Friday, July 14, 2017

Book Review: The Raven Cycle : Blue Lily, Lily Blue

                                                  Blue Lily, Lily Blue Review
This book is the third The Raven Cycle series and in this book the main focus is on the fact that there are three sleeping people one that they should wake, one that they shouldn't and one that is in between. In between looking for Glendower and the other sleepers Blue also has to deal with the fact that her mother has disappeared after she left a note that said that she was going off to look for Blue's father and Blue finds herself both very worried for her mother and angry at her for leaving without even telling her where she was going. Another problem that has be dealt with in this book is that Greenmantle the employer of Mr. Gray is in town and threatening to cause problems and this leads Ronan into enlisting Adam to help him find something on Greenmantle in order to chase him out of town. There is also the problem of Noah becoming less human than he once was because of how long he's been a ghost and so there's new worries about his condition as well.

The character development and the relationship development in this book is something that happens along side of the plot and this makes it all feel really natural which makes the developments all the more believable. The relationship between Blue and Gansey is definitely heading in the romantic direction now with how much they both like sneaking hidden moments and late night phone calls between the two of them and the fact that there is a little bit of guilt about the way that their feelings for each other has changed just shows that their relationship is now going in a romantic direction whether they like it or not. Adam as a character is also getting some important development with him both becoming more accepting of his role with Cabeswater and with accepting help from others and realizing that when you need help sometimes it's okay to accept that help which is something he struggled with in the previous books.

Overall I loved the book it had an interesting plot going on and I loved learning more about this world but mostly I loved getting to spend time with these characters again and seeing them interact with each other and grow as people. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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