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TV Review: The 100: Nevermore(3.11)

                                              The 100: Nevermore(3.11)Review
  • I actually like that Jasper is mad at Clarke still about what she did at Mount Weather because no one else seems to actually hold a grudge against her for that and since Jasper is still very hurt from loosing Maya I'm glad that he isn't willing forgive Clarke for what she did yet.
  • I like that Bellamy doesn't want Octavia to leave and go off on her own into a situation that could be dangerous and while I can understand why Octavia is still mad at Bellamy I still don't see why she puts Lincoln's death on Bellamy when he tried to help the rest of them prevent it but she didn't allow him to help her and her whole lecture for lashing out at people when your hurt is so hypocritical since beat Bellamy to a blood pulp last episode because she was upset.
  • I liked that when Jasper arrived and said that they needed to get Raven inside right away that Bellamy was the one that carried her into the cave.
  • I liked that Jasper managed to bring everyone else up to date on the City of Light plot within just a few minutes and I like that the Commander's flame that Clarke stole actually has relevance for this plot.
  • I liked that Clarke knows that she can find a wrist band that Raven needed to get ALIE out of her head from the girl that she hooked up with in the first episode of the season.
  • I liked that Bellamy jumped right back into working together with Clarke with how the lead the others together, I like that despite the fact that so much time has passed since they last truly worked together that their able to fall into old patterns right away.
  • I feel bad for Raven when ALIE is taking over her body and fighting against all the others but I also feel a bit frightened of her since ALIE is in control of her body.
  • I liked that Clarke asked Bellamy if he was okay after she was done talking to the grounder girl who is understandably angry about her father being killed because he was part of the army that was sent to protect the people of the ark.
  • I liked that Sinclair figured out what Raven's plan involving the wrist band was and I like that him and Monty figured out what they would need to make her plan work.
  • I'm kind of glad that Octavia is going with Monty to the drop ship because honestly all she seems to do when she's around Bellamy is let him know in some way that she hates him.
  • I find it somewhat terrifying that Raven dislocated her shoulder and reopened the wounds on wrist because ALIE told her that she could escape if she does that and I'm glad that Jasper saw this and called in Clarke and Bellamy so that they could help ensure that Raven didn't die.
  • I liked that Jasper actually addressed ALIE and I find it a bit freaky that she spoke through Raven to him, I liked that when ALIE demanded that Clarke hand over the flame that Jasper was willing to give it to her to save Raven but I also like that Clarke instead said that if she lets Raven dies she will never get and I like that ALIE could tell that Clarke meant what she said so she let Raven be saved.
  • I like how ALIE tells Clarke how it seems that Jasper hasn't forgiven her for murdering his girlfriend. I also like that at this point Bellamy tells Jasper to rest and that Jasper actually listens to him.
  • I liked that Bellamy tries to talk to Jasper and I like that Jasper voices how he's angry that Clarke just comes back and takes everything over like nothing ever happened. I like that Bellamy told Jasper that he needs to get himself together and not let his angry blind him and I can't blame Jasper for pointing out that people died when Bellamy couldn't control his angry but I feel like Bellamy may have been speaking from experience when he was giving advice to Jasper.
  • I liked that ALIE/Raven got to Clarke by bring up the fact that Clarke was killed many people and that she gotten many of her loved ones killed, I like that she mentions Wells, Finn, Lexa and her father and I liked that mentioning her father is what truly broke Clarke.
  • I was very worried when it turned out that ALIE's plan was to get Clarke angry enough to reveal their plan and how their planning to stop her and I'm sad that ALIE was able to figure it out so quickly.
  • I liked that Monty tried to talk Octavia out of leaving by pointing out that Octavia is one of their people and I was unsurprised when Octavia declared that she was neither a member of the ark or part of the 100 because she just always seems to love to reject her own people, I would also like to point out that Octavia actually did reject Lincoln earlier in the season because he wasn't acting enough like a grounder for her so her saying Lincoln was her people doesn't hold a lot of weight for me.
  • I liked that Bellamy treated Clarke's injury and I like that Clarke admitted that she let ALIE get to her and that was a mistake on her part and I like that Bellamy tells her to take a break and that he'll let ALIE take a shot at him instead.
  • I like that Clarke told Jasper that she was sorry that she killed Maya but I'm not surprised that Jasper is still unwilling to accept her apology.
  • I like that Monty was able to figure out that his mom was chipped fairly quickly and that he refused the chip when she tried to force it on him.
  • I find it so sad that Monty had to kill his mom in order to save Octavia's life especially since he knows that his mom loved him despite her flawed beliefs and that Octavia doesn't even consider him one of her people so it just seems like an unfair trade off for him.
  • I like how Sinclair tells Clarke about how Raven is all he has left and he's afraid that the EMP he's building might destroy her mind rather than save it and I like that Clarke convince him that they have to do this because ALIE has already taken Raven away from them and if they don't get her out of her they'll never get her back.
  • I felt so bad for Monty when he kept telling himself and Octavia that it wasn't really his mom that he killed that it was ALIE as he tries to keep from crying and I like that Octavia tries to comfort him.
  • I like that ALIE/Raven asks why Jasper gives Bellamy a free pass when he doesn't for Clarke because I wonder too and I think it might be because Bellamy stayed and was willing to accept Jasper's angry in the direct aftermath and he actually shows clear concern for his well being which Clarke didn't because she was too caught up in her own guilt.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Jasper that he didn't have to listen to what ALIE/Raven says, I just like how protective Bellamy is of him.
  • I thought it was so cruel of ALIE/Raven to mock Jasper for the way he coped with Maya's death because he wasn't as functional as everyone else well dealing with his grief and that she called him useless and told him that he should basically just kill himself and I was glad that after this Bellamy made sure that Jasper left the room because hearing these things are no good for Jasper's already fragile mental health.
  • I liked that Bellamy just took everything that ALIE/Raven threw at him even though it clearly hurt him to say all those things to him, I like that Bellamy refused to respond to her taunts because he knew that was what she wanted.
  • I find it a bit sad that people seem to think that Bellamy is more of a follower than a leader because I do think he's a good leader I just think that he's most confident in his ability to lead when he has Clarke by his side and I don't think there's anything wrong with working as co-leaders but the fact that everyone thinks of him as lesser makes me sad for him.
  • I can't blame the grounder girl for punching Bellamy one time after she found out that he was apart of the people who killed her father's army but I did like that Bellamy did ended up telling her that he was sorry and I liked that her response was people like you always are because she didn't forgive him but she also didn't pile on anymore hate because she knows that won't change anything.
  • I find it disturbing how ALIE was going to have Raven commit suicide because she didn't she could stop them from getting rid of her.
  • I can't help but think that maybe Jasper's right that destroying the flame might be a good idea since letting ALIE have is clearly a bad idea.
  • I like that Clarke figured out the way to fully get the chip out of raven was to cut it out of her neck like the way the flame was removed form Lexa when she died.
  • I felt bad for Monty when he realized that he could have saved his mom but I did like that Jasper reached out to comfort Monty after months of not wanting anything to do with him although it was only for Monty to reject him.
  • I like that Clarke tells the grounder girl she has to run because she knows that ALIE's people are coming and she won't be safe if she stays there.
  • I liked that Clarke treated Bellamy's self inflicted injury and I liked that he then asked her what happens when you realize that you aren't the good guy and I like that Clarke tells him maybe they're are no good guys which is something she came to terms with last season.
  • I liked that Raven told Jasper that she was sorry for all the awful things that she said to him.
  • I like that Raven revealed that the flame is the only thing that can stop ALIE.
  • I find it frightening that ALIE is willing to kill them all just to prevent from being destroyed.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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