Clary that she pointed out that they can't force Simon to stay in  the institute.
  • I like that Simon wants to leave and take Clary with him because he believes that they would be better off on their own looking out for each other like they always have while Clary feels like the shadowhunters are her people and that she believes she's safest with them.
  • I like that it's explained that warlocks generally help people for a price because it tells us a little bit of how warlocks work.
  • I liked that when Izzy suggested that they invite Magnus out to a rave in order to make a deal that Alec thinks that he wouldn't go for it because it would be too dangerous with Valentine trying to kill him although both Izzy and Jace disagrees with him.
  • I think that the reason that the necklace worked as bait was because of the sentimental value rather than the finical value that it held for Magnus.
  • I liked that Izzy was a bit entranced by the necklace when she first saw it and it was clear that she would love to have it for herself.
  • I liked that Izzy brought Clary to her room because she wanted to make sure that Clary had some appropriate clothes to wear for a party.
  • I liked that when Jace saw Clary all dressed up that he told her that she looked badass and I liked that Jace realized that Clary wouldn't want to be left behind no matter how dangerous the mission could be and that he gave her a seraph dagger so that she could protect herself.
  • I liked Elias another warlock told Magnus that him leaving the lair is a bad idea and that no necklace is worth risking his safety and I liked that Magnus thinks that it is and won't be talked out of going.
  • I liked that Magnus said that he is ready to take on Valentine but he knows that the warlocks that he is hiding are not.
  • I like that Izzy tells Alec that he should be excited because they are going to a downworlder rave but Alec makes it clear that he thinks of it as nothing more than a mission.
  • I like that Izzy mentions that things have become much more interesting since Clary has arrived and that she likes that. I also like that Alec dislikes how much has changed since Clary has arrived with the threat of Valentine hanging over them, the fact that they are helping his daughter who they have no idea if they should trust her or not and the fact that they have to over pay a warlock for information that he may or may not have. I liked that Izzy asked Alec if he felt better after his rant and at first he said no but then he admitted that it did make him feel a bit better.
  • I like that Izzy tells Alec that he can't keep all his emotions buried because one of these days their bound to explode in a not fun way.
  • I liked that Maureen and Simon's mom were both very worried about him when they couldn't get ahold of him all night and they had no idea where he could be.
  • I felt bad for Maureen that after she confessed that she wanted to date Simon that he went into a weird trance over the blood that she bleed after she accidently breaks a picture frame.
  • I liked that when they were waiting in line for the club that Clary pointed out that the place was filled with vampires last time they came and I liked that Jace told her that all downworlders hang out there they just came on vampire night the last time they were there, I also liked that Clary wondered when this would start to feel normal for her.
  • I liked that when Izzy asked if red was her color that Clary told her that with a body like hers everything is her color which Izzy agreed with.
  • I liked that both Alec and Jace looked a bit uncomfortable when Izzy was talking about guys liking her drooling on their jewels.
  • I liked that when Clary confronted Magnus about him being the one who took her memories that he made sure to point out that he did so at her mother's request.
  • I liked that the reason that Magnus fed Clary's memories to a memory demon was because he wanted to protect Clary from Valentine because if he had those memories and he was tortured by Valentine he could give them up so he gave them away to ensure that wouldn't happen.
  • I liked that Magnus offered Clary his protection because he knows Valentine is hunting her and he wants to make sure that she stays alive like her mother would have wanted. Clary of course sees going into hiding as running  away from your problems so she rejects his offer.
  • I liked that Alec killed a guy that was trying to kill Magnus and that Magnus was interested as soon as he saw Alec but he still left once he realized his life was in danger there.
  • I liked that Alec was angry that the mission didn't go as planned and that they are no closer to finding the mortal cup and that Clary is angry that her last chance at getting her memories and therefore her mother are gone and I like that Jace tried to calm the m both down.
  • I agree with Clary that the whole parabati tracking is something that does seem oddly intimate.
  • I liked that Clary risked her life to save a little warlock girl and that Izzy and Jace saved Clary when it was clear that she couldn't win against the circle member.
  • I liked that Magnus and Alec actually worked together to kill a circle member and that Magnus happily introduced himself once recognized Alec from earlier and I love how happy and excited Alec was to tell Magnus his name and how he started stuttering afterwards and Magnus completed his sentence for him.
  • I liked that Magnus decides to help Clary because she protected the young warlock girl because it was the right thing to do.
  • I liked that Magnus gave Izzy the necklace and then asked her slyly about what kind of things Alec is interested in.
  • I liked that when Magnus asked pretty boy to get their team ready that Jace assumed that he was the pretty boy but in truth Alec was and I liked that this made Alec smile and Jace confused and a little bit offend.
  • I liked that Clary had to draw a pentagram in order to get her memories back from the demon and I thought that the pentagram Clary drew was beautiful.
  • I liked that Magnus made sure to let Alec know he's into guys by claiming that he slept with Michaelangelo.
  • I think it's interesting how differently greater demons are portrayed in season one compared to season two where they are more human than other demons.
  • I liked how much emphasis was put on everyone holding each other hands and I like that Izzy made fun of everyone else for being so dramatic.
  • I felt bad for Alec when he thought that everyone figured out that he was in love with Jace when the memory demon took a memory Jace for the person that he loved the most and that he broke the circle because he was so ashamed of having those feelings.
  • I liked that Clary was willing to kill the demon and never recover her missing memories in order to save Jace's life.
  • I liked that Magnus told Alec that he had nothing to be ashamed of and that when Alec pretended to not know what he is talking about that he simply tells him he will someday.
  • I liked that Clary and Jace joked about who saved who saved who more often.
  • I liked that Jace complimented Clary on killing the greater demon and then reassured her that they would find a way to find her mother even without her memories.
  • I'm worried about Simon since he wandered off to the vampires hotel.
  • I find it worrying that Valentine can communicate with Clary through her necklace and since she can see a vision of him when she uses the necklace I find it worrying that he may be able to see her as well.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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