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TV Review: The 100: Stealing Fire(3.09)

                                              The 100: Stealing Fire(3.09)Review
  • I liked that when Clarke showed that she was still very upset about Lexa dying that Murphy told her that he was sorry for her loss because he knows how much Lexa meant to her.
  • I liked that once the door to the room they were being held in was open that Murphy was ready to leave and that he told Clarke to do the same.
  • I liked that Murphy pointed out that all the members of the nightbloods that could be the next Commander were children because that is something most people would find unnerving.
  • I'm not surprised that right after it was revealed that all the nightbloods promised Lexa that they would protect Clarke's people that a woman from the ice nation came and vowed that when she won that she would make sure to destroy Clarke's people because we can never have our characters be too safe on this show.
  • I liked that Lincoln was doing his best to comfort and reassure the other grounders that were locked up and told them not to give up hope.
  • I liked that when Pike told them that everyone in the jail would be killed that Lincoln agued that the other grounders were just trying to escape and that they shouldn't be punished for his crimes and I like that Bellamy backed up Lincoln's line of thinking which ended up saving everyone other than Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair from execution.
  • I really can't blame Miller and Harper for being skeptical about trusting Bellamy and Monty but considering that Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair will die if their next plan fail I think that they should take the risk and use people that they have on the inside if they're willing to help because I don't think that they'll be able to succeed without some help.
  • I liked that Bellamy decided to go to the drop ship to wait for Octavia because he knows that she will want to save Lincoln's life and believes that she would give him the benefit of the doubt sadly he was wrong about the second thing since she drugged him.
  • I liked that when Titus asked what Clarke and Murphy were still doing in Polis that Murphy said that he doesn't understand why he's still there either.
  • I don't get how Clarke thinks that she can effect the results of the fights that will take place considering that she's not involved with them in any way what so ever.
  • I dislike that Ontari ended up cheating by slaughtering all the nightbloods before the competition for the next commander even began and I agree with Murphy when he tells Clarke that they have to get out there if they want to survive.
  • I agree with Bellamy when he tells Octavia that he would never put her in danger and I think that he has a right to be offend when she assumes that he would do something like that since most of his life has been devoted to protecting her.
  • I like that Bellamy doesn't want Octavia to go into camp herself because he knows that Pike's men will be expecting that and he knows that Octavia won't be able to fight all of them off herself and that not only won't save Lincoln but is likely to get her killed as well.
  • I agree with Bellamy when he tells Octavia and Indra that they have to work together in order to save Lincoln and I also like that he admits that he might be to blame for how things got this way but what is important now is to prevent more deaths from happening now.
  • I disagree with Octavia so much when she tells Bellamy that she doesn't need his help because there's no way Octavia is going to be able to sneak into camp, break Lincoln out and sneak out of camp with him all without being detected by Pike's men which means that she won't be able to save Lincoln without help from the inside which is what Bellamy is offering her.
  • I don't blame Miller for being mad at Bryan for planting a bug on him or for telling him that he can either be with him or be loyal to Pike.
  • I liked that Abby arranged to meet with Kane before he was executed and I liked how she told him that she was going to find a way to save him although Kane told her that he didn't want her to try and save him because she could be killed if she is caught going against Pike.
  • I feel bad for Murphy because he just wants to get out of Polis and whenever he gets the chance to escape Clarke keeps deciding that they have stay for some reason.
  • I'm not sure how taking the flame is going to help Clarke that much considering that the grounders already now that Ontari should be the one that has so will it even matter that Clarke has it with her instead.
  • I like that Bellamy plead with Indra to let him go because he knows that Octavia is in danger because of how Pike has upped his security and I like that Bellamy tried to use Indra's affection for Octavia in order to get her to see sense in his plan.
  • I dislike that Titus told Clarke that she was the one that killed Lexa when he was the one that killed her because he was trying to kill Clarke.
  • I liked that Clarke told Titus that letting the nightbloods kill each other since they are so rare is the stupidest plan for choosing a leader that she ever heard of.
  • I felt bad for Murphy when he ended up having to stay in Polis in order to ensure that Clarke would escape with the flame safely.
  • I'm interested to see who Luna is since she's a nightblood who knows Lincoln some how that Clarke wants to find so that she can convince her to become the commander instead of Ontari.
  • I liked that Monty ended up giving a false report over the intercom in order to allow his friends the chance to escape.
  • I liked that Abby told Kane that she would be staying behind because their people need someone around to lead their people into the light and I liked that the two kissed before Kane left.
  • I liked that when Pike said that he would execute the other grounder prisoners if they didn't catch any of the ones who have escape that Lincoln decided to turn himself in because he can't allow his people to die for something that he did.
  • I liked that when Ontari noticed that Murphy wasn't scared of her that he told her that he doesn't scare easily and I like that Murphy told Ontari that he thinks what she did by slaughtering the other nightbloods was smart and I liked that when Ontari told him that she plans to kill all his people that he says that sucks for them, I kind like that Murphy doesn't really feel that much attachment to his people because he's never really been accepted by them.
  • I liked that when Roan wanted to kill Titus that Murphy mentioned that they can't since he's the only one that knows how to do the flame ritual and I like that Titus killed himself because he never wanted to do that for Ontari.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Ontari wants to make everyone believe that she has the flame because as long as they think she does she's the commander in their eyes so it really doesn't matter for the truth is if everyone believes the lie. I also like that Murphy tells them that he won't tell anyone the truth because he likes having a head.
  • I'm glad that Indra told Bellamy that there is a new commander now before she left because that way the characters other than Clarke and Murphy can now what's going on with the grounders.
  • I'm sad that Lincoln died he was such a good person and he didn't deserve to die but I'm glad that he at least faced his death with dignity.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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