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TV Review: Shadowhunters: Bad Blood(1.08)

                                            Shadowhunters: Bad Blood(1.08)Review
  • I liked how Izzy used her whip to get the cup away from Clary and Jace when they were talking to each other when staring super intensely at each other, I just thought that was a good way to bring those two back to reality.
  • I like that it was explained that the Institute has wards that prevents anyone with demon blood from entering without an invitation but I also like that Alec points out that Valentine their true enemy is a shadowhunter so the wards won't keep him out of the institute so they cup isn't safe there.
  • I like that Izzy agreed with Alec that the cup should be given back to the Clave and I wonder if they had given the cup to the Clave at this point if it would've gotten back to Idris before Valentine had a chance to steal it or if Valentine would've found a way to get the cup regardless of what they did.
  • I understand why Clary wants to keep the cup with her because it really is the only thing she has to bargain with Valentine for her mom's life but I really don't understand where her confidence comes from with her believing that she won't give up the plot to Valentine but since she never end up doing that I guess her confidence was well founded.
  • I like that Alec allows Clary to keep the cup in the institute rather than give to the Clave but I also like that he makes her keep it in the safe that only his stele can open because he doesn't trust her not to loose it but he's willing to give her the option to use it in the future.
  • I like that Clary tries to thank Alec for helping her out with finding the cup and I like that Alec then points out that they're still not friends, I just kind of like that Alec doesn't really like Clary but he also wants to make sure that she stays safe because he's a protector by nature.
  • I liked that when there was an alert of someone approaching the institute that Jace told Alec not to tell him he told him so.
  • I like that Raphael mentioned that he raised to be a good Catholic before he became a vampire and I like that it's implied that he still keeps connected to his faith despite being a vampire.
  • I like that Raphael made it very clear that Camille acted alone when she choose to kill Simon and I like that Raphael brought Simon to the shadowhunters to show that he doesn't support Camille's actions.
  • I really can't blame Clary for blaming Raphael for Simon being dead because even though Raphael never intended for this happen it wouldn't have been possible if he never kidnapped Simon under Camille's orders.
  • I like that Raphael told Clary after she broke down crying that there was a way that she could bring Simon back by turning him into a vampire and I find it interesting that Clary has decided whether she wants to have Simon become a vampire or remain dead by the sunset that day and that if she decides to leave him dead she'd have to stake him so that his soul won't remained trapped forever.
  • I really don't understand why Jace and Izzy are so against Simon being turned because while it's surely not the ideal to be a vampire I think that Simon living as a vampire is much less tragic than him dying so young.
  • I liked how Raphael said that he slept in a golden casket rather than a wooden coffin because he's a classy vampire.
  • I liked that Robert was frustrated with the Clave for not willing to do anything about Valentine's return because the Clave is really very frustrating with how long it takes them to take action when things are very serious.
  • I'm a bit confused about what kind of interference with downworlder affairs has caused problems for the Lightwoods considering the only instances I can think of where they interfered was saving Simon from being kidnapped(which the Clave should support since the vampires broke the law first), the helped fight off the circle members when they attacked the warlocks that Magnus was keeping save(which happened during a Clave approved mission) and they helped save Luke's life(which not only isn't a bad thing but I'm like 99 percent sure that the Clave wouldn't have a clue that even happened) because all three of these things don't seem all that bad and really isn't effecting shadowhunter-downworlder relationships on any grand scale.
  • I find it sad how Clary listens to the messages that Simon left her the say before and then she tells his body how sorry she is she wasn't there for him when he needed her most and that she blames herself for what happened to him.
  • I liked that Raphael just answered Clary's questions about what would happen depending on which choice she made with what to do with Simon and I like that Clary really has no idea what would be best thing that she could do for Simon because neither choice is a good one.
  • I liked that when Lydia entered using the shape shifter rune to appear as Valentine that Alec instantly pushed Max behind him and shot his arrow at who he thought was Valentine and I liked that Lydia basically said that everyone in the institute's reaction time was terrible expect for Alec.
  • It annoys me how Maryse is perfectly willing to defend Jace against anyone that doubts him when we know that she wouldn't do the same for Alec and Izzy.
  • I like that after Clary tries to tell Simon's mother that he died that Clary realizes that she can't bare to loose Simon anymore than his mother could so she can't just let him stay dead regardless of whether or not that's the smartest thing to do because she can't imagine never getting to see or talk to him again.
  • I liked that Luke texted Alec the pictures of the forsaken attack after it attack the Jade wolf, I like that despite the fact that they barely know each other Luke thinks of Alec as someone he can trust.
  • I like that Lydia invited Alec to come along on the mission to investigate the Jade wolf after she took over the mission because he had already earned her respect by being the only prepared shadowhunter in the room when she arrived.
  • The story Jace tells about how his father gave him a falcon to train and then killed it right in front of him after he trained to teach him to not love anything since having emotions is a weakness is a sign that Jace's father was abusive and the fact that Jace doesn't realize how screwed up that lesson was tells us a lot about Jace but I did like that Clary founded the whole story disturbing because it is.
  • I like that Clary tells Jace that if being a shadowhunter means you have to be dead inside she doesn't want to be one because really that is a very unhealthy way to live so I'm glad that she refuses to live that way.
  • I like that we learned that Lydia married for love and was going to be able to run the institute with him before he was killed and that lead her believing that the only thing that in their line of work that is worth falling in love with is the work itself, I'm thinking that this way of thinking may come back into play in future episodes of the series.
  • I like the way that Luke explains to Lydia and Alec what happened with the Forsaken and I kind of think that the way he went about explaining what happened reflected a bit on his past of a shadowhunter so they know what kind of report their looking for.
  • I like that both Alec and Jace point out that Izzy is an expert at forensics, I jus like that they seem so proud of their sisters skills.
  • I felt so bad for Alec when he had to find out from Lydia that his parents where circle members because well it must hurt to be lied to for your whole lie by people you should be able to trust and also because they were always so hard on him, always told him his best wasn't good enough and blamed their family's bad standing with the Clave on him and his siblings while knowing full well that they were the ones that destroyed the Lightwood name before he was even born.
  • I liked that when Lydia tried to defend Alec's parents not telling him the truth about the circle and their choice to join it that Alec refused to give them that benefit and even said that them being circle members is unforgivable.
  • I liked that when Lydia said that Magnus would be coming to the institute that Alec felt awkward about it and started talking about how magical Magnus was and then clarified that he's very good at magic which made him seem more suspicious rather than less suspicious like he intended to make himself appear.
  • I like that Lydia is excited by the idea of meeting Magnus because Magnus and her ancestor Henry invented the portal together.
  • I liked that Clary was very concerned about Luke when she saw the Jade wolf was destroyed when she came to see him and I like that he reassured him that he was okay.
  • I like that Clary told Luke that Simon was dead and that she let herself breakdown again and be comforted by him.
  • I find it a bit funny that Magnus asks Izzy whether or not Alec is interested in him as the examine a forsaken body, I also like that Izzy was so excited to cut into the body while Magnus was more than happy to get away from it.
  • I like that Luke told Clary how hard it was to become a werewolf after being a shadowhunter and how he lost so many things his home, his friends and his family and that the only things that kept him going back then was Jocelyn and Clary who loved and needed him and I like that Clary tells him that she will always need him.
  • I like that Luke tells Clary that he loves Simon like a son but also warns her that she should think of what's best for Simon not what's best for her when she makes her decision.
  • I liked that when Magnus saw Alec training shirtless that he shameless checked Alec out and told him that he liked what he saw.
  • I liked that Alec vented to Magnus about how he has just had his entire world turned upside down by what he learned about his parents and how he feels like he has given up so much and it was all for nothing and I like that Magnus told him that maybe he should start living for himself and follow his heart and I like that Alec tells Magnus that he's right although Alec's version of following his heart is a lot different from most people's.
  • I like that Raphael had already turned the clan against Camille by the time she showed up to get rid of Simon's body so that she was unable to get rid of Simon and instead was captured by her own people.
  • I like that after hearing that the Clave is forcing his family out of the Institute that Alec defiantly gives his mother the report that Magnus gave him that is for the head of the institute instead of Lydia.
  • I wasn't surprised at all that Clary choose to turn Simon rather than let him stay dead because it was clear from the start that she couldn't live without him but I did like how much conflict she had while making the choice.
  • I like that despite not agreeing with Clary's choice that Jace just supported Clary throughout the whole episode and did his best to comfort her by being there for her and even trying to lighten the mood with a few jokes meant to reassure that Simon would pull through.
  • I liked how Clary told Jace that love makes you stronger because love makes you fight hard for the things you want which is a philosophy that I support a whole hell of a lot more than the toxic love is weakness one.
  • I find it so interesting that Alec's version of following his heart means to give up any chance of falling in love by marrying Lydia in order to keep the Institute in order to restore his family's name because most people think of romantic love when someone says follow your heart but Alec thinks of the love he has for his family and how he will do anything to protect his family regardless of how unhappy it makes him in the long run.
  • I like that Raphael stuck around to make sure that Simon was okay when he emerge and that he brought blood bags for him to drink because he knew he'd be hungry when he came to.
  • I like that Izzy was so concerned about Alec when she saw that he was injured by the forsaken that attacked Hodge in the Institute.
  • I found the scene where Simon realizes that he has become a vampire and now thinks of himself as a monster to be heartbreaking and I like that Clary keeps trying to tell him that he's same person that he's always been and is still her best friend but he can't agree with her. I also thought the acting in that scene was just great.
  • I liked that after Simon ran off that Raphael promised that he'd look after Simon before he went after Simon.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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