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TV Review: The 100: Fallen(3.10)

                                                  The 100: Fallen(3.10)Review
  • I hated how Octavia beat Bellamy to a bloody pulp while he was chained up because she failed to rescue Lincoln, a would say that her hitting him once or twice would have been an understandable in her time of grief but to beat him to a bloody pulp was completely uncalled for and says more about Octavia's unhealthy relationship with violence than anything about how Bellamy is to blame(which he isn't since he wasn't allowed to help with the rescue mission). I did like that both Kane and Miller tried to stop Octavia since he shows that they think that she was going too far but it sadden me that Bellamy them not to interfere because he believes he deserves Octavia's punishment which he doesn't.
  • I like that Murphy questions Ontari's leadership skills since she's so afraid that people will find out that she's a fraud and she really shouldn't be this paranoid and fearful if she's going to be the commander.
  • I liked that Murphy told Ontari that it's better to lie her way out of a problem than kill her way out of a problem after she reached for her sword when she thought her ambassadors were going to catch her in a lie, I also like that Murphy promised to help Ontari she chained him.
  • I like that Raven is trying to get ALI out her head over loading her senses but sadly she's not able to do so for long enough periods of time to truly remove her from her mind.
  • I like that Jasper is now fully on the side of being against the city of light now that he knows it removes the good memories along with the bad ones and I like that him and Abby are working together with Raven to get ALIE out of her head.
  • I like that even though Monty's mom clearly doesn't agree with his decision to go against Pike she also doesn't want him to get killed for that decision so she tells him to escape so that he could be safe.
  • I'm glad that Bellamy told the group that Monty was actually talking in code to him over the radio even though they were basically ignoring him and treating him like a prisoner despite the fact that Bellamy switched sides before Bryan did and Bryan is being treated like he is one of them and they're all fine with Monty as well he switched sides at about the same time as Bellamy did.
  • I like that Bellamy comments that Octavia wants it to be a trap because it's clear that she does because she wants a chance to kill some of Pike's men and of course Pike himself.
  • I was disappointed that Kane called Bellamy the enemy but I was glad that Miller at least doesn't agree.
  • I don't mind too much that their using Bellamy as a hostage to trade for Monty just in case it's a trap because this is a plan that I could see Bellamy agreeing to even if he was allowed a choice so it doesn't make me too angry about the plan but the fact that they don't see that Bellamy has already switched over to their side drives me crazy.
  • I think it's so creepy how Jaha talks about how it's okay for ALIE to override a person's freewill because they let her in one time and the fact that he wants to use pain to manipulate Raven into giving consent again is also disturbing.
  • I like that Raven figured out a way to get ALIE out of her head by using the wrist bands that were given to the 100 in season one in reverse.
  • I like that Raven doesn't allow Abby to say the location of the wrist bands when she can hear because she knows that ALI can hear and see what she hears and sees.
  • I thought it was cruel how ALI used Raven's worse memories to torture her so that she would submit to ALI"s will fully and I find it very disturbing that Raven submitting allowed ALI to posses her body.
  • I liked that when Ontari said that she'd have to kill all her ambassadors because she doesn't know how to sell her lie that Murphy tells her that's a bit excessive. I liked that after Ontari threatens to kill Murphy that he tells her that he can help her sell the lie which makes him someone of use to her so she won't kill him since she clearly doesn't know what to do when backed into a corner when killing isn't an option.
  • I dislike that Jaha and his followers got the wrist bands from Jasper and destroyed them.
  • I'm not surprised that Pike ended up following Monty out of camp and that he used Monty's life in order to get information about where Kane and the others are hiding out.
  • I like that Kane refuses to take the shot at Pike because there's a chance that he would hit Monty.
  • I like that Bellamy only turned on Octavia when he heard Pike order to shoot her in the leg and because he can't bare to see Octavia hurt he over powered her so that Pike wouldn't do so in a more lethal way.
  • I like that it's clear that the only reason that Bellamy gives Pike the information about where the others are is because Octavia, Kane and Monty are clearly at Pike's mercy right now so he uses the last bit of trust Pike has in him to make sure that their lives are spared for at least a little while longer.
  • I find it interesting that Monty's mother made a deal with Pike to save Monty and I like that he gives Bellamy that same deal for Octavia but the fact that Pike states that they have to not commit anymore crimes in the future probably takes away any doubts Bellamy had about whether he can still side with Pike because he knows that Octavia isn't going to behave so he knows that he can't side with Pike if he wants his sister to live which he does.
  • I like that Abby refuses to be convinced by ALIE, Jaha and Jackson convince her that the city of light is a good thing because she can see that the happiness it brings is a lie and she wants no part of that.
  • I like that the only reason that Abby agrees to taking the key to the city of light is because ALIE nearly killed Raven's body in order to force Abby into making that choice.
  • I liked that Bellamy instead of leading Pike to the cave hide out that he instead lead him to the grounders so that they could turn Pike over to the grounders and put an end to the blockade.
  • I'm worried about Kane going to the meet the new commander because as Monty points out they know nothing about her and from what we know about her I don't think that Kane will be much better off than Pike.
  • I really don't get why the show is trying to act like the reason Bellamy is going against Pike now is because he wants to protect Octavia not because he see Pike was wrong although that's not true considering that Bellamy switched sides two episodes a go when Octavia wasn't in danger and the thing that broke Bellamy's trust in Pike is that he was willing to execute Kane, so it makes me mad that the show is trying to act like Bellamy just changed sides at the end of the episode and that it was all about Octavia when neither of those things are true.
  • I liked how when Monty told Bellamy about how his mother turned him into Pike that Bellamy tells him that they're family so they'll find away to work through it which is what he hopes that he and Octavia can do but I'm not so sure that Bellamy's relationship with Octavia is worth salvaging considering how little care, faith and understanding she has for him.
  • I dislike that Ontari locked Murphy up again even after he helped her so much this episode and I hated that she used her position to take sexual advantage over him.
  • I like that Jasper clearly sees the city of light as something to afraid of now and I'm glad that he took Raven's body and that he escaped from the camp.
  • I liked that Jasper met up with Clarke at the gate and I like how clear it's made that Clarke is completely disconnected to everyone else's storylines with the way that she has no idea what is happening and Jasper sees no importance in what she is talking about either because really it only vaguely involves their people.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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